Kinobody Hacking Series Review – Gain Impressive Strength & Transform Your Body

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How To Boost Problem Areas

Is your upper chest not growing? Are your shoulder muscles not growing? Does your back need work?

Or are you struggling with incline bench press, pull-ups, or the overhead press?

Even if you are struggling with one of these areas or all of these areas.

Thankfully, there is a legitimate and proven solution to get these problems areas whipped into shape.

This is where Greg O’Gallagher Kinobody Hacking Series enters the picture. In my review of Kinobody Hacking Series review, I hope to cover what one can achieve following this bundled program and to see if it will work for you.

Greg is the creator and founder of the revolutionary Kinobody company. Kinobody focuses on helping men and women achieve the physique that they desire. Also, these are Greg’s specialty lifts, usually daily showing his impressive strength for his bodyweight on Instagram.

As Greg is known for both advocating these exercise that often gets overlooked but will really transform your body. That’s the important thing to remember here, not only will they transform your body but get you incredibly strong.

Shhh…The Secret

What’s the secret to building an amazing body?

Strength, my friend, strength!

You need strength to build muscle, without strength you’re missing an important needed ingredient. Building strength is like wielding a double-edged sword, obviously achieving strength that is always handy but also sculpting the body in impressive proportions.

Let’s face it, most of us struggle with adding muscle and strength to certain body parts. Body parts that normally get overlooked even by active weightlifters. Most lifters focus mainly on the old standards, you know like bench, squats, and bicep curls.

The problem with this approach is a lackluster look, yeah it looks okay, but to really get that pop you need to focus on areas that often get overlooked.

What Comes With Kinobody Hacking Series?

With the purchase of this program you get digital access to these three programs:

  1. Hacking The Incline Bench Press
  2. Hacking The Pull-Up
  3. Hacking The Standing Press

Incline Bench Press

This is Greg’s top pick for one exercise in which to build an incredible body! Take notice here.

The incline bench press will help grow your upper chest like nothing else. Thus, giving you a more masculine appearance and athletic look. We all seen guys that just focus on flat bench pressing and totally neglect their upper chest. They usually have a disproportionate look to their chest. Plus it’s not all that flattering as compared to a fulling developed both upper and lower chest.

What can you expect from Hacking The Incline Bench Press?

How does adding 60 lbs to your incline bench in as little as four months sound? All the while giving yourself a more appealing appearance.

Pull Ups

Mastering this powerful exercise will widen your shoulders and allow you to a have that classic V-tapered back with Greg’s tips and hacks.

What can you anticipate from following the Hacking The Pull-Up?

Following the plan will allow you to build an attractive V-shaped back, while strength wise, allowing you to do 100 lbs for six reps.

This is a systematic approach to building your strength as well as physique, from doing standard bodyweight pull-ups to eventually weighted chin ups of 100 lbs or more. Greg is routinely showing his skill at doing weighted pull-ups of 135 lbs for reps of 4 or 5. How’s that for strong? Who better to learn from?

Overhead Press

Greg spins the general conception of overhead pressing, you guessed it, on its head.

What goals does Hacking The Standing Press claim?

To efficiently get you adding 60 pounds to your standing press in four months.

What I Like About The Hacking Series

  • A simple systematic approach to achieving your goals. Both strength and having an attractive physique.
  • The plans are all laid out for you to progressively set to a goal. Whether it’s a bumping your weight lifted to improving how you look. It’s clearly defined.
  • The use of micro-loading, sometimes jumping 5 lbs is just too much. These programs use micro loading to effectively achieve progress.
  • You will be building strength, which translates to hard dense muscle. Which is more aesthetically appealing.
  • Short easy to understand and follow. Nothing complicated here!
  • Really enjoy the Hacking The Overhead Press program, as I was unfamiliar with standing overhead pressing. As I enjoy the standing overhead pressing over seated overhead pressing.
  • Standing overhead pressing is less injury conducive to seated overhead pressing. Anything to avoid injury is always a positive.
  • Functional strength is incorporated into many of these movements, but none more than the standing overhead pressing exercise. Engaging more muscles than the standard generic seated pressing.
  • On the various social media sites, Greg routinely posts his videos of him performing these exercises with impressive weights. So, he is not just preaching and selling. He is leading by example.
  • A guide to recovery and proper warming up.

What I Don’t Like About The Hacking Series

  • You might have to purchase a quality dipping belt that needs to hold 100 lbs. Not a big deal, luckily Greg sell a really nice one on his Kinobody site.
  • If you’re overweight you might have to drop some excess body fat before starting the Pull Up program. As the excess weight might make it extremely hard to progress through the program. If this is your case, Greg recommends you follow the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program to shed the weight beforehand. I have purchased this program and followed it and it’s pretty remarkable. You can read my full in-depth review here, Is Kinobody A Scam?
  • I don’t believe these different Hacking Series are meant to be followed all at the same time. As he states at the beginning of two of the series, these need to be the first exercise done and to be completely fresh. While this isn’t a real negative, it’s just a more focused approach to achieving your goals.
  • Not much information is provided on the website about this program.


Greg always delivers revolutionary programs, and these three bundled hacking series is inline with this.

To be crystal clear, this a more focused approach to individual lifting exercises. But guaranteed to deliver results!

The results will happen if you follow the program, as many people have posted their success with any of the Kinobody programs.

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