Paul Gautschi Recommended Plants, Seeds, & Pruning Tools

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If you are like me you want the wisdom of knowledgeable people to bypass years of learning the hard way. Just by the simple act of listening you can fast forward your goals and be a happier person.

It is in this vein I would like to help and share with people an easier way to find more of Paul Gautschi’s recommendations for plants, seeds, and tools. After all, Paul has been a gardener for over fifty years and has tried many varieties of different fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Paul Gautschi is the man behind the revolutionary Back To Eden Gardening method. Check out my page here to learn more about Paul and Back To Eden Gardening: What Is Back To Eden Gardening?

The most important aspect of gardening is growing the healthiest food you possibly can grow. You can be sure Paul is all about natural and healthy food, as well as tasting good.

I have watched many hours of his videos on YouTube and writing down important recommendations from him. I highly recommend watching the videos that can be found there.

Pruning Tools Paul Gautschi Uses (Back To Eden)

paul gautschi apple tree pruning

YouTube has many videos of Paul showing how to properly prune apple trees to get the healthiest and biggest production of apples. Check it out man!

Paul uses the Felco Pruning Shears Size F8.

Paul uses and recommends the Samurai Ichiban 13″ Curved Pruning Saw With Scabbard 330.

Where Does Paul Buy Seeds?

Paul recommends buying organic Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO, Heirloom seeds.

These are the company Paul buys from.

Burnt Ridge Nursery Although they don’t sell seeds, Paul actually recommends many fruiting plants from Burnt Ridge and they also have very decent prices.

Fedco Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Paul’s Favorite Blueberry Plant

Paul Gautschi favorite blueberry

Paul favorite blueberry plant is the Olympia Blueberry.

He says it is the best tasting one and is a solid producer of berries. This is a medium to medium-large fruit ripening midsummer. Good in zones 5-8.

This blueberry is a little harder to find online or locally unless you live in Washington.

Places To Order Olympia Blueberry Online

Paul’s Best Apple Trees To Grow

apple tree

Paul is famous for his dwarf different looking apple trees, as seen above. After all, Paul is an arborist and knows his trees.

  • Honeycrisp – This is the best keeper out of all the apples, keeping for many months in a cooler. Also a great tasting apple. Pretty easy to find this locally, as well as online.
  • Akane – A Japanese variety that is Paul’s favorite for flavor.
  • Liberty – Another variety Paul grows in his orchard and recommends people to grow.
  • Freedom – Another great variety to grow for yourself and Paul recommends.
  • Williams Pride – Early ripening and disease-resistance.
  • Sweet Sixteen – A truly sweet apple with many tastes that are associated with this apple variety.
  • Tsugaru – Another Japan developed apple that is sweet.
  • Cosmic Crisp – This is the newest apple tree Paul has planted and he thinks this is the best one in the world. This is a newly released apple tree and can be purchased online at Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchards.

Paul’s Favorite Asparagus

Paul is very colorfully passionate about this type of asparagus. Paul is always singing the praises of asparagus, for its one of the first plants to show up in spring, as well as being one of the most mineral rich vegetables as well.

Paul often recommends breaking the asparagus off at the crown, not cutting it at ground level. This process stimulates the asparagus to generate new growth and you have more asparagus.


Another particular vegetable Paul often recommends is the Zucchini, to be more clear, the stripe zucchini from Italy and on that matter anything from Italy he is a big fan for. I believe the Zucchini Striato d’Italia has nice vertical stripes and tastes good too, as I have grown it for 2 years now.

I found a company called Seeds from Italy that carry just that seeds from Italy.

How Does Paul Gautschi Deal With Moles?

Paul believes his land is private property and moles are not welcomed. In fact, he says, they are trespassing. Paul requires order and neatness in his garden and moles disturb this balance so he takes care of them by using mole traps. The trap he recommends is the Victor 0631 Out O’Sight Mole Trap. This can be found on Amazon.

black victor mole trap

If I have left something out that you think I should have posted here please let me know and I will add it to this page. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Paul Gautschi Recommended Plants, Seeds, & Pruning Tools”

  1. Hello Dan! Great article! This right here is really informative! You cannot imagine how glad I am to see this!  I would love to check this out more! Maybe someday I could give planting a try tho. Your exuberance is refreshing, I feel the best way to repay you is share this article!

  2. Heya Dan!

    Thanks for the article! Paul really knows his stuff, it seems. That curved pruning saw was everything, not gonna lie bro. 
    I also really dig how he grew that apple tree! It reminds me almost like something you’d see in a movie its crazy to think some people can just know how to work with plants and soil in such a way as to make it art. Anyways, good luck great blog!

    • Thanks! Paul does know his stuff and the proof is the harvest of his orchard and gardens. It can take a lifetime of learning, practicing, and listening to become in step with nature. This seems odd, as we should be in step with the natural processes but aren’t for some reason.

  3. Hi Dan,

    I like your post about the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I run a website similar about herbs, plants and flower extracts that are new but I sure loved reading your post about other avenues people can take to find a healthier life overall. My father is the Greenfingers in my household so do understand a lot of your teachings. I used to ask him about some things lol. Thanks for sharing, Great Post!.

    In Frindship


    • Thanks for the comment Jonah. The specificness of plants and tools of an older gardener comes from many years of hard work as well as wisdom. Get way to bypass years of hard work. 

  4. Yeah, I think that’s so incredibly important if you want to achieve anything. Meaning, this idea that we learn from others to bypass years and even decades of learning. Which is why personally I’m so big on books and mentors (in person or otherwise). To which end, Paul Gautschi does feel like a worthwhile one. And so, I think I’ll kind of have to follow in your footsteps of watching hours upon hours of free YouTube content.

    As for those tools of his, I bet he knows what his doing. And since I don’t yet feel that I do, I’ll probably get a pair of those and just roll with it. As for the Olympia Blueberry, I’ll have to write that down. Same applies to Honeycrisp, Akane, and Liberty.

    Thank you, and cheers.

    • Everything can be our teacher. Couldn’t agree more about having a mentor. I have personally purchased 3 Olympia Blueberry plants and each of the mentioned apple trees for my own yard. Can’t wait for the harvest from them. 

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