Intermittent Fasting Kinobody Style

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One of the biggest myth that is being currently busted in the world of fitness and everyday life is Intermittent Fasting, the ability to lose weight and put on muscle while fasting. I am going to focus on a specific Intermittent Fasting Kinobody way. If you ask me, this is the real game changer in fitness! Well, if you haven’t heard about this, continue to read on and explore a fantastic way of gaining muscle while losing those inches of fat.

Is Intermittent Fasting Sustainable?

One of the fascinating facts about intermittent fasting is all the while doing intermittent fasting, it’s easy to maintain this diet in the long term, where other diets, you cheat and revert to former bad habits. Not so much with this method as it is easier to remain on this form of diet than almost every other diet out there. To check out my own personal experience check out my review Is Kinobody A Scam? As well as others I have written:

Gone are the days of having to eat 5 or 6 small meal every 2 to 3 hours while trying to pack on muscle and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Yes, you can put on muscle while doing an Intermittent fast and eating just 2 to 3 meals a day.

Fasting VS Intermittent Fasting

Well, you are probably wondering, “what is the difference between regular greek god coverfasting and intermittent fasting?” Both forms of fasting have lasting health benefits, which date back to the bible and are mentioned numerous times within it. Our ancestors knew more than we think they did. As always, there are many different approaches to everything, and this applies to the intermittent fasting as well. Regular fasting is more for cleansing the body and giving the body’s organs a rest and Intermittent fasting is a more manageable way of restricting your daily caloric input in today modern ubiquitous high caloric food availability.

Let’s dive right into it. Regular fasting is usually at least 24 or plus hours, while the Kinobody Intermittent Fasting is roughly 16-18 hours with a 6-8 hour time-frame where you consume your meals while restricting your caloric needs to the level you have predetermined.

This way, the time-frame for eating is very strategically placed within thesuper hero bulking cover day, it is the key to making it easy and it just naturally just works well the body metabolism and hormones. How this works, is by pushing your first meal later in the day. So, say goodbye to early morning breakfast. But don’t worry coffee is permitted. Phew! I know, I know, I love my coffee early in the morning too. More on that later. This meal skip prolongs your fast from your regular overnight fast into the day, therefore, making it more enjoyable and almost effortless.

Now at first, the first and second day on this intermittent fast you will have some stomach gurgling and some minor hunger pains, but your body quickly adapts to this and all the slight discomforts disappear after just a few short days. This is also where the coffee comes in to play, you push your coffee consumption later in the morning when your hunger pains appear.  Coffee is a natural meal suppressor and it should be ukinochef

sed to our benefit. So, this is when you have 1 to 2 cups when the hunger rears its gurgling head, no more than 2 cups of coffee is recommended. For more information on Intermittent Fasting And Coffee check out my page.

Your body has the remarkable innate ability to adapt to things, which is evident when starting this method of fasting but also if you do break protocol and have a meal early in the morning. Your body resets and the next day it thinks it will be feed at this time and you will experience slight hunger and discomfort. Our bodies are amazing machinery.

The Ease of This Diet

We have all been on diets of one form or another, and WE ALL can agree they are hard tortures painful ordeals. You will be amazed how effortless this fast is. It is truly amazing! If you’re recently coming off of one of these calorie restrictive diets, where you spread your daily caloric intake out to 5 or 6 meals, you will know what I am talking about.

With Kinobody’s Intermittent fasting You will have 2 to 3 meals a day.

  • 1 big satisfying meal (1000 to 1200 Calories roughly)
  • 1 medium meal
  • small snack (in between meals usually fruit)
  • Non-caloric drink consumed only (water, tea, coffee)

A good tip is, to prolong your biggest meal to your last meal. While keeping your first two meals in the day smaller, then having your full satisfying meal at the end of your day. Don’t worry about putting on fat while you sleep, this is another myth. It’s all about caloric input, as long as your taking in a caloric deficit throughout the day, you will not put on fat. It’s that simple, it doesn’t what time of day you eat, period.

I also believe if you go to bed hungry, your more likely to wake up and bewarrior even more hungry and thus making it more challenging than it needs to be the next day. So use the system more efficiently and strategically and eat your big meal last.

The meals that you are able to consume are vastly different than on other diets. Which translate to better tasting and satisfying meals. Allowing for treats and eating out all within remaining in your diet plan. Having the option to have a great tasting snack or treat will keep you making gains and also keep you remaining in the fasting program.

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

A great benefit of intermittent fasting is mental clarity. You will think more clearly and be more productive through the day. This will slowly start to show itself to you as you continue with the intermittent fasting past a few days. Getting more done and having a clear direction on where and what you need to do. With this you start to realize your power over food or the power food, has over you. Which struck me when first doing this kind of fast. It gives you great insight into everyday activity s like eating.

I really believe that intermittent fasting is highly beneficial and more people need to learn about and implement this into their life. If you would like to start using the Kinobody systems please head over their through my link here.


I would be love to hear all comments, questions, and experiences here within this comment thread. I would love to hear them and I promise to get back to you!






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10 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Kinobody Style

  1. Intermittent fasting is gaining increasing acceptance in the weight loss world as many people find it easy to do. It seems to activate enzymes that are linked with fat burning in cells, and with gene repair so there is a longevity benefit, too. In fact, calorie restriction is one of the few ways that is definitely known to prolong life in just abotu every species studied – as long as it’s not associated with vitamin and mineral deficiency. A multivitamin and mineral supplement is a good idea if you do this (even though diet shoudl alwasy come first, cutting back inevitably means micronutrient depletion).

    1. Thank you for your invaluable professional insights in to this matter, Dr. Brewer. I think a multivitamin is a great idea when fasting and it actually didn’t even cross my mind at all when intermittent fasting. I think I’ll be supplementing from now on.

  2. I love Fasting and as you have mentioned in your article, it also can be beneficial to you healthwise, mentally and emotionally.

    Now, that been said, I just came recently to the topic about “Intermittent Fasting” and when reading through the concept it occurred to me, that as a child, teenager and young adult, I was never really keen having any Breakfast until later in the day.

    I think I will start this again and get my hands on a book.

    Your article certainly has helped a lot.
    Thank you

    1. I have experienced the same feeling about breakfast growing up as you stated. It was just hard for me to eat anything early in the day. I would have to force food down, with feeling stomach aches.

      Greg from Kinobody has a program designed for women that uses intermittent fasting, called “The Goddess Toning Program” if you are interested in the program. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Very interesting diet suggestions! If you are trying to put on muscle, is there any strategy for when you should workout during the day? Is it best to do it right before your big meal? Or can you workout at any point in the day? Either way, it seems like an extremely effective way of both burning fat and building muscle.

    1. Hey Rob, You can workout anytime during the day. Even when fasting. I lifted in the morning because that is when I had time to lift, then pushed my first meal until 12:00 or 1:00 pm. I would think there would be some little possible benefit, doing this right before a big meal. Greg claims he made gains by working out fasted, where he built strength and muscle during these times. If you have the option I would workout right before a big meal, but if you can’t don’t worry about it. He does recommend taking BCAA supplement 10g before and 10g after while fasting though. It shouldn’t make that big of a deal.

      It does work and it’s enjoyable, (what?… yeah enjoyable) diet program. I highly recommend it.

  4. I have a friend who is looking to start intermittent fasting.

    As far as i’m aware after 6 hours without food your body is supposed to start digesting it’s own muscle fibres. I know those who fast regularly build up resistances to self cannibalism. Can you explain what actually occurs please? Me and my friend seem to have different opinions on the matter.

  5. Greg address this in his programs by using supplement BCAA 10g before and 10g after, to be on the safe side. I can’t explain it like a doctor, I just know it works, but like you mentioned everyone is different, as some may build up resistances to self cannibalism.
    I believe the 6 hour without food this is a old bodybuilder myth, I remember reading that when I was growing up some bodybuilders would eat every two hours to maintain muscle. They would wake up in the night multiple times in the night and drink protein shakes. I put on muscle and strength doing the 16 hour fast and I felt great. I guess the only way to really find out is to give it a go. You and you friend, one try a Kinobody program of your choice and the other eat regularly and workout.

  6. I have personally tried fasting, but not intermittent fasting. The one thing I felt is that your body gets used to the way you treat it. The beginning is always the hard part, but then it becomes second nature to you.
    I am unclear on one thing. Should I strive to fast if I am trying to lose weight or if I’m to pack on muscle, or just because the benefits it brings? Just liked to hear your opinion on that.

    1. Well said about how your body gets used to how you treat it. It is an amazing machine, the human body. This is especially true about the fasting part as it does become a lot more easier after the initial first few days.

      Packing on muscle is attainable while doing intermittent fasting and losing weight at the same time. This seems counterproductive but it works. I think IF can be used for all the benefits you mentioned, all at the same time. The beauty of intermittent fasting with the Kinobody style. Hope this answers your question Omar. Thanks for the great question.

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