Kinobody The Goddess Toning Program – Best Weight Loss Programs For Women

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Looking to shed some pounds? Why not optimize your effort with the most bang for your buck too. Cheaper alternatives to the mainstay of women’s weight loss programs are out there that require you to continually purchase their products and continuing opening your wallet monthly to them. I feel Kinobody The Goddess Toning Program is the best weight loss program for women.

You know the big names of the familiar diet programs out there, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and such. I hope to shed some light and hopefully have you shed some lbs by showing you a rising and fantastic program, that you might never have heard of.

If you are looking to get fit, with that slim sexy body, that is so highly sought after. All the while effortlessly maintaining your calorie consumption. This is a long-term solution and not a fad diet. Seems unlikely? It’s not…


Losing weight can be extremely hard and taxing on most individuals, men, and women. Some people just struggle more, either with the discipline or structure. I’m am going to tell you it is easier than you think, counterintuitive right?

Well, the reason we all think losing weight should be hard is that we have a lot of concepts of weight loss wrong. I remember in the eighties all the gym misconceptions and even the everyday person misconceptions about losing weight. Just filled with myths and false beliefs. Probably the number one back then is fat makes you fat, companies and FDA promoted consuming foods low in fat in an effort to help Americans lose weight and become healthy. But in fact, what happened was Americans got fatter from cutting out a crucial and integral component to a healthy diet.

As we socially progress we find out these myths are just plain wrong. How do we find this out sometimes by hard science and mostly by individual ground-breakers, who pioneer and try something new and then share it with the masses? These programs slowly pick up steam and become more and more mainstream because they break the mold but more importantly, they work.


Enter Kinobody, more specifically Kinobody Goddess Toning Program. This is one such system I know gets it right!


Because I implement this into my daily routine (more on this later) and it works and there is no reason why it should work for you either. Yes, I am not a woman but I’ve seen many women post their before and after pictures after using the Goddess Toning program, and more importantly, I used his Warrior Shredding program with tremendous success.

There are a total of 7 programs and 1 cookbook that is designed to achieve that optimal physique. They are:

  1. The Goddess Toning Program
  2. KinoBooty Program
  3. The “Warrior Shredding” Physique
  4. The “Greek God” Physique
  5. The “Superhero” Physique
  6. Aggressive Fat Loss (v2.0)
  7. Bodyweight Mastery
  8. Cardio Abs & Mobility Program
  9. Kinochef (recipe book)

(Click Here To Check It Out)

Meet Greg

To fully understand the Kinobody method we must look at its creator Greg O’Gallagher. Greg has had a passion for understanding and implementing since a very young age and has self-taught and

passionately studied it. Having compiled this information he decided to create his own fitness and diet program to share with the world and through hard work and determination created Kinobody.

Just watch one of his videos on YouTube, and his passion for fitness will jump out at you through your screen. It is infectious. I really enjoy this about Greg and it’s not all about fitness either, sometimes it’s about personal growth and even spiritual growth.

Amazing Program

I personally believe in his system and I am a big supporter of his program. I have written many articles on Kinobody on this website, as I have purchased Kinochef and Warrior Shredding Program. If you want to go deeper into them and wish for more information I highly suggest you take a gander at them.

Not only does this program work but you won’t be suffering. What do I mean by suffering? I mean literally starving yourself and the discomfort that comes along with starving yourself. After about 2 days to a week, your body adapts and this system is easier, with no discomfort or cravings. Past the initial startup.

This is why I want to share his women’s program as I believe it will help just as well as Greg’s men’s programs. Greg created the Goddess Toning program because of prodding from women asking him when he was going to make a course-specific to women.

For the most part, the rules that make the men’s programs work so well also apply to women’s programs as well. Not a lot of changes between the two, the rules are about the same with tweaks here and there. Let’s dive into what makes Kinobody Goddess Toning Program great. Ready. Let’s go…

Intermittent Fasting & Nutrition

The benefits of intermittent fasting are many. This is the game-changer. The most beneficial aspect of using intermittent fast I find is, the eating at a caloric deficit is so much easier. This is consuming fewer calories than what is needed to maintain your current body weight and/or exercising to also be in a caloric deficit.

Intermittent fasting makes this process, how should I say it, A Whole Hell Of A Lot Easier. If you ever been on a very restrictive caloric diet, you know all too well how this feels. Pure suffering sometimes, right?

Well I.F. (for short) is for those that don’t know, is eating two big meals while having a minimum of 16 hours of fasting, usually from your last meal at night to the next afternoon you won’t eat anything. At first, this seems kinda hard but you’ll be surprised how fast your body assimilates this new regiment.  It took me 2 days for this to become effortless, but the first two days my belly was growling during the mornings.

So yes, you will be skipping breakfast. This will drastically increase fat burning during this time (fast). You will feel sharper mentally as well, this is another benefit of IF.

Experts Have It All Wrong And Make It Harder

Most so-called experts tell you to eat six small meals throughout the day, where you remain in a constant state of hunger. This is the wrong way to approach this as Greg has figured out, by eating two big meals and a snack, anybody can easily eat at a caloric deficit in relative comfort. It makes it as enjoyable as possible.

This also means eating food that other diets don’t allow. Like chocolate, carbs, or whatever. Yes, you can eat carbs or chocolate on this diet. This program layout for you specifically you can eat. Greg runs through this all, he teaches his intermittent fasting.

One of the biggest factors that make this system so freaking appealing is the big meals, you fill full after eating them. But you’re also eating a caloric deficit, but you feel full. This is life-changing and let me tell you what, you’ll never go back to the old way of dieting again. I mean never.

I also have a delicious Kinobody recipe to take a look at, it has many suggestions for optimal flavor, Kinobody Cheese Quesadillas.

Lifting Weights

This incorporates an aspect of lifting weights and achieve the optimal look women want. This is adding muscles but still retaining what makes women look appealing. You know the slim sexy look, the right proportions. In order for this to happen, just like for the men’s programs, weight lifting is another key component for making this happen. Strategically using weight lifting along with the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting will surely bring the desired physique.

This is adding the right amount of tone, as the name implies the Goddess Toning Program, this is not adding size and bulk. The sleek sexy shape.

I will repeat this again, YOU WILL NOT BECOME BULKY. Greg is well aware of this fear among women and takes the necessary steps and actively describes what each exercise is going to improve as well tone. Adding lean muscle to your structure will actively increase your metabolism, not only that is the most desired look. So rest assured he address this concern within the program to clear this up again.

All of this is accomplished by a minimalistic approach to time in the gym. I mean you don’t have to spend even an hour per workout and only 3 times per week. Not life-consuming as some programs are.

What Is Included In Goddess Toning Program?

Exercise Routine Support Videos

Goddess Mindset And Motivational Workbook

Goddess Meal Guide

***bonus*** Anybody can download Greg’s Exercise Tutorial Vault Video, no need to buy anything. This is a free download that shows the proper form for all lifting exercises.

Additional Notes

Something I found very beneficial but initially I was kind of just flailing in the dark is the meals. If you want to invest in Goddess Toning Program, I highly, I highly recommend you also get the cookbook Kinochef. This will help you design meals and the general calories you will eat from here on out. The meals are also amazing good too! Did I mention they are also pretty simple to prepare? I didn’t purchase the cookbook at first and was kind of at a loss of the right macros even though he lays it all for you in the program. Kinochef just removes a lot of the guesswork from preparing meals and is a real time saver. If it makes it easier I am a big fan of something and Kinochef makes it easier.

Another note here is that consuming that much food in two sittings takes a little getting used to especially if you are accustomed to 6 small meals, but you will adapt.

No Monthly Fee

You will not be paying a monthly fee, this is a one-time reasonable payment of just $47.00. It’s not like other diets where you must constantly purchase their meals, which by the way, will quickly add up.

Everything is thought to get you progressing. I don’t run through it all because I don’t want to give away all of Greg’s secrets.


If you want results and tired of the same old routine, do yourself a favor and checkout Kinobody Goddess Toning Program now. This system works, you won’t be disappointed, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. It’s a fully comprehensive program for women designed to slim down and tone muscles while losing weight. You’ll learn more about how your body really works and desired results from following this program.

Order Goddess Toning Program Now

Any questions or comments I’d be glad the opportunity of answering them below. Thanks!













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