Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

picture of water and lemons

Share This:Lemon water makes regular water seem so bland. Not only does it taste better, but it has health benefits, too. So I hope to outline some benefits of drinking lemon water and some tips as well. I have other great ideas on making water taste better found here, How To Make Distilled Water Taste … Read more

What Is The Best Vegetable Spiralizer?

zucchini spiralized in a bowl

Share This:Are You Looking For A Good Spiralizer? In my recent steps to become healthier, I have cut out bread entirely and most kinds of pasta in my daily meal consumption. Instead, I will only have them as a treat once in awhile. So, I have been cutting out pasta and since I’ve started growing … Read more

2 Easy Salmon Roe Recipes

salmon roe on rice

Share This:Gotta Love Simple We all know how great wild salmon roe (it is also called Ikura) is, but it’s kinda limiting on how you can eat it. At least this is what I found being new to this delicious and highly nutritious seafood product. Although I do enjoy just eating it on a nicely … Read more

The Best Low Carb Tortillas Recipe

tortillas in a bowl

Share This:Who Doesn’t Love Mexican Food? I literally could eat Mexican food every day. I am so not kidding. I just enjoy the freshness and spiciness of the many takeoffs of Mexican food. Tacos, burritos, salsa, enchiladas, etc, etc. With the fresh fruit, and herbs with the spiciness of hot sauce, what is not to … Read more

Best Beef Bone Broth Recipe

bone broth in pot

Share This:How To Make The Best Beef Broth I’ve been really excited to get started on this post, as I am late to the bone broth bandwagon. So, I think I have here is the best beef bone broth recipe. Yep, it’s that good. My recent descent into the world of bone broth has left … Read more

Kinobody Cheese Quesadillas

cheese quesadillas grilled

Share This:The Best Cheese Quesadilla Recipe Ever & Simple! Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest. Case in point, the freaking Kinobody Cheese Quesadilla! They are simple to make and filling. Just 3 simple ingredients and they taste out of this world. So, what is so good about them other than tasting fantastic, well they … Read more

No Calorie Condiments – Guilt Free

picture of condiments

Share This:I believe when trying to lose weight one should try to make whatever your eating tastes better, so you feel satiated and satisfied. You could get full by eating rice cakes if you eat enough of them, but you will hunger for some sort of taste. A part of your brain will still crave … Read more

Intermittent Fasting and Coffee

brown coffee beans

Share This: Intermittent Fasting and Coffee Millions of people wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee. That’s 2.5 billion cups of coffee a day. It helps you feel alert and energized while helping shake off your tiredness from waking up. It by itself is a powerful tool! You pair this black … Read more

Intermittent Fasting Kinobody Style

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Share This:Kinobody Fasting One of the biggest myth that is being currently busted in the world of fitness and everyday life is Intermittent Fasting, the ability to lose weight and put on muscle while fasting. I am going to focus on a specific Intermittent Fasting Kinobody way. If you ask me, this is the real … Read more