Eat Stop Eat – Explained & Does It Work?

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Another Intermittent Fasting Review. Hell yeah!

I am always pumped up reviewing any program that uses intermittent fasting. As I am a super big supporter of any diet/exercise program that uses intermittent fasting, as it just makes losing weight easier. Thankfully, this review of this diet & exercise program Eat Stop Eat uses this approach to achieve results more easily than conventional diet programs. ESE (Eat Stop Eat) has a slightly different approach to other IF programs that I have purchased and reviewed. Which I find very interesting.


Why am I all jazzed up about it?

Many many reasons. Simply because it works! I am a firm believer in using I.F. for dieting and maintaining your weight. The diet is very sustainable over long periods of time, and you feel healthier and sharper mentally. Most importantly you lose weight without suffering from dieting.

On a personal note, I’ve used intermittent fasting for the past two years and have lost quite a bit of weight. From my heaviest 270 pounds to now around 225 pounds. You don’t really know how fat you are until you see a picture of yourself and you say, Wait…what? Am I that fat? This was the case for me until I realized and implemented I.F. into my life.

If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting continue to read on and learn why you have to take a serious look at this program.

Remain open-minded to the ideas presented as much as possible, because many of the long-held beliefs in weight loss are just simply wrong.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Before we get into the details of the program, it is important to understand I.F.

For those that don’t know what intermittent fasting I will briefly explain, as this is mainly what Eat Stop Eat is built around.

The good thing about intermittent fasting is it is simple to understand. To put it simply, you just don’t consume calories for a specific amount of time. The amount of time varies, as some people fast for 12 hours and other programs want you to extend the fasting time to 16+ hours. This limits the number of hours in which you can eat usually just around 8 hours a day.

Intermittent Fasting Destroys Fat

When fasting your body will use stored fat for energy and nutrients, essentially burning calories. This basically how you lose weight, as opposed to eating around the clock. Eating around the clock constantly puts new food in your system, never allowing us to draw upon fat stores within your body for nutrients and energy. This also is why we get fatter, as we just keep building up our fat stores while never depleting them.

Intermittent fasting depletes stored fat.

What you might not know is that you probably are already following intermittent fasting. Each night that you go to bed and sleep up to 8 hours or more, you are fasting for those eight hours. That is where the term breakfast comes from, as you are breaking your fast first thing in the morning.

What Is Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat is a diet and exercise program designed by Brad Pilon. This is a 211 ebook available for purchase. This program is based on two facets, one on intermittent fasting and secondly on resistance training.

Eat Stop Eat nutritional information is based on two truths.

  1. A prolonged caloric restriction is the only proven nutritional method for weight loss.
  2. Human beings can only be in one of the following states: fed or fasted.

This program is based on these two simple truths for dieting. It will explain at length the many benefits and results that can be attained following this program.

Exercise Portion

I enjoy the fact that resistance training is included. The benefits of any type of resistance training cannot be overlooked. This will ensure you add muscle size while losing fat. This enfolds the added benefit of adding muscle to your frame which will also burn more calories, to better increase fat loss.

On top of that, it focuses on progressive strength gains. This can be accomplished in many different ways, and the book highlights these methods.

What Do You All Get When You Purchase Eat Stop Eat?

  • Eat Stop Eat  Ebook (New And Expanded Edition) 211 pages
  • Bonus Material Provided
    • The Zen Of Nutrition 11 pages
    • Quick Start Guide 12 pages

Additional Purchase Options 

  • Eat Stop Eat Audiobook
  • Kindle Ebook (Mobi format)

Where To Buy Eat Stop Eat?

You can purchase the program Eat Stop Eat here

Will This Work For You?

If you are a man or woman this program will work for you. After all, it is how our species consumed food for millennia. This is a much more natural way to consume food, as opposed to our current lifestyles of having high caloric food accessible throughout the day.

I fully support the effect of intermittent fasting both in weight loss and just in general feeling better.

Pros & Cons


  • Address both men and women on the program. This is a very important aspect of intermittent fasting, as different genders have different requirements. This is explained in the book.
  • With implementing intermittent fasting your body takes a break from having to digest food, this, in turn, allows your organs and body to have a break and repair itself better.
  • Uses two types of fasting. A one day fast, as well as intermittent fasting.  Love this!
  • This program can be used both to lose weight and to just maintain your weight. To further prevent weight gain in the future.
  • For just a few dollars more you can purchase the Kindle edition and an audiobook edition. A great option and inexpensive.
  • Very affordable price.  I purchased my copy with the Kindle and Audiobook options for, get this…$14.00. I don’t know if it was a sale at the time or not, as I bought it during Memorial Day.
  • Doesn’t base the effectiveness of this program on sheer willpower. Willpower is often short-lived, for most people. Making it a winner in my book.
  • The Ebook does a good job of setting up you to fully understand the concepts contained within and get you to lose weight as well as destroying long-held beliefs around fasting and weight loss.
  • Intermittent fasting allows you to gain control over food, instead of food controlling you.
  • Implements resistance exercises just two to three times a week.
  • There is also a lot of flexibility built into this system with exercise and nutrition.
  • The diet portion of the program allows you to eat the foods you want, with moderation! You will not have to give up certain foods to stay on this program.
  • Love that water is emphasized or any non-caloric beverage.
  • A specific section about women and fasting, as women have different requirements for hormonal and metabolism.
  • The book is easy to understand and pretty straightforward. Explains in easy terms for the average person to fully grasp.
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied at all with the product.+
  • The updated version has over 317 scientific references. Like this for sure.


  • Gives general guidelines for working out, which is both good and bad. Leaves it up to the individual to determine their goal and needs. Would like to see more structure for a wide range of people, as not everyone is familiar with resistance training. Recommends you get a personal trainer to consult with.

Tips On Using Eat Stop Eat

Use zero calories beverages to extend your fast. Water, teas, coffee, and sparkling water.

Adding some Himalayan sea salt to your water helps too. As you get some trace minerals from it and it fools your body, to help prolong the fast.

The first couple of days, you might experience hunger pains. This is normal, but your body will quickly adapt to this practice. Just push through it, and it just becomes easier with time. For me, it took like two days, and then I haven’t really experienced it since.

Follow the advice given within the program and don’t try to push it to see more results. This usually leads to more burnout and negative effects in the long term.

Consistency is the key to losing weight. Set a goal, stick with it until the end.

Final Thoughts About ESE

Super great price! I looked through the entire list of materials, and this is really put together well and will get you adequately started using the Eat Stop Eat program and more importantly losing weight.

To see more on EatStopEat head over to my page here to read about similar programs here, How To Easily Eat At A Caloric Deficit And Lose Weight.

I use intermittent fasting every day for the past two years, and it works. As it makes dieting so much easier and sustainable over the short and long term. For such a low price and pack with a plethora of information, this gets my seal of approval. It even comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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