Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

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Lemon water makes regular water seem so bland. Not only does it taste better, but it has health benefits, too. So I hope to outline some benefits of drinking lemon water and some tips as well.

lemons in bowl
Having lemon in a bowl in the kitchen really adds to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

I have other great ideas on making water taste better found here, How To Make Distilled Water Taste Better.

Why I Started Drinking Lemon Water Daily

When I was diagnosed with a kidney disease, a small voice inside of me said to drink lemon water. So, I listened and acted. Partly because after being diagnosed, I was completely scared and willing to do anything to help myself. It came out of nowhere, as I was diagnosed with a genetic kidney disease. So, I was the first person to find out I had this in my family; others later found out they had it too.

Now, each person is different, and I just followed what I felt was right for me. Later I found out my Dad also around the same time started drinking lemon water because he also had a feeling to do so.

I’ve been drinking this for over ten years, and I feel great and have little to no problems. Knock on wood! That doesn’t mean I think it has solved my kidney issues. I know it hasn’t, but I believe it has helped.


  • Hydration – Makes drinking more water easier, as it flavors the water and increases taste.
  • It is a decent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents many modern diseases.
  • Some Japanese studies have shown that lemon juice lowers blood pressure.
  • Boost Immunity.
  • Good at flushing toxins. ASs the lemon enhances enzyme function and as a result, stimulates your liver.
  • Great source of potassium.
  • Aids in digestion.
  • A quick and gentle energy boost without any jitters.
  • Weight loss – Help avoid sugary drinks.

Wash Your Lemons!

Always wash the outside of the lemon before slicing it if you are using the rind to add to the water. This helps to remove chemicals and contaminants. Many restaurants and bars skip this step, and who knows what is on the rind when they put it into your drink? You can always ask before drinking.

Add Lemons More Easily To Your Life

True Lemon

Fresh lemons are always the best option, but they are not always easily accessible. Don’t worry. Problem solved!

The next best thing to fresh lemon is a company called True Lemon. This really is a fantastic product!

green true lemon logo
True Lemon Logo

What True Lemon sells is packets of crystallized citrus products with nothing added. They have all the citrus, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and a bunch of different lemonade flavors too. These packets are the size of sugar packets and can be easily mixed with water at home or on the go in a water bottle. These packets can easily be taken to work in purses or lunch boxes.

true lemon 100 packet box

Nothing is added artificially to the packets, just lemons and lemon oil. That’s it. Plus, it tastes great. It tastes better than the bottle of lemon juice you buy in the stores. Many chefs use these for cooking because fresh lemons aren’t always available seasonally.

Please feel free to share your lemon water questions or comments below.

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