The Best Way To Prevent Morning Breath – That I Have Found

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A lot of us wake up in the morning to find a god awful taste in our mouth, it smells like something died in your mouth while you slept. On the contrary, just the opposite happens, as millions of colonies of bacteria have been growing inside your mouth. Multiplying and taking root in your mouth, perfecting happily taking resident inside your mouth all the while when you sleep.

Terrible right?

You know what I am talking about? Well, most of have experienced this daily or occasionally, where you could peel the paint on the wall by breathing on it.

What if I told you there was an effective way to avoid this unpleasantry.


I mean completely wake up with no bad taste on your mouth or bad breath.

Instead of dealing with the aftermath, you just prevent it from happening in the first place.

Prevention is the key…not dealing with the aftermath of it.

You know the standard routine, essentially the basic cleanup of your mouth after sleeping, like brushing your teeth, mouthwash, tongue scraping, and flossing. These daily routines should still need to be performed to ensure good oral hygiene but you can wake up feeling like your mouth is clean and fresh.

I found a solution that worked every time as long as I followed the routine before bed.

My Experience

For whatever reason, I started to experience horrible morning breath about 10 years ago. I think the cause of it was I started to mouth breath when I was sleeping, this is totally uncontrollable and despite using a specific chin strap for use at night to help keep my mouth closed I couldn’t sleep with it on. Around this time my wife complained of excessive snoring from me. I would wake up with an almost completely dry mouth and horrible breath.

I believe getting a horrible cold initially started my odoriferous path to morning breath. As I had a cold that lasted a few months and I couldn’t breathe out of my nose at all, despite trying everything to clear it. This I think led me to sleep with my mouth open.

This I think carried over to my relationship with my wife and co-workers. As people stayed further back from me when I talked to them. This can really affect your self-confidence negatively. So, once I noticed I problem I searched for an answer…

Why We Get Morning Breath

This happens for several reasons

Reasons To Prevent Dragon Breath In The Morning

  • Intimacy with your spouse, partner.
  • Better health. Lots of studies showing having good oral hygiene prolongs your life considerably.
  • Increase in self-confidence.

What Didn’t Work For Me On Getting Rid Of Morning Breath

  • Netti Pot
  • Chin Strap – to hold the mouth closed at night when sleeping.
  • Regular brushing my teeth before bed.
  • Tongue scraping before bed.
  • Mouthwash before bed.
  • Flossing before bed.
  • Drinking lots of water before bed.

Okay…This Is What Worked For Me

I think this will work for you too!

It comes as no surprise this comes the TheraBreath company. As the founder of the company is Dr. Harold Katz, a man who has spent over 20 years researching oral care.

The product that prevents morning breath 100%…

AktivOxigen Serum

This is only sold online and you will not find it in any store. You can find it either at their website or Amazon.

This stuff works, simply just use it before bed and you will wake up with crystal clean breath. Just follow the directions and mix either water or orange juice or pineapple juice and swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds then gargle for around 5 seconds. Then rinse your mouth with water for 10 seconds and spit.

You will get about 60 uses from this 1 oz bottle. So it does last a while.

I don’t know the science behind this, all I know is it works!

Give it a try and see for yourself.

I would also recommend eating well with plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits. Check out my page on Why You Need A Garden Doesn’t Matter How Small.

Have you used AktivOxigen or have a question or comment? Please feel free to leave it below.  All comments welcomed.

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