What To Pack In A Dopp Kit

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Preparedness Is Your Friend…

Especially when traveling. This is why having a well-stocked Dopp bag just lying in wait for any occasion, like a short overnight stay to a long extended business trip overseas, or for anything in between. Having a travel bag pack with your essential toiletries already packed will leave you feeling more confident and secure.

It’s important to feel good and confident when tossing your Dopp kit into your luggage. A sense of relief from quality products, as well as the items preparedness for that just in case scenario. In this post, I will outline what to pack in a Dopp kit, with essentials to help you get ideas for yourself.

Add Your Own Personality & Preferences 

We can all go down to the local mass superstore or drugstore and purchase items and just throw them. But we would get subpar performance. Right?

This is for men that won’t settle for standard ordinary drugstore toiletry items. But if you like having a standard filled Dopp kit you can use the list for ideas to help you stock your Dopp kit as well. Because we all know in the end, you get what you pay for.

I hope to first list items to help build your Dopp kit arsenal and also offer recommendations on items that most important work and are reliable, while not taking up a lot of space after all space is a premium when traveling.

Feel free to alter the list with your own personal preference when needed, like the toothpaste you like using, for example. You can run through the list for ideas to help build your Dopp kit arsenal.

To pack a Dopp kit perfect for ourselves, we must add items we use and need. This is going to be different than anybody else, as we are individuals all with our own sometimes weird personal traits and preferences.

Keeping in mind, the items you use on a daily basis is what you should have packed in your Dopp kit, but should be a more compact version of that item when it is applicable.

The Essentials Of A Dopp Kit

  • Toothbrush – This is at the top of every list because nobody likes bad breath. I really like Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Silver Folding Travel Toothbrush. Folds to be smaller and a is anti-microbial as well.
  • Toothpaste – I have high standards for toothpaste and this toothpaste hits all the marks. No Fluoride, paraben free, gluten free, and it’s made in Italy. Marvis toothpaste has many flavors as well but most importantly travel size toothpaste. Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste Travel Size is one of my favorites.
  • Tongue Scraper – Most people know most of the bad breath comes from the tongue, so a tongue scraper is mandatory. I really like 100% Copper Tongue Cleaner Scraper from CopperLife, it’s a different take but it works amazingly and disinfects itself. Plus it’s lightweight and easily fits in a Dopp kit.
  • Floss – Any small floss will do.
  • Comb and/or Brush – I’m very picky about my combs and brush, well because I want something that makes combing my hair easier. My go-to is a brush over using a comb, the brush I really love is  Conair Wood Club Brush With Mixed Boar Bristles. Did I mention it’s cheap too? This bristle is pretty hard (fyi, but I prefer it) but find it styles my hair the way I want to while giving my scalp a nice rub. An important note here, this is for thicker hair. As far as combs go I really like Baxter of California Large Comb. Quality made designed to comb any style of hair.

  • Hair Styling Product (pomades, clays gels, hair spray, etc.) – I really enjoy using any of the Lockhart’s Authentic Pomades or Clay products. You can read my full review of them here, Lockhart’s Authentic Review. The Matte Clay and Goon Grease are my favorites with amazing scents and holds.
  • Deodorant or Antiperspirant – I shun away from using antiperspirants, as I don’t like the metals and chemicals used in them.
  • Safety Razor Viking Blade The Godfather Safety Razor has won my heart, it’s built to last a lifetime and is suited for beginners, but can be outfitted with Feather blades for experienced users for a closer shave. Feels great in the hand!

  • Razor Blades – 100 Feather Razor Blades New Hi-Stainless Double Edge come in 10 counts with 10 packs. Making it easy to throw in a Dopp kit. One packet is more than enough and should do for most extended trips.
  • Shaving Cream or Shave Oil – Dollar Shave Club Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter is what I use and this stuff is great.
  • After Shave
  • Mouthwash – I buy any mouthwash that doesn’t have fluoride added and help save my pineal gland from calcification.
  • Nail Clippers – To look your best, your nails should be trimmed.
  • Scissors
  • Travel size soap or body wash of your favorite brand.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner (travel size or small travel bottles) – I’m not going to wash my hair with a travel size bottle of Prell. NOPE!!! Buy this Tidy Space Products Air Travel Bottles Leak Proof and just put in your favorite shampoo and conditioner. My favorite shampoo is OGX Shampoo & Conditioner Tea Tree Mint in a 13-ounce bottle. This shit smell fantastic.
  • Wet Wipes (baby wipes, dude wipes, man wipes) – I tend to go with Dude Wipes they are bigger and made for men, plus they come in a travel size. Maybe bring more depending on your travel, as some countries use different methods.
  • Q-Tips – Buy a travel size to keep them clean or put in a clear plastic sandwich bag or snack bag.
  • Condoms – I’ll leave this up to you, big guy.
  • Phone Charger – Pack an extra phone charger in your Dopp kit. This will save you money from buying an expensive airport phone charger if you happen to forget yours. Better to have two than one, as sometimes these things break.
  • 1 Quart Resealable Clear Bag
  • Medication – Any prescription medications you might be taking, in their original prescription bottle.
  • Imodium AD or Pepto Bismol – For those just in case moments. These should be travel size as well.
  • Ear Plugs – On never knows how noisy the hotel quest next door is going to be or any other noises. Earplugs will help drown out the noise so you can get those all-important ZZZZs.
  • $20 Bill – Put in your drop kit and only use in an emergency. Could be a real lifesaver.
  • Aspirin/Tylenol/Advil – For aches and pains, as well as headaches.
  • Breath Mints – Any of your personal liking. I like Altoids mints, you can find the real small metal cases ones, as they are small and potent. Guaranteeing fresh breath, while taking up little room.

Possible Luxuries Items For A Dopp Kit

  • Cologne – Every man needs a signature fragrance to smell his best and too impress. So, whether you’re traveling or just staying home, you need a cologne that will up your confidence and please people. For traveling I highly recommend joining either Scentbird or Scentbox, you can read my full in-depth review of Scentbird here, Is Scentbird Worth It? Both of these companies are a subscription-based perfume and cologne business, where you pay around $15.00 a month and they send you a 30 day supply of perfume or cologne in a handy stylish re-usable carry case that sprays. They both have over 500 fragrances to choose from. Thus building your scent wardrobe. These are optimal for traveling with, as they take up far less space than a conventional fragrance bottle. If you want to fill your own portable Cologne into a small atomizer Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizer is a nice option.
  • Men’s Manicure Kit – A forego just buying nail clippers because I work in a stainless steel factory and my fingernails get plenty dirty, like grease and oil under my fingernails. To combat this, I use a manicure set to effectively clean under my nails. I bought the GERmanikure 7pc FINOX stainless steel manicure set in grey leather case and I am super happy with it. If you work with your hands, you need this. I have recently written an article on that highlights seven of the best quality manicure kits available, What Is The Best Manicure Kit For Men.

  • Sunscreen – Depending on where you are traveling and what time of year this could be invaluable.
  • Hand Lotion
  • Chapstick
  • A Sewing Kit – For the occasional sewing on of buttons and such.
  • Sleeping Pills
  • Band-Aids
  • Styptic Pencil
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tide To-Go Stain Remover Pen
  • Safety Pins
  • Small Lint Roller
  • Extra Pair of Contact Lenses
  • Mini LED Flashlight
  • Lightweight Small Pocketknife
  • Mini Bottle Of Favorite Hard Liquor – For this guy…any good quality bourbon will do for me, great for taking the edge of a bad trip.

I’ve really enjoyed purchasing a Dopp kit and using it. I have found it remarkably satisfying and practical, as it sure keeps things organized and ready on a moments notice.

Now go out and travel somewhere.

If you notice anything I missed leave a comment below.

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If you have any recommendation I would absolutely love to hear what you pack in your Dopp kit.




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