Amphora Nueva – Trustworthy Olive Oil!

amphora olive oil review

Share This:In an ever-increasing world of fakeness (fake news, fake foods) there are companies that still want to put out great products that are super healthy. One such company I have found and patronize is Amphora Nueva. I really like the product so much I wanted to write a post and share it on my … Read more

Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun Review

black opove m3 pro max gun

Share This:Goodbye Stiff Muscles This is my first experience with a massage gun, as I reached out to this company and asked for their product to review. Opove responded by sending me their latest model in exchange I would write an honest and detailed review of their product here in my post, Opove M3 Pro … Read more

5 Most Faked Foods & How To Avoid Them

honey in plastic bottle bear

Share This:Fake Food Is One The Rise…And It’s Just Getting Started People Americans are being sold fake foods all the time. This is a growing trend and likely to just increase with each passing year. Anytime profits can be made by altering or substituting products from a cheaper source it will be done. Simply put … Read more

FarmFoods Review – Stop Buying Questionable Meat

Share This:The biggest health advantage you can do for yourself is to eat better food. Be it raising your own fruit and vegetables, as well as your own meat. I am constantly trying to push starting a garden on this website, as this can be accomplished by just about anybody regardless of space. But raising … Read more

Best Pull Up Bar For A Basement On Amazon

picture of two pull up bars

Share This:What is the best pull-up bar for a basement on Amazon? Well, that varies greatly depending on your basement. All basements are different. Different heights, different construction, different material type. Before we get into it I also have an article on How To Make Your Own Dip Bars. Pretty simple and worthy of a … Read more

Mr. Tortilla OBAD Tortilla Review

picture of obad tortilla ad

Share This:What Is The OBAD Tortilla? The O.B.A.D. Tortilla is the newest product from Mr. Tortilla. Mr. Tortilla is the creator of the jaw-dropping guilt-free 1 Carb Tortilla. So, the O.B.A.D. Tortilla is the bigger brother to their 1 Carb tortilla. They just increased the size of the 1-Carb, gotta love that. This Mr. Tortilla … Read more

Where Can I Buy Fresh Seafood Online

seafood post lobster tails

Share This:With the closure and reduced seating of most restaurants due to the pandemic, now is a great time to get your seafood fix from the comfort of your own home. So many people will often wonder where I can buy fresh seafood online. I will show the best places currently where to buy safe, … Read more

My 5 Best Workout Albums

5 best workout albums

Share This:Music can push you to get through that grueling workout even though you are kinda quitting on the inside and not that into it. But that song that you love comes on and all of a sudden you pounding through your workout and taking names. In this web post, I hope to share my … Read more