Does Kinobody Work?

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In Short, YES!!!! It Works.

We as people are visually by nature. We need to see something with our own eyes to believe it works. Does Kinobody Work? Well, I decided to compile a bunch of before and after photos of Kinobody members to show the program’s success with removing fat and chiseling muscle. (see below)

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Each of the participants has been on the program for varying amounts of time. It goes to show you if you stick with the program you will definitely look better.

But I will also highlight some of the amazing features of this…

Groundbreaking, innovative, and myth-destroying diet and exercise program.

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Maybe, you just got done watching one of Greg’s many videos on YouTube and you’re wondering if it works or not. Or maybe you don’t really know a lot about Greg and questions his knowledge. Can you trust this guy?

Let me put your ease at rest.

From my own personal experience, I can attest to the effectiveness of Kinobody. As I purchased the Kinobody Warrior Shredding program and was amazed at the fast results and the long-lasting sustainable results of using Greg’s Kinobody program. This system is designed to be integrated into daily life from here on out.

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Skip The Fad Diet & Join Kinobody

Fad diets just don’t work! Fad diet works in the short term but your body adapts to the new diet or you deprive your body until something has to give and usually that give is your willpower. The results are sustainable over long periods of time, unlike fad diets. If you want to lose a quick 10 pounds or so, yeah they work! But you’re going to putting that weight on again in a very short amount of time and maybe more weight than you previously weighed.

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Unlike fad diets, any of the Kinobody programs are sustainable over the long haul. You will easily adapt to your new way of consuming food. The Kinobody method will allow you to maintain a caloric deficit diet without making yourself miserable either. You’ll eat full satiating meals. Where, unlike crash diets, you always end up failing because they are not sustainable because they deprive you too long.

Go with something you can sustain for the long haul. I have been using techniques I have learned for Greg now for almost two years and I just love it.

Why is that? 

Well, it is because you are starving yourself, but your really not starving yourself. Wait, what? Yep, The Kinobody system optimally uses eating meals at certain times of the day, to get the maximum results with the least amount of suffering involved. From my personal experience, I only had hunger pains for two days, a lot less suffering than fad diet plans, I did in the past.

This is done by eating just two satisfying meals a day. Don’t worry, the myth of eating 3 or more meals a day to lose weight is false. Can you lose weight by eating just two meals and a snack and not be hungry? All the while, fasting for 16 hours and more importantly losing weight.

How is this accomplished?


One of the biggest factors and success of any of the Kinobody programs is the nutritional aspect. It is called intermittent fasting. This is revolutionary in the muscle-building world. Actually going long periods of time without consuming the all-important protein, used to be a big NO-NO in the bodybuilding crowd.

Now, this myth has totally been destroyed by Greg’s Kinobody programs that base and center around intermittent fasting. You skip one meal a day, breakfast. But don’t worry, it’s easy. You’ll make up for it during lunch and dinner, as these two meals are a great feast. You will not be hungry after these meals. Sometimes at first, it will even be hard to finish a meal, it’s that big.


Another important crucial aspect is the workouts of the Kinobody way. There are so many myth-busting aspects to the design and concepts implemented but mainly it’s minimalistic.


Yeah, hold onto your hat because it only three days a week and 45 minutes a shot. This is just a quick summary and highlights of the vastly superior diet and exercise program known as Kinobody. Gone are the old myths or the passed-down steroid workout designed for people on steroids, that you have to work out for hours to get a ripped body.

Not so at all, your body will actually respond better to less but more intense with adequate rest in between workout as well.

You’ll be reading all these details of working out and you’ll say to yourself this makes a lot of sense. Trust me, when I first read the workout program, I was thunderstruck and astonished. It makes so much sense when you hear all there is contained within any of the programs.

Just as the nutritional aspect as mentioned above, this is just a quick summation of a highly detailed program. I will not divulge all of his secrets and strategies, although he even admits in his videos he has shared all of his secrets already on YouTube you would have to literally watch hundreds of hours of videos to glean all of the information that is neatly packed into any of his programs.

The Programs Available at Kinobody

If you do not know what program is best for you to start to transform your body and LIFE, don’t worry Greg has you covered.

Click here for the FREE Body Assessment Tool to help you discover how to exactly build the body you really want.

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