Best Pull Up Bar For A Basement On Amazon

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What is the best pull-up bar for a basement on Amazon? Well, that varies greatly depending on your basement. All basements are different. Different heights, different construction, different material type.

Before we get into it I also have an article on How To Make Your Own Dip Bars. Pretty simple and worthy of a look-see.

Things To Consider

So, it takes a little planning to figure what you want with the basement you have. There is no one size fits all for every basement. Some basements have steel I-beams, some basements have 2 X 10 joist.

Another main deciding factor is height. If your basement is 7 feet or under you will have a harder time performing chin-ups and installing a chin-up bar properly. Height can be a problem due to having your arms outstretched and most people being around 6 feet tall there is an obvious problem here.

Ideally, you want 8 to 10 feet for the height of your basement for easy set up as well as performing a pull-up without having to tuck your knees in. You can tuck your knees if you have a shorter basement height and is better than having nothing.

It is best to take a tape measure down to your basement and find out what you are working with in terms of height and then proceed from there. Then spend some time determining what kind of structure you have to attach to down in the basement.

Just Don’t Want To Install Anything

KT Toes Don’t Touch Ground Foldable Free Standing Pull Up Bar Stand Sturdy Power Tower Workout Station for Home Gym Strength Training Adjustable Pullup Fitness Equipment Multifunctional Exercise Rack

This is the best option for those that are not handy and/or if you have a completely finished basement and don’t want to drill into anything. This is the best option for you. This can be put in your basement, garage, or even outside. Foldable means you can put it away when you are done doing your exercise.

This is highly adjustable with 35 levels of height adjustments. The Maximum height level is 100.4 inches, which is 8′ 3″ tall. Plus this can hold 485 lbs. Most of the wobble has been designed out of this rack but it does have a slight wobble but most people find it doesn’t bother them in the slightest.

Keep in mind the height need for this too.

Great for pull up where you touch chest to bar, as well as doing a crossfit kipping pull up. This has a 5 year warranty and is just an amazing product.

Pull-Up Bar for I-Beam or H-beams

Promountings I-Beam Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar, Long Bar with Bent Ends Black

This is the first pull-up bar on the market to work on I-beams as well as H-beams. The I-beams size can range between 3 1/2″ to 10″ wide. So this is pretty versatile in size range.

This has three different hand positions in which to choose from. This should be fast secure setup, as there is zero drilling involved.

You can feel really safe too when this is properly attached to the beam, as it has been tested to hold 500 lbs. This is made in the USA too.

Mounted On Wall Or Floor

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

This mounts above a doorway or can be attached to wooden beam. It is all welded steel so you know it is strong. It has curves in the handle for having three different hand positions when using.

black pull up bar

This comes off the wall 4 1/4″ inches to allow your body parts to clear. All the hardware you need is also included along with instruction for proper hanging of this pull up bar.

You are going to need at least 38″ width to install this. This is recommend installing on the King Stud (see picture below).

ultimate body press how to install door frame

Pull Ups Are Amazing For Strength

Not Seeing What You want? View more options at Amazon.

I hope this gives you plenty of options in finding what will fit your house and personal preferences.

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