Best Hair Pomade For Women

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Pomade for women? Really? Yep!

You betcha…Pomade is often wrongly associated with being strictly for men. You know what I mean, old-school barbershops, 50’s greasers, and the shining varnished pompadours often first come to mind. Pomade is often misunderstood by both sexes.

Not the case at all, after all, hair is hair, right? Pomades come in all different finishes, from matte to high shine (see below Types Of Pomades) as well as different holds, from light hold to firm hold. If it works on a man’s hair it should also work on a woman’s hair just the same. I hope to share information about the best hair pomade for women, as well as run through the different pomades available.

The pomade market has been just booming over the last couple of years, with many people happily switching over to pomade and even the number of individuals/companies that create their own homemade pomades. Granted most of these are geared toward men, but that soon to change.

Why Should I Try A Pomade?

First off…pomades soften hair, unlike gels and hairspray, which make hair crisp, crunchy, and unmoving. I mean come on, who doesn’t want soft hair? I have personally found a pomade that really softens my hair like no other product I’ve tried and I have suffered from dry hair most of my life. My hair feels so soft after using it, I often think damn…is this my hair.

Scents! Scents! Scents! Is the second reason to try pomades. As most of the pomades have added fragrances. Some manly, some unisex and some specifically for females. I have rarely found a pomade with a bad smell, especially in the world of niche pomades. It’s another way to bring your hair game up a nacho. Gels and hairspray smell like well…gel and hairspray. While pomades can smell like trees, herbs, fruits, berries, flowers, and many other great smells.

Heck, I think half the allure of pomades is finding a scent that really resonates with you and builds your confidence all the while giving you the hold you want.

An important note here: some pomades can be ordered with no scent if you happen to not like any of the scents they have available. This is a nice way of getting around the fact that most scents have a manly smell. Although some are specifically designed for women, it’s just rarer but there out there.

Hold is the third reason, provide varying types of holds, from light, medium, firm, to heavy hold. This gives tremendous versatility while styling your hair. We all have different hair types and the different holds of pomades cater to this fact.

Texture is lastly the reason why you should be using a pomade. Regardless of your length of hair pomade can add texture to add curls or help define waves. It can even be used to tame flyaway hairs or slick backs. The options are almost limitless to add to your hair game. Pomades add a lot of texturing and styling options that gel and hairspray don’t offer.

Types Of Pomades

I will give a general overview of the different types of pomades out there. Please keep in mind when purchasing any pomades, each different brewer has a different hold as well as different shine. So some experimentation is needed to find that perfect pomade that you just love and works with your specific hair.

Oil Based Pomades – They original pomades with a lot of shine with varying degrees of hold. These generally allow for restyling if needed.

Orthodox Water Based /Gel Pomades – These types of pomades are kinda outdated. Not allowing for restyling. Having that gel-like feel to them. I’m not a fan of these.

Fiber Pomades – These are slightly like Orthodox Water Based/Gel pomades that were slightly less hardening but gave a good hold. Not very popular.

Unorthodox Water Based Pomades – Just as the name implies, these are made out of the water instead of oil. This is the newer exciting product in the world of pomades, as it performs better than oil based pomades. These wash out in the shower easily and allow for restyling throughout the day if needed. Making hair soft and manageable while giving good control without the greasy feel.

Clay Pomades – Clays give you a more matte finish (no shine). All the while giving you great hold and texture. I love clay pomades, they give you the look like you don’t have product in your hair.

List Of Pomades For Women

I’ve personally found that niche pomades work better than the typical pomades you can find in the local superstore. The superstore pomades just don’t work as well and don’t meet my scent standards. A good place to look for niche pomades is Etsy.

Tell me what you use for pomade. Would love to hear feedback if you have any recommendation for women pomade!

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