Anonabox Pro WiFi Tor & VPN Router Review

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Do You Have Any Online Privacy?

Your online privacy is constantly under attack, whether you care or not, information about yourself is out there for someone to see. Whether it be from websites, governments, businesses, or hackers looking to attain information about your person for monetary gain or just for collecting information about your habits.

Even if you are not involved in hacking, cracking, exploring the Dark Web, torrenting, or maybe live in a repressive government country you still have the right to privacy. Slowly and steadily your privacy is diminishing. True fact! Even if you are not doing anything illegal, people want your personal information.

Full disclosure here, I have very little experience in using Tor or a VPN router. I don’t want to access the Dark Web, but what does interest me is increasing my privacy. This is a little out of my wheelhouse, but I like to explore new avenues to gain experience. So, bear with me, as I am not an expert or even play one on TV.

Enter The Anonabox Pro

The Anonabox Pro is a portable WiFi-enabled VPN and Tor router.   Allowing you to use both services or just one of the two to increase privacy and security while online. This in turn allows you to combine the anonymity and encryption altogether or even separately if you choose. All with little effort.

The Anonabox Pro is the top of their line router that Anonabox offers for sale. This has the most features for the greatest amount of security. They offer a total of four routers on their website, Original, Fawkes, Tunneler, and the Pro.

This is a little pillbox sized device that allows for a deeper sense of privacy for all your devices, smartphones, computers, laptops, as well as streaming devices.

It is powered via a USB cord and has three other options for plugging in devices.

  1. WAN
  2. LAN
  3. USB (for file sharing)

What Can You Do With This Device?

So what can you all do with this Anonabox Pro? With this device, you can

  • Deter Hackers
  • WiFi Extender
  • Deter Big Data Collection
  • Stop Remarketing Ads
  • Use Anonymous WiFi through Tor.
  • Bypass Censorship
  • Anonymous WiFi through VPN
  • Keep your locations secret.
  • Have better online browsing private.
  • Onion hosting.
  • Access the Deep Web.

Features of The Anonabox Pro

  • 650 Mhz CPU/Chipset
  • 128MB Ram /64MB Flash
  • Embedded Tor Client
  • HMA VPN Integration
  • Web server (.onion hosting)
  • WiFi Uplink & Range Extender (up to 300 feet)
  • USB Filesharing
  • Admin Interface

Pros & Cons


  • A simply Plug & Play Tor embedded router solution, as well as a VPN embedded, so you don’t have to worry about configuring or downloading anything to gain almost instant access. Which I assume would be more difficult for the average person (including myself).
  • Pretty simple to get up and running.
  • Works with WiFi or Ethernet or any combination of the two.
  • A very small device that can be easily traveled with.
  • Extremely lightweight, as it weighs next to nothing, like an empty pillbox.
  • Access 1 month of VyprVPN for free as a card is included with your Anonabox Pro with an access code.
  • A nice instruction booklet is included for hopefully a trouble-free installation. Which is well also written and is illustrated.
  • USB power cable. This is important, as you can plug this into a router, computer, laptop, or a travel charger making it ultra-portable and lightweight with no heavy power chord to lug around.
  • Easy setup.
  • This can be shipped internationally, excluding China, Hong Kong, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Huh! Not really a surprise there. But it was assembled in China, which is weird, right? Since this is the country of origin for this product.
  • The ability to change your password and SSID to whatever you want with the Anonabox Pro, as the original Anonabox came with a hardcoded 24 character password that could not be changed.
  • I appreciate the little green light on this unit, as when you plug it into a power source it lights up. Thus letting you know it is working.
  • With each purchase of the Pro, you can get a choice between HideMyAss or VyprVPN each with a 30 day trial period free. I would choose the VyprVPN, as I have heard bad reviews of HMA.
  • A lot of options for support if you get stuck. Open a support ticket at their website, FAQ, email, web pages help, Anonabox WiKi page, and a Contact Us page located on their website.


  • The small print on the instruction booklet (not the main writing) but the examples shown, some are really hard to read. Thankfully, at their website, you can download the manual and zoom in on it, to better read it.
  • Anonabox’s administration menu is not for the inexperienced. This isn’t a big deal as you don’t really need to know this to use the basic function of this router.
  • Requires an Ethernet cable (not provided) when traveling.
  • Expect to see the internet and online speed reduced,  as the Tor network is slower than what you are probably used to. This is normal, as the security methods take time to redirect traffic.
  • Not to be used with gaming, as there is too much latency.
  • No information about using the USB filing sharing feature.

Promo Code

For my readers, you can save a pretty substantial amount by using my provided promo code for the Anonabox Pro.

How much?

Try $30.00 off.

To use the promo code simply enter: SABUSAN at checkout at Anonabox Website.

In The End Are You Safe?

As stated above I am not a network security expert but from researching this device and its services. I have concluded nothing is foolproof. With enough resources from a given country or a person, almost anything is trackable and traced.

That being said, this provides a definite step up in a level of security, that wouldn’t be as easy as configuring the hardware and software all by yourself. That is where this device really shines. The ease of use, as opposed to having to enter all the information and setting up all the equipment yourself. Also where I find the most benefit is protecting your mobile devices when connecting to an open public wireless access point, ie a coffee shop or a hotel that provides WiFi connections. As this is a real vulnerability to you from hackers.

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