Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss PDF – Worth Buying?

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I going to show you in this review, why this program is…Yes, very worthy of you buying. The Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss PDF, I will be explaining how the program works and outline the basic information to help you get a general overall feel for how amazing this program works at losing fat.

Regardless of all the other programs or diets, you may have tried in the past. As you will see astounding results if you follow the program. All the while making it easier than all those other programs or fad diets out there. Yep…no bullshit.

To start right off the bat, most of the general information you hear about losing fat is wrong. This is where the different programs and diets are leading you astray by giving you bad information.

From the government to your buddy Billy. Most of that misleading information is perpetuated from person to another via word of mouth or pumped out via the overwhelming media. Like for example, you should never skip breakfast.

Yeppers, it hogwash!

Breakfast should be skipped as it will make dieting easier, just for one example. More on this later, as this is one of the biggest keys to losing weight and keeping it off.

I too fell into this trap too, just as many other millions have so don’t feel bad. Thankfully, this is where general misconceptions and exercise programs about fat loss diverge from Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss. A clear crossroad is present. Should I take the well-worn path or the less traveled path?



Well, if you’re asking me, follow the less travel and continue reading to explore a method that will definitely shed excess fat and a system to keep it off long-term.

Shed the falseness and shed the pounds. It’s the only real way.

Did I mention you’ll be dropping weight fast as well? As this program will start working immediately.

What Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Won’t Do

So many of the diet and exercise programs out there have negative after effects. They just get it all wrong. Making it harder than it should be.

Dieting, as we all know can be torturous.

You know what I’m talking about here. The negatives of losing weight with most modern weight loss plans. Following Kinobody’s AFL will not have any of the common negative attributes that are commonly associated with weight loss programs.

  • Past the first day or two, you won’t be constantly feeling hungry. Your body will quickly adapt to intermittent fasting in the morning.
  • With the feeling that constant hunger, most people get moody with standard aggressive diets. Not here!
  • You don’t have to become married to a cardio machine. You’ll actually be spending less time working out to allow recovery.
  • Mentally and physically drained. This system promotes your body’s natural hormone levels, thus keeping you feeling energetic and sharp.

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?

While everyone is different in their makeup and body type. Greg’s Aggressive Fat Loss Program will be having you losing 1.5 to 2 lbs a week. Maybe even more than that in the first week.

Greg O’Gallagher founder and creator of Kinobody.

But this is sustainable and will have you losing 6 to 8 pounds in a month. This is month after month as you’ll be more easy to stay on the diet while losing weight. This is huge!

You might have seen bigger claims about weight loss but these are a crash diet, which will leave you feeling worse and lethargic. Worst of all you’ll gain the weight back after the diet but not with this as the diet program here is totally sustainable and almost effortless.



All of Kinobody Programs Available

To help give you an idea of what Kinobody is all about, I will list the available programs offered at Kinobody.

If you are unsure what program is the best for you take this short simple quiz.



How Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Works

As promised above, I would expound on why skipping breakfast is so important.

Skipping breakfast is also called intermittent fasting. Having a long time preferably in the morning when you don’t eat. This is usually around 16 hours, but don’t be afraid of this! This is our friend and will help us avoid many of the negatives of dieting and exercise, all the while providing us with results.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you can do a fast for that long, as Greg gives many tips on how to extend your fast to make it even easier.

These tips really work!



Intermittent Fasting Is Equivalent To A Hammer In A Toolbox

The #1 reason why this Kinobody program works is intermittent fasting. I originally found Greg O Gallagher (founder and creator of all the Kinobody programs) on YouTube, as I was hell of chunky and was tired of it. His ideas just blew me away along with his passion for fitness. I watched quite a few videos of Greg’s and this is when I was first introduced to intermittent fasting.

At first, I thought he was full of shit. But upon further listening to his thoughts and knowledge. My mind opened to allow all the years of diet and exercise propaganda to be washed away.

As Bruce Lee is famously quoted:

In order to taste my cup of water, you must first empty your cup. My friend, drop all of your preconceived and fixed ideas and be neutral. Do you know why this cup is useful? Because it is empty.

This so applies to intermittent fasting. As IF (intermittent fasting) for short, is the game changer. Allowing you to skip breakfast to eat bigger meals later in the day. Once past an initial couple of days, you won’t have any hunger pains during this time. I know from personal experience. Where here in the bizarro world, common accepted wrong information is spewed everywhere, they want you to eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours 5 to six times a day and be totally miserable doing it. This is just plain wrong! It makes dieting hard and hard to sustain over long periods of time, which results in failure.

Intermittent fasting has so many benefits.

Welcome to the glorious world of intermittent fasting, a real true to life game changer.

The second reason why this program is amazing and works is the workout plan. As to lose weight, it is paramount to have some type of progressive weight training involved. As building real strength is what works for transferring your physique. Greg always promotes this kind of exercise.


Because it freaking works!

There is flexibility within the program to fit the needs of many. Everyone has a different lifestyle and different needs, this program allows for that.

The third reason is results! Greg has spent his whole life learning to research and developing his systems. It’s no wonder there are so many people using and losing weight with his many programs.

What All Comes With Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss PDF?

So, you’re probably wondering what you’ll get when you purchase the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss PDF and boy, you get a lot of materials. But don’t worry, it’s all laid out quite nicely and makes for easy reading.

  1. Main Guide – Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 PDF – The Ultimate Strategy For Leaning Down Quickly (33 pages)
  2. Aggressive Fat Loss The Ultimate Strategy For Leaning Down Quickly PDF (17 pages)
  3. Aggressive Cheat Sheet PDF – A cheat sheet to help you stay on task with daily meals. (3 pages)
  4. Aggressive Fat Loss Workout Program PDF – The workout fully explained (11 pages)
  5. 2-Day Meal Plan PDF – Recipes (8 pages)
  6. The AFL Workout Program For Incredible Muscle Tone PDF (11 pages)
  7. The Secret Code To Building A Chiseled Physique PDF (14 pages)
  8. The AFL Drinking Guide PDF (12 pages)
  9. Rapid Fat Loss Audio File (39:15 long)
  10. AFL Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) – To calculate strength and waist standards.
  11. The Science Of Fasting Bonus PDF – (20 pages)
  12. Hypnosis Bonus PDF – (13 pages)
  13. Presence Bonus PDF – (22 pages)
  14. Aggressive Fat Loss Bonus Cheat Sheet PDF – (2 pages)
  15. Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 Private Members Group

Final Verdict

If you struggle with diet and exercise programs in the past?

You have to try this program!!!

While I haven’t followed the program (Aggressive Fat Loss Program), I have followed and still following the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program. Full disclosure here, but I have purchased the AFL program to review and write about. You can read more about my personal experience with the Warrior Shredding Program here, Is Kinobody A Scam?

There is bleed over with the different programs, mainly the intermittent fasting. I have found any of Greg’s program to have detailed useful information (most of the time it’s against the norm) to help accomplish whatever your physical goals might be. There are thousands of people that have lost weight using Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss program posting their pictures and results online.

If you have a lot of excess weight and carry it around in the form of fat and you want to lose the weight in a hurry, all the while having a program to substantially remain on (minimal negative effects of dieting), this is the program to deliver that.

I have found the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss PDF program as thorough and complete as any of the of Kinobody programs. That at the same time is head and shoulders above current fad diets and exercise programs currently being offered.

The biggest advice I can give, buy the program and read the program and then follow the program. Results will ensue.

For $50.00 you can take the guesswork and trial and error out of the mix, which is well worth the money.



Feel free to comment below, as I always welcome them.

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