Mr. Tortilla OBAD Tortilla Review

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What Is The OBAD Tortilla?

The O.B.A.D. Tortilla is the newest product from Mr. Tortilla. Mr. Tortilla is the creator of the jaw-dropping guilt-free 1 Carb Tortilla. So, the O.B.A.D. Tortilla is the bigger brother to their 1 Carb tortilla. They just increased the size of the 1-Carb, gotta love that. This Mr. Tortilla OBAD Tortilla Review I will highlight its key features both positive and negatives to help you decide if it is worthy of buying.

The OBAD tortilla is big, low carb, and has low calories.

package of mr.tortilla obad

What does O.B.A.D stand for? You’re going to love this if you love Mexican food, it stands for One Burrito A Day. Now for a self-proclaimed burrito junkie, like myself, this has my attention. Mr. Tortilla giving me personal permission to have a burrito every day…Oh hell yeah.

You just stole my heart, dude.

Where Are These Made?

These are produced and shipped from San Fernando California. This is where the company was founded by the owners Anthony and Ronald Alcazar.

OBAD Ingredients

mr. tortilla obad tortillas nutrition facts

How Does It Taste?

It tastes good. I wouldn’t even write about it if it didn’t taste good. But in full-disclosure it is not as good in taste as a quality-made flour tortilla. Just being completely honest here.

Just like anything else you get that is low carb its taste is going to less appealing than the comparable full carb product. Just the facts of life, people.

But don’t let that sway you, it is a great tasting and low carb big tortilla.

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Tortilla Comparison

So how much different is OBAD tortilla compared to other tortillas out there.

El Milagro 12″ Flour Tortillas 8ct. 30 oz -330 Calories 48 Net Carbs

La Banderita 10″ Flour Tortillas 10ct. 25 oz – 220 Calories 34 Net Carbs

Mr. Tortilla O.B.A.D. 12″ Multigrain – 170 Calories 11 Net Carbs

Positive & Negatives


  • 11 Net Carbs per tortilla. WOW!!!!
  • Low calories for being such a big tortilla.
  • If you’re going to have one burrito a day make it a big burrito, just as Mr. Tortillas has. This isn’t a 10-inch diameter tortilla…no, no, no…this is a twelve-inch super burrito tortilla.
  • Keto-friendly.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t love it.
  • 100% Vegan.
  • OU Kosher Certified.
  • 0 mg of Cholesterol.
  • 0 grams of trans fat.
  • Oat fiber is used.
  • Made from Organic Wheat Flour, no bleached white flour here!
  • Taste for being so low carb, you would suspect something yucky. Not here, the taste is pretty decent and that is the reason for the positive column.


  • They quickly run out of these…so if you see them, get them while you can.
  • The price can run pretty high for a low-carb tortilla.
  • The taste is good…don’t get me wrong but it is not as good as a carb-filled flour tortilla.
  • If you make a burrito to take to work or save for later it can disintegrate by the time you eat it. This varies with the contents inside. How do I know? Well, one time at work…Yeah things got messy.
obad tortilla burrito ad

Other Mr. Tortilla Products

As mentioned above Mr. Tortilla has a 1 Carb Tortilla. You can read my full in-depth review of this amazing product here, Mr. Tortilla One Carb Tortilla Review.

Order Your O.B.A.D. Tortillas Today

package of mr.tortilla obad

Let me know if you have tried the O.B.A.D. or 1 Carb from Mr. Tortillas would love to hear feedback on this product. Also any questions.

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6 thoughts on “Mr. Tortilla OBAD Tortilla Review”

  1. I am so glad that OBAD tortillas are around. They seem to have taken everything into consideration when making this tortilla such as size, creating the perfect crunch, including the perfect amount of ingredients to create both a filling and delicious tortilla. It is the perfect burrito tortilla, allowing all of us to enjoy burittos without guilt!

    • Yes, the best tortilla burrito for people looking to lose weight and avoid unnecessary carbs. It is not perfect but it is the best I have found in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your experience with the O.B.A.D.

  2. I must admit that when I first googled this tortilla I was not expecting to have run into a literal review of this tortilla. But Google never disappoints in this article definitely did not disappoint. You have provided so much more detail on this tortilla than I was expecting and I really appreciate that. I actually booked about your site for future reference because I found this very interesting and very factual

  3. These look great!  And I love the low carbs.  I see you purchase a 3-pack.  I am wondering if these can be frozen, if they will still taste as good?  I generally don’t buy so many at a time.  I am always dieting, and I do love Mexican food.  So these would be great for me!

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