How To Remove Negative Karma From Your Life

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A Hesitant Step Into…

This is one of my first pages on improving spiritually, while I am not comfortable talking to friends or family about spirituality, I believe for a couple of reasons I need to share valuable insights and truths to hopefully help even one person evolve.

My little part, if you will.

I am not a person to preach in public and I am severely selectively guarded in this, as I only talk to two cherished people in my life about spirituality. But this webpage is a passive voice, as anybody can just click off to another page if they choose to do so. I don’t believe in telling people what to think unless specifically asked.

Nobody likes an ear beating over the usual suspects, politics, and religion.

I am really uncomfortable even writing this, but wish to share it for the benefit of all life.

I also would like to state these are not my ideas but are lessons I have learned and continue to learn. By reading, by watching, and by experience. Often times learning over many years, these lessons you do not learn overnight.

If just one person finds benefits, that is a success and totally worth it.


One of the hardest things in life to do is to forgive.

We can make a million reasons why we shouldn’t forgive someone, instead of just forgiving them.


Try forgiving that jerk that just cut you off on the highway at the moment. So hard!!

But not forgiving someone locks us in the past. Thereby not living in the present, as we should strive to live in the present because that is truly living one’s life. You cannot live your life in the past. It also locks us in a negative mind frame and keeps us there behind our self-imposed prison.

Truth be told, I was often plagued with surrounding negative thoughts before implementing forgiveness. A shroud of negativity that was continuous. Make no mistake, I still struggle, but less often as I used to, as I learn and push myself to be a better human. To progress spiritually is the ultimate goal after all.

Often times it is easier to forgive someone once they have apologized. Forgiveness can be given more easily when this happens. But oftentimes, or for whatever reason, the person is no longer alive, or you have lost contact, or they don’t even know that they have hurt you, or just an unwillingness to apologize. We can counter-step this and offer forgiveness anyway. This is a beautiful step towards a better life.

Keep in mind you shouldn’t have to hear an apology to forgive.

Forgiving Others

My biggest tip for forgiving someone even if you are not fully ready for forgiveness but want to move forward and start to release some of the pain is to just say it out loud or even in your own head silently.

I find saying it out loud more helpful, for me personally.

Example: Ray Smith, I forgive you.

Sounds simple, right?

But make no mistake about it, it can be the hardest thing to do. We attach hurt to be of major importance to our life. Sometimes forgiveness is a major roadblock in the path of life.

Say the person’s name or whatever has hurt you out loud and attach I forgive you. Try to put truth behind it. Repeat as necessary. Until the feelings subside and re-address when it reappears because often times it will. But you can often time release it in batches until complete forgiveness is giving and you feel fine about the situation.

Make steps if you can not forgive, just entertain the idea. If you can’t tackle the large hurt start with lesser damage and build up from there. Progress eventually to the most painful.

I find sometimes I need to say it once or often many times depending on the amount of hurt attached. You don’t even have to say it to the person, just saying it when your alone will release all or some of the negative feelings associated with this person. Weight will be lifted off of your soul.

When do I need to say this? When I feel myself thinking negatively about this person and re-hashing past hurt.

You will often need to relearn this. That is okay, but continue to offer forgiveness with intention.

Forgiving Yourself

Just as important as forgiving someone else, is forgiving yourself!

For mistakes, for embarrassing yourself, for hurting others, or for whatever haunts you and brings anything self-deprecating into your life.

For me personally, I often think of embarrassing moments in my life and punish myself for these actions by thinking less of myself. I find myself scolding myself over incidents that happen 30 years ago.

So either say out loud or within your own head. I forgive myself. Repeat as necessary. Don’t forget the intent behind it.

What Does Forgiving Yourself Or Someone Else Do To You?

Well, quite a lot.

As the name of the post suggests, removing negative karma from your life. Leaving you to progress spiritually, to gain wisdom, and to love more. These benefits far outweigh anything physical you could possess in life.

As in a book I am reading and learning from currently, The Law Of One which states, ” In Forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma.” Instead of going backward or stagnant, you move forward spiritually.

This allows you to bring a richness of life, which includes happiness, worth, abundance, and more smiles.

Hope This Helps Someone

I offer simple but often very hard to do solutions that work. They do become easier with time but make no mistake you will slip back and you will need to re-learn these lessons.

Strive for mastery of forgiveness, because when you get better at forgiveness, life will test you on it in ways in which you haven’t seen yet.

I’ve implemented these practices in myself to help myself but also to help others around me. Service to others is a new goal of mine as well.

If you are also looking for another way to raise your vibrations, eat healthier and find solace, I highly recommend you check out my article on starting a garden Why You Need A Garden – Doesn’t Matter How Small.

Would love to hear from you if you have some valuable insight or thoughts pertaining to forgiveness or moving forward. Please leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “How To Remove Negative Karma From Your Life”

  1. That’s really admirable of you to be insecure about sharing something but regardless of that still posting it for the whole world to see. I completely agree with you regarding one of the mentioned statements of forgiving being a hard thing to accomplish; it truly is regardless of the circumstances. Forgiveness can take a lot of time to properly uncover and come to terms with the hurt we feel. Often times, we convince ourselves that we have forgiven a certain person or a specific situation just for the sake of tricking our minds that we’ve moved on when in reality it is not true. Great points you have shared here so thank you for this. 

    • I think you nailed a lot of information on the head regarding forgiveness. Especially your comment about how our minds trick us…so true. Being honest with yourself is often a lot harder than most people think. 

      Thank you for the wonderful comment.

  2. I am very happy that you wrote this article How To Remove Negative Karma From Your Life and shared this important topic of forgiveness with us. Forgiveness is the fastest way to balance karma.
    I’m in a similar situation, I can’t talk about spirituality with a lot of people, so I also share my thoughts online.
    It is important that you grow, each of us is on his way exactly where he needs to be. And it is wonderful to share your thoughts and experiences with us from your spiritual point of view.
    I wish you much success,

    • Hey Nina, 

      It does so much for your life once you start forgiving. Yeah, I don’t have a lot of people to talk to either but I think we all need to do what we can help to help others. Service to others, as I call it. Whether it’s talking to friends and family or writing on social media or writing an article on your own website. It all helps, in the long run.

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