What Is Kinobody?

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All About Kinobody And Its Revolutionary Approach

Most people hear the name and have no idea what is Kinobody. Maybe you saw a YouTube video or heard about it from a friend.

So, basically what Kinobody is an effective fitness and diet program designed for building muscle while achieving a low body fat percentage. An aesthetically appealing physique, you know the Hollywood actor look. Shredded little to no fat. In shape. Let me say this, “Kinobody is for real!”

These 7 programs work. Each program varies slightly to deal with achieving a different body look. For example, Warrior Shredding ideally is leaner with lower body fat, while Superhero Bulking is a more compacted muscle and a slightly higher body fat percentage but still ripped.

This system approach can seamlessly and easily be integrated into your lifestyle. Its approach is minimalistic to training. Your life won’t take a back seat to this exercise and diet platform, Kinobody simply harmonizes into the background of your life. Not like some programs where you spend countless hours in the gym and eating a starving diet and being extremely unhappy.

Not with any of Greg’s Programs! You can read all about this in my full in-depth no holds barred review, Is Kinobody A Scam?

Which only makes sense, when you love doing something you do it for longer, right? What if it just easily fits into your life. Then you got a real winner and you will continue to make progress and with the time to enjoy your life. The extreme fitness approach is going the way of the dinosaurs, suffering, and misery are out! There is a better way out there, and it’s called Kinobody.

I have written several articles relating to or about Kinobody programs.

Who Is Kinobody?index

Who is Kinobody? To find out more about Kinobody we have to look at its originator Greg O’Gallagher. Yes, Greg is kind-of rich, he comes from a wealthy family and he lives in a monstrous beautiful mansion. But don’t let that stop you from learning from this young man. Why, because he lives, what he teaches, and the countless people on his website, YouTube channel and Social Media pages can attest to, that his program works!

Literately, thousands of positive comments that his system works and with pictures of the transformation to boot.

Greg started Kinobody at the very young age of 19. Which is impressive for such a young man.

Greg is truly passionate about his system, Kinobody. By watching his videos you get a real sense that he is engrossed and fully involved in sharing and living his methods. I love the passion he has within his YouTube videos, it means he truly believes in it and his methods. Belief is a powerful tool and one thing for sure is that Greg truly believes in Kinobody.

Steroids or Natural?

People often wonder if Greg is on steroids? Probably because his physique is insane at times. People feel that he gets his gains (strengths and shredded look) by using steroids. Greg readily admits his strength would be much higher if he was juicing. While his strength is truly impressive for his weight, I think for his weight, it doesn’t seem unnaturally attained. He usually weighs around 170 lbs.

To help put these rumors and questions to bed, he has been publishing videos of himself lately, going to the doctors for a blood test to show his results and to review the results with a doctor. Which leaves little doubt about if he is a natty(natural). He divulges his personal medical data to help squash these allegations against him. After all, these are quite negative in nature and destroy more than help anyone.

Also, what puts this to pasture for me is all the people using Kinobody, losing body fat and gaining strength, their stories, their pictures, their videos. If Greg couldn’t make someone else look like him with his program it would obvious he would be using artificial methods but people are getting in tremendous shape using his system.

Fitness Programs

It’s all about getting lean, strong, and shredded. To transform your body into the best you. Stripping the fat while sculpting muscle to an aesthetically pleasing look. Whether you’re a man or a woman, Greg has a fitness program for you. His tips on building shoulders are amazing, it works.

If you don’t know what program is right for you to take this simple survey and find out. This time you have found the program that actually works!

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What kind of programs are there? To learn more about the various programs offered at Kinobody, click the links below.

Also available is the Kinobody Kinochef cookbook.

Kinobody Revolutionary Diet Program

Once past the initial first couple of days, this program is effortlessly maintained. I say this because I have done this program and I am actively been doing this diet since I bought his Warrior Shredding program.

It is the easiest diet I have ever been on and you LOSE WEIGHT too! You really can’t ask for anything more than this. Can you? This might seem like an unrealistic statement, but believe me, it isn’t. This is why this is such a revolutionary way of looking at eating food.

You get to eat big meals! Full satiating meals. You will to also enjoy your favorite foods also. Yes, you read that right. But keep in mind there are rules to be applied. Check out Greg’s Instagram page, for he regularly posts what he eats. This will help you get the general idea of what he eats and recommends. The food looks amazing and it will be shocking to you, what he eats. His Instagram is gog9.

Intermittent Fasting

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag, this system is all about using intermittent fasting. But also there is more to it than just intermittent fasting.

What do you ask? Well, not just the regular intermittent fasting but the Kinobody way to intermittent fasting. It’s slightly different than regular IF, but a much more effective form of intermittent fasting. When you purchase one of the available programs offered by Kinobody you will receive a plethora of information attaining to the specific program. This information is revealed and it makes following the program very simple and easy.

You could get this information by viewing Greg’s YouTube channel and watching the hundreds of hours of video he has posted, but I would save your time and just get the program. You won’t regret it.

For a more thorough look at the Kinobody Intermittent Fasting head over to my post-Intermittent Fasting Kinobody Style and Intermittent Fasting & Coffee. This post help outline some of the basic aspects of intermittent fasting that are in line with Kinobody.

Kinobody Cost

Prices range from $39.00 to $49.00 for the available programs. This will be the last exercise & diet program you will ever have to buy. I feel that confident about that statement because I am speaking from my own personal experience.

Overview Of Kinobody

What is Kinobody? So, I hope you get a general idea of what Kinobody is through reading this post and a general idea of the founder Greg O’Gallagher.

But to really know for yourself you must venture and purchase a workout program and do the workout and diet in full commitment. For you to really fully understand this revolutionary and effective system, like all things you must immerse yourself fully into it.

It will truly change your life for the better. Trust me, it’s easier!!! Way easier than all the other programs out there.

You will love intermittent fasting and see the benefits in your waistline as a result, along with strength gains and an improved physique. Just do me a favor, come back here and leave a comment telling, either way, your opinion of using the Kinobody system. I would love to hear from you.

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If you happen to have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

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10 thoughts on “What Is Kinobody?

  1. I’m so relieved to see there is a Kino program for women. It makes plenty of sense to create a calorie deficit and build muscle simultaneously. I have always been a fan of intermittent fasting for general health.
    Is he selling supplements to go with this regime?
    And is that $47 per month or is it a one off payment for a DVD?
    Thanks, Janelle

    1. Yeah, the Goddess Toning program is great for women. Lots of women seem to be getting good results with many pictures of before and after. It seems to work just as well as the other men programs.

      Kinobody doesn’t sell any supplements and he only recommends taking BCCA if you are working out fasted. He believes you get everything you need from the food you eat and there is no need to supplement.

      Kinobody has 7 programs. It’s a one time payment per program. But Greg is starting a new program called Kinobody Mastery Program. Where it’s a 6 month program that you must pay for monthly. Where you following his advice daily. Sounds interesting.

      Also there are no DVDs it is just video downloads no actually physical media.

      Hope this helps Janelle.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Interesting information.

    I have been actively involved with health and fitness since I was young and I have never heard about Kinobody.

    I will definitely be doing further research to educate myself on this style of fitness program and dieting.

    The exercises in the video’s look very do able and I’m sure with a high level of dedication excellent results can be achieved.

    Great Info.

    1. Grant, Glad I could maybe show you something you haven’t seen before. Kinobody is a great system that just works. The diet and the fitness part work amazing together. Dedication is required as in any program, but this one is just less effort when it comes to dieting. It’s almost effortless after a while. This is why I so highly recommend any Kinobody program.
      See you around.

  3. Oh this looks just like the program I have been looking for and not too expensive either. I like a lot of the programs it offers. Do you know if you need a large area for the work out routine? Will I need to purchase other equipment to have ready for the workout. Or is the program all inclusive with diet, work out, etc?

    1. Yeah, the price is quite reasonable and it works amazingly. You will need a weight set, weight bench, pull up bar, dumbbells optional. Or just a gym membership would work also. Maybe a chin up weight belt, where you can attach extra weight to the belt for greater resistance while doing pull ups. But that is about it for equipment.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Great introduction to Kinobody. This is the first time I heard of it. I do IF too, so this is interesting. Is this more suitable for men than for women? I have tried several workout programs, but most of them end up being too complicated. It would be wonderful to find one that’s simple to implement so there’s consistency. I’d check this out!

    1. Hey Lily,

      Thanks for the praise, glad I could introduce you to an amazing system, Kinobody. Although Greg designed 4 specific programs for men, he does have one women’s program called Goddess Toning. Quite a few women have shown excellent results using the Kinobody Goddess Toning program, by posting their pictures online and giving positive feedback on using it. Glad to hear you are already doing Intermittent fasting. The programs are simple to implement like you mention and you don’t need to completely overhaul you life. Please check it out and return to tell me how it works for you.

  5. Hi, thankyou for this interesting article I found it really interesting. I have heard of intermitting fasts before but I’ve never really looked into it. This sounds like it may suit me as im quite capable of not eating throughout the day but im as hungry as a lion at night. I’ve always thought it was bad to eat a huge meal at night, so im going to give this a try. Thanks again

    1. Joanne,

      As long as you eat at a caloric deficit, you will lose weight no matter at what time of day you eat. It really quite surprising how easily you adapt to this intermittent fasting. I really enjoy the whole concept and think it works tremdously well.

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