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Nothing Is Worse Than Low Back Pain. Right??

I have suffered from low back issues since I was 17 years old. Sometimes debilitating and sometimes just nagging constant pain. Once I was so bad, I just laid on the living room floor for 3 days. This has come and gone over the years, usually in times when I wasn’t exercising or stretching. This can resurface out of nowhere if I lift something wrong I can really set off my lower back.

In this post, I hope to share specific exercises and techniques that have helped me lower and alleviate pain issues stemming from low back pain. You should always consult your healthcare provider before performing any exercises. Always take it slow and build up slowly to help avoid more injury.

Exercises For Low Back Pain Relief


Nothing will help loosen up stiff or locked up muscles in your lower back more than a short twenty-minute or more walk. As long as the pain isn’t severe a walk will do wonders for increasing blood flow and gradually get the muscles to gently relax. Do not underestimate this simple but highly effective basic exercise.


Another transformational exercise that gets the whole blood flowing all the while stretching and working muscles. This is a great way to prevent injuries, as establishing a weekly routine will keep muscles stimulated and loose. There are many options for as you can take a class on yoga, or watch videos on YouTube, buy DVDs, or watch on streaming. My wife and I love the yoga programs on Gaia, as they have hundreds of yoga videos. They have really short videos and long videos along with specific yoga routines targeted at specific body problems, like low back pain.


One of my go-to stretches for the low back is the knees-to-chest exercise. A good place to check out how to perform knees-to-chest exercise is here, Knees to Chest Stretch for Low Back Muscles. This is a really good stretch and has really helped me over the years. I am not a physical therapist and I feel this is better left to the pros for an explanation.

Exercise Ball

Another great stretch and strengthening are using an exercise ball to relieve low back pain. There are so many exercises you can do with this type of ball and this makes it a great cheap investment into yourself. The specific exercise I do is a supported bridge with the ball both on my back and ALSO on my back. Both positions do wonders, but I find laying on the stomach almost better than laying on your back, as far as stretching goes.

man and women exercising on ball

Tools For Low Back Pain Relief

Opove Massage Gun

I recently received Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun for review on my website, you can read the full review here, Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun Review. I was pretty impressed with the build quality, as this is a solid tool.

ergonomic opove m3 pro

I just didn’t have any pressing issues physically to try out the Opove Massage Gun until…last weekend, when the neighbor asked if I wanted that rhubarb plant? I said yes…of course, as I am always looking to add food to my backyard that I grow. He told me to bring my shovel. He had a large plant in which I needed to dig around and pick up. I picked it up and it was heavy, heavy with wet soil and a big plant. Needless to say, I hurt my back carry it back into my yard.

After suffering from this pain for hours and taking a nap I remembered I had the massage gun. Took it out and worked on my lower to mid back for about 5 minutes and within those 5 minutes, the pain went away. Bring relief and mobility almost instantly. The massage action of the Opove relieved my muscles from their locked position and with this, the pain simply went away. No longer did I need to call the chiropractor on Monday morning, as I felt normal again.

The pulsing action I believe allowed the muscle to fully relax and the muscle to go to its normal position, thus ending the pain and discomfort to fade away. It’s been three days now at the time of writing this and still no pain or discomfort.

This is a real lifesaver, plus it can be used elsewhere on the body. Highly recommend this!

Knee Pillows

If you are a side sleeper I feel knee pillows help take the strain off the lower back when sleeping. It allows for a more natural alignment of legs and back. This can alleviate or help reduce unnecessary strain, especially on the lower back. If you use one, great. If you don’t and experience lower back pain give on a try and see the results.

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Low back pain is a real problem for a lot of people, thankfully there are exercises and products that can mitigate this problem. Give some of them a try and see the results, as these have worked for me.

Any Questions or comments please do so below. Thanks!

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