How To Astral Projection

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Are you new to Astral Projection or OBE?

Have you tried astral projecting before and where unsuccessful and frustrated?

If you are new to Astral Projection and want to properly learn Astral Projection or if you tried before in the past and were unable to successfully project, allow me point you in the right direction.

To avoid the frustration of incorrectly trying astral projection. This method will show you how to astral projection. Avoiding the mistakes that can make you spend years trying to reverse and erase.

This system is designed by a true master at Astral Projection. This system will get you astral projecting in less than 30 days. I know astral projection is real, because I’ve done it. I believe it belongs on my site because shifting your spirituality to a higher thought process improves your whole self, Body and Mind as well as the permanent spirit. Many rewards and insights await with the purchase and implantation of this Astral Projection Mastery Program.

This is truly amazing stuff.

Meet Robert Bruce & His Astral Projection Mastery Program

Robert Bruce is Australian that has been doing astral projection since the age of four. He has been exploring and studying and pushing the boundaries of spirituality ever since and is now a world renown authority on Astral Projection and other spirituality topics. He is a famous author and has many numerous books on spirituality. His most famous book is Astral Dynamics, published in 1999.

robert bruce
Robert Bruce

He has successfully taught literally thousands of people from all walks of life, to enrich their lives exploring their complete selves. The spiritually side of themselves. As most people are unaware of their true potential or even a side of them that little is known about or explored. We are all guilty of this at some sort of level.

astral_projection_mastery_coverAstral Projection Mastery

A basic summery of what is in this highly effective coarse. With the purchase of this program you will receive over 15 hours of video, that lays out in detail many of the methods to achieve a out of body experience. The video is available either through download or streaming.

With many new important discoveries in human biology and psychology which will help you minimize nervous anxiety and insecurities, so you can successfully exit your physical body with ease. Transform into a confident astral projector who can explore the Spirit Worlds, visit deceased loved ones in the Afterlife, and study the Akashic Records and using energy work – this program will show you how.

You will be getting of Robert Bruce’s experience of over 50 years of astral projecting.

The first time I started using Bruce’s energy work, I was literally blown away. I’ve been into martial arts since a young age and always heard of chi. Chi is the same thing as Robert Bruce’s energy work. What I rarely got through martial arts was the ability to use or even to feel the effects of chi. With Astral Projection Mastery energy work you instantly feel what it is and start to use and master energy work. You will understand it more and anyone can do this. This is really important. Don’t discount this. Honestly, this works, seems hooky but it is not.

Everyone is a little different on how they learn and what works for them, that is why that Robert Bruce offers different alternative methods of astral projection techniques. So, there is great value in what you are purchasing. It is complete, and with that completeness you get access to Robert Bruce though a specific Astral Projection Mastery forum. You can chat with others on astral projection and share tips and ideas.

This is great to, if you don’t like reading, especially long big books. Video is a great format to learn from

Robert Monroe & Robert Bruce

What’s with all these Roberts in astral projection? We had a true pioneer and teacher in Robert Monroe (October 30, 1915 – March 17, 1995). Now, the current leader in the field is Robert Bruce. Bruce’s methods has taken Monroe’s method and adding onto it, expanded it, in some cases simplified it, but most importantly made it easier to grasp.

robert monroe
Robert Monroe

Robert Bruce’s method of teaching is easier to understand and up-to-date compared to the antiquated Monroe’s teaching. I’ve read and studied both. Believe me, Bruce’s approach is complete and easier to understand. Robert Monroe has the more interesting stories to tell, some of which will blow your mind, btw. REQUIRED reading to all interested in Astral Projection. Bruce’s stories are interesting as well, he does get into his stories more in this coarse than any other.

This program is everything Robert Bruce knows about Astral Projection and it is in video format. I find personally learning from video to be more easily comprehend materials than say books.  This is the best program on how to astral project out there.

With new methods continually being brought to the forefront and Bruce’s many secrets to getting people through trouble spots with astral projection, and there are many. Years of exploring, pushing limits and helping people, make this course a must have if you want to successfully learn astral projection. Robert is a well soft spoken individual that clearly explains things that every beginner will understand. He seems really caring and invested in what he teaches. A real sense of integrity.

Sometimes you need to re-watch to fully grasp what is being said. For me this was the case often.

What You Can Do Astral Projecting

  • Access Akashic records – Every bit of information is stored here, past, future, and present.
  • Explore anywhere…The moon, the pyramids, the earth, solar system, deep space.
  • Have fun flying.
  • Meet aliens.
  • Meet interesting people in the astral world.
  • Learn spiritual truths.
  • Your imagination is your only limit.

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There are other programs that are available as well and also highly recommended.

If you have any question or comments, I would love the opportunity to answer them below. Thanks













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2 thoughts on “How To Astral Projection”

    • I am no teacher in Astral Projections but can offer some suggestions. Lots of people and I mean lots of them struggle to successfully have an OBE. The best way to learn, I think is through Robert Bruce. The very best way is Bruce’s Astral Projection Mastery Program, this is his best program to date. Although expensive it works. Every person is different and has different reason why they are not successful.
      Total body relaxation and affirmations. These are what worked for me.

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