What Is KinoBooty? Get A Great Butt With Kinobody

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A Workout/Diet Program To Build A Better Butt?

Do you want to improve your buns so those jeans fit better?

Do you want to turn men’s head when you walk by?

Want to look better in a bikini?

Lucky for you, you have stumble upon, a remarkable system to achieve a slim, fit and toned body, oh and not let’s not forget an amazing booty! As Greg’s programs are revolutionary with thousands of testimonials to prove that.

Get ready to learn why KinoBooty is gaining a lot of steam!

KinoBooty – KinoBody’s Newest Program 


My post here, What Is KinoBooty? Get A Great Butt, the program is specifically designed for women.

This is Kinobody’s newest program, and this is my review of KinoBooty. Greg O’Gallagher is the creator of Kinobody and all of his programs. He has built his company from the ground up and has amassed quite a following on YouTube, which helps launched his revolutionary programs.

KinoBooty Is The Best Program Out There!

A pretty bold statement, right?

Hear me out. I believe this 12-week program is going to change your life. I believe I have a program for you that is probably the best out there.

Greg has revolutionized the fitness world with his already existing programs. How has he done this?

  • Proved that one can lose fat while putting on muscle.
  • Implemented Intermittent Fasting proving you can put on muscle while fasting.
  • Eating a caloric deficit is easy, once you learn how. Now hunger pain, all the while eating like a king. Big meals!
  • The proper way to gain muscle.

If You Are Just Squatting To Get That Perfect Butt, It’s Not Enough!

Squatting isn’t enough!!! This system is not just built just solely around squatting. Although there are squats involved, there’s more to it than that.

Don’t get me wrong squats work, but to achieve the most benefits possible other exercises need to be performed as well.

Just squatting is a myopic approach to getting a better butt. KinoBooty is designed all around the Waist to Hip Ratio. Now, this is very important!

KinoBooty is all-encompassing, working with your diet, exercising and even setting yourself for success with the right mindset.

At HoneBodyMind, I have the pleasure of following and reviewing many of Kinobody’s program. Kinobody is the creation of Greg O’Gallagher, who spent years developing, researching and most importantly refining his systems. With all his hard work, dedication and passion he has changed the fitness industry…for the better.

His system are transforming the way people workout and diet. Many call his systems REVOLUTIONARY, and I am one of them. I found Kinobody on YouTube when I was sick of being overweight. I listen to what Greg talked about and it all made a lot of sense. Then I purchased one of his programs, Warrior Shredding Program and lost a lot of weight and got back into shape. You can read more about it here, Is Kinobody A Scam?

KinoBooty is Greg’s newest program specifically aimed at improving a woman’s lower body. More specifically than that its goal is to help women attain a slim waist with incredible glutes (aka a great butt). Who doesn’t love a great ass? KinoBooty is all about slimming the waist and improving the butt, having that proper Waist to Hip Ratio, that is so appealing.

What I Like About KinoBooty?

  • A whole section devoted to maintaining your motivation. After all, this is what keeps you disciplined by working out and eating right. Most programs forget about this important aspect.
  • 12 weeks long…as well as longer with phase three.
  • Lots of specific exercises all to create an amazing butt.
  • Both Greg and the Fitness model in the videos perform the movements.
  • In the videos, Greg is constantly reinforcing proper form, as well as offering alternative methods of form.
  • All encompassing. Diet, exercise, motivation, and knowledge.
  • KinoBooty is NOT reliant on CARDIO. Oh, GAWD…what a relief.
  • I am a believing in squats, this isn’t solely based on this fantastic exercise.
  • The use of intermittent fasting. If you haven’t tried Intermittent Fasting yet, you are missing out. This is explained in fullness.
  • Goal setting. I know, I know, but goal setting is such a powerful tool and a must.
  • How To Eat Out At Restaurants Guide! So important to maintaining your diet.
  • An FAQ in the Bonus Reports helping answer additional question you might have.
  • Access to the Kinobody Exercise Vault (Free) Teaches proper form and techniques for all the major exercises in all of the Kinobody programs.

What Is Included With KinoBooty?

I really believe in sharing what a program has to offer. So, below I list what is included when you purchase KinoBooty. Everything but the specific exercise in the videos, you’ll have to buy the program to find out what they are. This is so you can make the most informed decision you can before you buy the product.

  • Private Facebook Group (Invaluable lifetime membership)
  • The Science Behind Building Your Perfect Butt
    • The Power Of the Hip to Waist Ratio
    • The Waist To Hip Ratio
    • The Research Behind The Kino Booty
    • How The Fitness Industry Has Failed You
    • What Fitness Is Really About
    • How This Program Will Transform Your Body
  • KinoBooty Training Tactics
    • Why This Is Not Just Booty Training
    • The Power Of Building The Booty
    • The Mind To Booty Connection
    • The Best Exercises To Develop A Great Booty
    • The Best Exercises To Develop A Firm Core
    • The Best Exercises To Develop A Toned Upper body
  • The KinoBooty Workout Routines
    • The Daily Booty Drill
    • Booty Warm Up Routine
    • Phase One Program – Weeks 1-6
    • Phase Two Program – Weeks 7-12
    • Phase Three Program – Booty Maintenance
    • What To Do On Rest Days
  • KinoBooty Exercise Demonstration Videos
    • A total of 17 Separate Videos Showing Proper Form
  • KinoBooty Nutrition
    • How To Dial In Your Nutrition
    • Phase One – The Lean Up
    • Phase Two – The Recomposition Plan
    • Phase Three – Booty Gains (Add Muscle Tone & Stay Lean)
    • Intermittent Fasting & Meal Plan Set Up
  • KinoBooty Mindset Development
    • 9 total Practices To Help You Attain Your Goals
  • Bonus Reports
    • Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting
    • Let’s Talk About Food Choices
    • How To Eat OUt At Restaurants
    • FAQ
Screenshot of KinoBooty Video


Tips On Using KinoBooty

Go through the entire Kinobooty program, reading and watching all the videos. This is in order to fully grasps all the concepts and exercises for your better understanding.

Purchase a food weight scale. This is to remove possible overeating and to remain on track with the nutrition program.

Looking for awesome meals that are easy and delicious to make and most importantly eating right. Get the KinoChef Cookbook. Highly recommended! This will set you up for further success.

As stated within the KinoBooty Program, Greg recommends using a smartphone app like My Fitness to accurately track calories. Adding this tip to along with doing the KinoBooty program is really setting yourself up for positive results.

Greg programs are getting results and thus his popularity online is ever increasing. Take a look at my other posts pertaining to Kinobody.

Is KinoBooty Worth It?

100% Yes!!!!

Butts are in, butts are the new guns. Maybe you noticed…I mean who hasn’t? It is hard, not to…right?

KinoBooty address this need for women looking to improve a very appealing feminine feature, the butt, the booty. Greg has a proven track record, as he is super passionate about fitness and nutrition and he delivers again with KinoBooty. Addressing the nutritional needs as well as very key specific exercises.

Kinobody has this amazing short survey to find the right program for you. Take the survey.



Always welcome comments or questions.

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