Why Do Jeans Rip On The Back Pocket? A Solution…

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Are Your Jeans Constantly Ripping In The Back Pocket?

Are your jeans ripping around the stitching in the back pocket?

Have you thrown a countless number of pants away because of this?

I have…

Think of all that wasted money.

It starts at the upper corner on one side or the other of the back pockets of pants. It can start with a small tear, that isn’t very noticeable and quickly become a serious full on rip, that is quite revealing. Unfortunately, I have had this problem over the years, and I myself have often wondered why this is. Dealing with this problem has led me to some obvious and not so obvious solutions.

This can be a very frustrating and expensive problem unless you like presenting yourself with rips in your pants. As you will probably need to buy a new pair of jeans when you see this happen. If you don’t…prepare for further rip-age when you bend down to pick something up. A complete nightmare especially if you are at work. Insert clean underwear joke.

There could be a multitude of reasons why this is happening to you. Let’s explore some of the reasons and address some possible answers.

Possible Reasons For Tearing The Ass Out Of Your Jeans

Oversized Wallet – Or simply a wallet.

It’s time to ditch that overgrown wallet.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about George Costanza. You keep all your receipts, lottery tickets, phone numbers, business cards, money, credit cards, and family pictures.


The main culprit, and probably the obvious one, if it is happening on one side and one side only, is this where you keep your wallet? Especially a thick wallet. Anything in your back pocket is going to increase the likely chance of that pocket stitching to become more compromised.

It might be any wallet for that matter and not just an oversized wallet. As it puts more stress on the stitching over time and will eventually lead to tearing of the denim, especially when bending down. An oversized wallet while bending down with your knees, will in all likelihood over time lead to a blowout.

For me personally, I would have blowouts in the back right pocket and this is where I usually 99.9% of the time kept my oversized wallet.

Get A Slim Wallet My Friend

A solution…get a slim wallet. It’s time to downsize your wallet. Simply change your wallet. Don’t worry you can do this and you’ll love doing as well.

Clean simple and sexy.

Now, it’s time the thin the herd. To eliminate the credit cards you never use, to ditch those business cards you’ll never use and to store your receipts somewhere else. Store these things in your office and not in your wallet anymore.

I’ve switched to a slim wallet and have personally loved it and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. As you can wear it in your front pocket as well as your back pockets as well.

I like a slim wallet with a money clip and recommend that.

  • Less likely to blow out your back pocket when bending over.
  • More Comfortable.
  • Sleek looking.
  • More refined looking looks like you are well put together.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Can be placed in either front or back pockets.
  • Lighter to carry.
  • Your back will thank you for it, as it can hurt your posture when sitting for long periods.
  • Quicker to find the right credit card or photo id.
  • Increase security as it is less likely to be pickpocketed in the front pocket.

New Rules Of What Goes Into Your New Slim Wallet

No coins, a maximum of 5 credit cards, photo id, and cash. That’s it, men. Follow this simple rules to be the master of your wallet, everything else simply put somewhere else.

With so many reasons for switching to a slim wallet and few negatives, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Make the switch to a slim wallet with a money clip and you’ll be really happy you did.


Being overweight plus having a thick wallet in your back pocket, is a sure way to rip the back side of your pants. Since we have already addressed the oversized wallet we need to address being overweight. As this might be the next possible reason for having jeans rip in the butt area.

My weight has fluctuated in the past, having been at one time 270 lbs. Thankfully, I am down to a more healthy weight of 230 lbs. Yes, with an oversized wallet and having gone through quite a few pairs of jeans and me slow to catch on to the problem. Also, my full-time job also requires me to pick up heavy loads from deep knee bends.

Former work jeans. Had to retire these bad boys or risk the dreaded full ass blow out.

Having more junk in the old trunk and that old spare tire is not helping anything.

If you are looking for a method of losing weight, I highly recommend you check out my review of Kinobody, Is Kinobody A Scam? This is my number 1 way to lose weight. As it addresses so many myths about losing weight and putting on muscle. I highly highly recommend it. So many benefits.

When you start to lose so weight this probably will also help save on you having to buy pants due to ripping the back pocket out.

Quality Of Jeans Or Design

Some jeans, just have thinner denim than others or the way the back pockets are stitched or riveted effects if your jeans will rip here. With so many features that can contribute to your jeans ripping out, there is just no way of eliminating this other than by trial and error. I’ve had all different types of jeans rip out on me. Name brands jeans to cheap ones.

Just make sure you are getting the right size of jeans for your body. Something that isn’t too tight and is comfortable, is usually a good rule to follow.

Sometimes stressed out jeans can be worn out and increase the likelihood of blowouts in the backside. Maybe stay away from these if you have this problem.

Another possible solution is to buy jeans with no back pockets. I’ve never seen a pair, I don’t think…but apparently, there are some.

Stop The Tearing

Why Do Jeans Rip On The Back Pocket? Well, for many possible reasons or possible a combination of reasons mentioned above.

I hope to have helped some people from embarrassing themselves, or by simply saving them a little money and avoiding the fear of every time they bend down not to hear that dreadful rip.

Would love to hear any other possible solutions anyone else might have or jean recommendations that don’t blow out in the backside to please comment below.


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4 thoughts on “Why Do Jeans Rip On The Back Pocket? A Solution…

  1. I’m a semi-retired full time licensed HVAC technician and now full time factory maintenance man. My Dickies and Carhartt carpenter work jeans seem to always do this prematurely just as in the above photos. I used to blame this on all the crawling around and sometimes keeping tools in my back pockets but I don’t think so anymore. They are getting worse now even before the knees even wear out and the fabric becomes faded and worn out. My best guess is like everything else, things are not made the way they used to be and are cheapened up to hit a certain price point. I know I don’t work in my Levi’s 517 Bootcut and Lee Regular Fit Bootcut jeans, but they remain intact and seem to never do this. They in turn cost almost twice as much and are quite obviously better quality.


    1. Thanks, Blue Collar Man for sharing your experience and opinion. You’re probably very right about the quality of material used as one of the main causes for pocket blowouts, as this seems to save whatever jean company money.
      Glad you mentioned some the name and type of denim that doesn’t have this problem too, as this will give people some guidance if they want to purchase some good work jeans.

  2. Im not overwieght, I have a bubble butt and im in shape. My jeans always rip no matter who I get them from. I dont wear a wallet in my back pocket as that messes with your spine. When I bend over my butt crack comes out. My jeans also never fail to rip in this spot. Ive had Gap, Banana Republic and Guess Jeans all do this.

    1. Hey Brandon,
      I think you need to go with jeans that fit more an athletic type, like yourself. I don’t know the specific type of jeans you bought but maybe you haven’t tried some of these. I searched the internet and came up with a few jeans that offer this. I recommend you go into some type of a department store and try them on first. Then when you find something that works for you, ordering them online. If you order online you can always return the product too. Just more of a hassle.
      Levi’s 541 Jeans This is Levi’s answer to better fitting jeans for men with a more athletic body. They dropped the waistband a litter lower in the front and added to the back. So this might help with the butt crackage showing. Levis tested this on quite a large selection of athletic mean with a bigger lower body.
      Another company that addresses this is Barbell Apparel Athletic Fit Denim Although, they can be more pricey. One of the founders of this company wanted to create jeans for athletic types after suffering from finding jeans that wouldn’t fit properly.
      Bonobos Athletic Fit Jeans – They offer up to 5 fits (Tailored, Slim, Athletic and Straight and Boot) depending on the jeans selected. They also offer a resilient stretch denim. These can also be pricey. The Athletic is what I would recommend for you, either the regular denim or the stretch denim. As this has more room in the butt and thighs. Also good til June 1 2018 a coupon code BLUEMOON to save 20% off all orders (sitewide).
      Hope this helps! Please let me know if you do find something that works for you and solves this problem.

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