Dr Squatch Soap Review + Promo Code

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Soap For Men

Dr. Squatch soap is specifically for men, having manly natural smells. No girly smell here, boys!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of acquiring three of Dr. Squatch soaps. The soaps I got are Cedar Citrus, Pine Tar, and Gold Moss Scrub. I had to run to my computer and start typing after using the Dr. Squatch Pine Tar soap in the shower.

Yes, with a towel around me and still dripping wet.


Well…I really enjoy using their soap. I started out using their Pine Tar soap, as I have been exposed to other Pine Tar soaps before in the past and how do I say this…oh, yeah…they didn’t smell the best. They usually smelled like medicine and slightly of pine. Not very appealing to the masses.

So not the case here. The pine scent is toned down and with no medicine smell. I actually wished there was a slightly more pine scent to it. But It still smells good.

As I used this coming home from work. (Yes, I have a full-time job on top of the 4 websites I own and operate) As I had grease and dirt on me from my various stainless steel jobs I perform at my place of employment. The exfoliating materials in the Pine Tar soap easily knocked down the grease on my arms, which normally sometimes doesn’t completely come off with your standard soap. (shhh…I’m referring to Ivory) The exfoliating materials used in the Pine Tar soap is built for men, working men. The Pine Tar Soap has two exfoliating materials oatmeal and sand and these two duos kick butt on any dirt or grease.

I just love it, it is so my after work soap now.

What Scents Do They Have?

The soaps are pretty much squares coming in at the dimensions 2 7/8″ X 3″ X 1″ and weighing in at 5 oz.

  • Pine Tar
  • Gold Moss Scrub
  • Nautical Sage
  • Bay Rum
  • Cedar Citrus
  • Spearmint Basil Scrub
  • Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt
  • Cool Fresh Aloe
  • Deep Sea Goat’s Milk (weird right?)

Having tried only three of their soaps, all of the scents are great. But my favorite is the Gold Moss Scrub soap then Pine Tar and then Cedar Citrus.

Gold Moss is pretty freaking amazing! I will be ordering some more soaps to try their other scents in the future.

What’s In The Soap?

It’s important to note that all the ingredients that go into the Dr. Squatch soaps are natural. No hard to pronounce scientific names here. As each soap has its own unique smell and ingredients.

Here are the ingredients that make the base of the soaps.

  • Saponified Oils (Coconut, Olive, Hemp, Non-GMO Soy)
  • Shea Butter
  • Lye
  • Water

How Much Do The Soaps Cost?

The Squatch soaps are $7.00 per bar of Soap.

You can save some money (15%) by subscribing to the Soapscription service where the soap is delivered to you automatically. It’s really simple, choose how many soaps you want 1, 2, or 3. Thus dropping the price a dollar for every bar of soap with the subscription. $6.00 for 1 $12.00 for 2 and $18.00 for 3.

So, you can save some money ordering the soaps through their subscription but I would always first recommend you try a few before going deep with a subscription.

Promo Code Dr. Squatch

You can save an additional 20% off orders of $20 or More at Dr. Squatch by using the code DSCBRICC20 at checkout.

Simply use this code at checkout to save yourself 20%. Easy.

What I Love About Dr. Squatch Soaps

  • Soap for men that have a natural scent, I think it’s an undeveloped market and I applaud Doctor Squatch for addressing this. I appreciate it.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Handmade soap.
  • The soap rinses very clean.
  • Didn’t dry my skin out.
  • The bar of soap has never slipped out of my hand unto the bottom of the shower.
  • Great scents, just enough subtleness not it to without being overpowering but still there invigorating your sense of smell.
  • Cleans amazingly.
  • Felt like a freaking man-beast stepping out of the shower. Fully Rejuvenated.
  • Love the exfoliators added to the soap (Depending on the soap, as some soaps don’t have it.) Example: oatmeal, sand, and sea salt.
  • They list the bar Size (in ounces), Scent Strength, and Skin Types (what types of skin a particular soap is good for, like for example: good for oily or dry skin), as well as all the ingredients that go into making the soap. Thus giving you a clear enough picture of what you’re getting.
  • A thoughtful company. Why is that you say? Well…coming up with a Travel bag to help you enjoy their soaps while traveling and coming up with the issue of making your soap last longer by designing a Soap Saver. Let’s not forget about the all-natural ingredients for people that want to avoid all the chemicals that the big companies put into their soaps nowadays. I get a real sense of wanting to please their customers.
  • Great customer service, both from my own personal experience as well as many others I have read online. If you have a problem let them know, they will try to help.
  • They also have a subscription service they call ” The Soapscription”. This is great because I don’t always remember to buy things when I run out. Especially if you are a busy person.

Tips On Making The Soap Last Longer

Cut The Bar In Half

A common complaint I see reading the reviews of Dr. Squatch Soaps is that they don’t last. Lasting for about a week and a half as some reports say. I haven’t used it that many times yet at my house, but I will report back here when the soap is gone. So far the Pine Tar soap is holding up quite well on day three.

***Update, it lasts about as stated above about a week and a half.****

Dr. Squatch says their bars of soap last on average for about two weeks. FYI.

Anyways, a secret I have found to making ANY bar of soap last longer is to cut it in half. This should be done with a soap cutter preferably. A simple wire strung between pieces of wood, works great. Sometimes heating the cutting edge is the way to go depending on the soap.

This will extend your soap life greatly, as you lose soap excessively every time it gets wet. When you cut the soap in half you are reducing the amount getting wet and thereby saving yourself money and extending the life of your soap. As most of the soap just melt away down the drain as you shower.

Splitting up the soap will guarantee longer life and with the already wide Dr. Squatch soap. So, you might find it easier to grip as well for your smaller hand friends.

Soap Saver

Dr. Squatch has addressed this issue as well, as selling a soap saver that they claim will extend the life of the soap up to 2x. This shows awareness of the problem of making the soap last longer and Squatch addressing this problem. As they aren’t burying their heads in the ground, they are addressing the problem with possible solutions.

Having all-natural soaps has some drawbacks and maybe soap life is one of the drawbacks. But if it smells this good and works this good and I enjoy using it more…I will sacrifice a little extra money as well as convenience.

Their Soap Saver is simply made from 100% Cedarwood and is slotted and grooved to allow adequate ventilation, which allows the bar of soap to properly dry completely.

Very Happy With My Order From Dr. Squatch

This product exactly delivers what they say. Natural simple soap for men that smell great! My favorite by far and away is the Pine Tar Soap, better smell better performance.

Makes a great gift as well if you’re hard-pressed for ideas on what to give. Because everyone uses soap, at least I think everyone does. But they also have Gift sets that are presented in cedar cigar boxes that are really nice. They also have colognes and a shaving kit.

So, if you’re looking for something different from the same old boring soap and noxious fragrances of shower gels give the Dr. Squatch a try.

I highly recommend the Pine Tar Soap!!! The best working man soap out there, that I have found. Don’t forget to use the promo code DANNAGEL15 for 15% off.

Check Out Dr. Squatch Here

Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.

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40 thoughts on “Dr Squatch Soap Review + Promo Code

    1. Dr. Squatch will definitely bump up your soap game. They smell great and work great for removing work grime. I find having a soap with a pleasant smell will actually help you wake up too and create a more positive mood. It’s the little things in life that make it so interesting.

  1. Hello, I loved your article. I had no idea there was soap made for men. I like the humor and the way it was written. The soap is rather expensive so I like the added soap saver products and tips on how to make it last longer.
    I am going to try to bookmark your website tp come back to it when I want to buy some.

    1. Great to hear that you enjoyed the article. There is also a provided promo code for Dr Squatch to help out too. You have to try out the pine tar soap, as I highly recommend it. 

  2. Great article Dan, and I am glad I stumbled across it. I have the tendency for going “Au natural” and using zero soap (no I’m not stinky..and dont smell of girlie flowers either!).

    The reason being soap in general contains Xenoestrogens which are obviously no good to us guy – or gals either.

    Gonna investigate Dr Squatch further..as chemical free soap is actually pretty interesting and heathier option.

    1. Thanks Derek! 

      Never heard of Xenoestrogens but will have to research it more. From what I understand from there website they do a cold process, which in turn needs no added harsh chemicals or preservatives as compared to commercially available soap.

  3. Awesome stuff, I had no idea!!!! I have used a tar shampoo from a local drug store and it was effective on my dry scalp but it like u say didn’t quite give you a manly odor LOL

    I think I’ll give em a try an like you said bounce the flavors around. Thanks again
    OH yeah, do they make a shampoo or recommend that soap???

    1. Hey Dennis,

      Great soaps, especially the pine tar. Highly recommended from me!!! As well as their other soaps.

      They do make shampoos and conditioners. I haven’t tried it yet but hope to in the near future. Probably, write a review of the Dr. Squatch hair products as well.

      Yeah, it’s great man soap.

  4. Dr Squatch Soap sounds fantastic and I love the products that can be purchased with it e.g the soap holder. I just love good smelling soap! Thanks for the promo code I will be sharing this with my friends on social media. I also enjoyed flicking through your other posts they were of top quality.

  5. I use to have a normal soap bar but it dries my skin till I have some rash every time after bath. The rash does not last long and it goes away after a while. Maybe I am little allergic to it. So Dr Squatch soap has changed that for me. I never had a dry skin ever again. The rash has become my history.

    1. It sounds like you have a mild reaction to your soap. Glad to hear it help with your problems. It’s nice to hear positive user experiences that I have experienced as well.

  6. Hi and thanks for the review of these soaps. I like how Dr. Squatch offers something different to your run of the mill retail products. Can I ask how long are the promo codes live for once we receive them? I think I will give them a trial run!  Thanks Kenny 

  7. I love natural soap products and Dr. Squatch sounds like a winner! Love the name, too. Lol

    This will make a great holiday gift for my son. He loves natural scented personal hygiene products. And, this year we have all agreed to keep our family gifts to simple, less expensive items. We’ll donate more to charities. This soap is a perfect fit for the range of giving we intend.

    Also, thanks for the great tip to make soap last. I had never heard that before, but it makes perfect sense.

    Great review and info! 🙂

    1. Your welcome Stella! Thanks for the nice compliment. 

      I have made the switch to this soap and more natural soaps too. There great and won’t be going back if I can help it. 

      Great gift idea for sure, either stocking stuffers or just a gift on its own.

  8. Hey there! Thanks for sharing this product with me. It sounds like it would be perfect for my hubby after (or even before) a long day of mowing out in the hot sun. He’s been looking for a nice smelling soap that won’t make me break out. I know it’s annoying that he can’t use soaps that he wants to but this will also be good for his skin condition. I’m definitely going to bookmark your page for later. 

    Thanks again! 


    1. Hey. Great soap and great smells. I haven’t heard of anyone breaking out from their soap, I know I haven’t. It’s best to buy one or two soaps before going all in for people with sensitive skin to make sure there is no problem or adverse reaction just to be on the safe side.

  9. I appreciate the review. It confirmed what I thought and thank you for the discount code. I once tried a similar soap and it made me itchy. I love Dr. Squatch’s marketing and everything they stand for, so I’ll give them a try. The ingredients are high quality and actually use real vegetable glycerin. Having no parabens or preservatives is also fantastic!

    1. There marketing is pretty funny and disarming. You need to checkout their videos too! Very entertaining.

      Great products, great ingredients, and a real solid company.

  10. Can it be shipped to the Micronesian Islands, specifically Guam? I think my husband will like it. I have not seen any in the stores here so I assume we can only order online. Am I right?  Your topic is great. Strait to the point and interesting. I never expect it to be fun to read, but you did awesome with your phrases and descriptions of the product. Lively to read and learned alot from it about the product.

    1. Dr. Squatch does offer international shipping and also shipping to Micronesia.

      For ordering products that need to be shipped to Micronesia, simply select the country to United States, then set the Provence/State to “Federated States Of Micronesia”.

      The great news it’s pretty inexpensive through their site, I think around $9.00. The shipping would be free if you ordered the subscription service of the soap, also soapscribe.

      You could also order through Amazon for faster shipping times, but will more than likely cost more.

      Great question and let me know how you like the soap when you get it.

  11. What a great information. Honestly, I can’t stand men who walk out of the shower smelling like a rose – it feels awkward and I think it’s high time that men not only need to smell ‘manly’, but also take good care of their skin. I like the approach of this company – their ingredient selection as well as the subscription service. How many soap bars come in one subscription? Can you do a mix and match? 

    I’ll be sharing this with hubby. Thanks.

    1. Their soap subscription called Soapscribe you can choose as low as one bar per month to 3 bars to month. An average bar of their soap last about two weeks. Their two bars per month is their most popular btw. This is highly customizable to your liking as you can order monthly or even quarterly. Yes, you can easily mix and match the scents.

  12. Great article Dan!

    I Have heard of Dr Squatch products but never looked into it so I am glad I came across this post. I am definitely keen to give them a try now!

    Also thanks heaps for the tip on saving soap, it makes perfect sense to cut it in half, but I have never thought about it until now. Good to see too that Dr Squatch has acknowledged the challenge around the soap not lasting long. This is a huge plus for me and gives us customers confidence in Dr Squatch as a company!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Agreed, a company to address the concerns of natural soaps not lasting long shows they want to please their customers. High marks for this company and the concerns of their customers all around.

  13. Dan,

    This article made me so excited because we use only pine tar soap in our house (lots of skin issues) and like your article said…it does not smell great!  While it is great on our sensitive skin my husband complains about the smell almost weekly.  I can’t wait to try this Dr. Squatch Soap!  

    I also love your soap saving idea and that Dr. Squatch has a soap saver!  Now if only they had a guarantee that my hubby and kids will use it…I guess this mom can’t ask for everything!  So I’ll settle for great smelling, good for my skin, Pine Tar Soap!  Thanks for the Promo Code as well!


    1. Regular pine tar soap doesn’t smell great for sure and it stays with long after the shower but Dr. Squatch is good, as it more toned down and pleasant. I was totally expecting the regular pine tar soap smell with Dr. Squatch smell but nope. Very pleased. 

      I would be willing to bet your husband and kids will LOVE it! So not kidding here. 

      Thanks for the comment!

  14. I am so glad I came across your article. With 2 teenage boys at home and a husband, I’m always looking for interesting products that cater just to them (being men).  I didn’t really realize there were soaps specifically made for men. I like the idea and the scents sound perfect for men who don’t want to smell like flowers and rose water. I think I just found a perfect stocking stuffer for the men in my life!

    1. Yeah smelling like a rose isn’t a very manly smell for sure lol. I was very happy to find and enjoy their soap that was catered to men. It felt like I was spoiling myself but was so worth it, as nothing I have used would remove grime and grease like their soap, as compared to commercially available soaps and it’s all natural to boot. 

  15. I loved reading your handmade soap review since I also make handmade soaps (mine are 4″ x 4″ x1″) and hearing your scent preferences.  The reason that the soap works so well, is …well…that it’s soap in the truest sense – the product of an alkali on oils.  Oil loves oil and is attracted to it, so it works well!  I agree that with a smaller bar, the “lasting” time is shorter, but one way you can make it last longer is to wet the bar, make a suds with a cloth, and return the bar where water can’t reach it.  Handmade soaps love water and will quickly dissolve if left standing in water  (or floating in a tub) or used as a conventional beauty bar.

    All the best!


    1. Great tip Sharon for making the soap last longer. I will be sure to use it, when I don’t need the scrubbing power of the exfoliating ingredients.

      Also thanks for explaining the way soap works. Never heard it explained that way and it makes good sense. Very helpful.

  16. Hey Dan:

    Your thoughts on the Dr. Squatch soaps is much-appreciated.  I think they’ll very likely find a place in the gift ensembles I put together for my manly man-friends (along with the soap-saver thing you mentioned).  The fact that they already have pre-assembled gift sets as well is a bonus, I think.  The all-natural ingredients are a big attraction.  Skin is skin, after all, and harsh chemicals are just as bad for the skin on guys as it is for women’s skin.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Your manly man-friends with find these soaps work great for getting clean despite what got them dirty (dirt, mud, grease, oil, etc). As it works great and smells like a man. A sure winner! I love their products, especially the pine tar soap.

  17. Good afternoon Dan,

    A great idea to have soaps specillay made for men. Men and women should not smell the same as that is not sexy. I like the ingredients you list, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp, and specially NON GMO Soy. I hate GMO in any form. 

    That these soaps have also exfoliators included like oatmeal, sand, and sea salt is a plus. A lot of men do not realize that women do not like rough skin on a man either, specially elbows etc.

    The splitting of a soapbar in two is a great tip. Christmas is around the corner and I am seriously thinking of adding some Dr. Squatch soaps as a gift.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. I fully agree with you Taetske on everything you have said. GMO sucks and is in so many things, i try to avoid it as much as possible.

      Makes great gifts for men for sure! As they have a great line up of man scents to choose from.

  18. Soap for men, well it’s about time that we get to the front seat!  Sound like something that is right up my alley.  Don’t care much for commercial made soaps and have even looked into making my own.  

    OK so here’s the rub.  I won’t lie about the Lye. Whether it is sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, any way you look at it, not all that great for the body.  Some folks may have a bad reaction.  It is harsh and still cause problems.  Like you said, best to try it out first.

    Outside of that, I’ve put Dr. Squatch on my list.  Thanks for the info!

    1. LOL. Yeah women step aside, men want good soap too! 

      From my little research on Lye it is a harsh ingredient but if added in the right proportions it is completely safe, as it is a great cleaner. Dr. Squatch soaps are cold process using lye but this is naturally removed during the whole soap making process, also known as saponification process.

      Some individuals with sensitive skin might try a small area to see if any reactions occur before going full tilt with it. I don’t have sensitive skin and had no problem at all.

  19. I love the thought of a soap targeted at men that doesn’t just smell of Axe or Old Spice lol 

    As a female, obviously I am not going to use this product, but that doesn’t say I can’t weigh in my opinion on the smells I love to smell on a man.

    There is nothing better than a man who smells good! And that doesn’t necessarily require cologne to do so.  I think that the Nautical Sage or Cool Fresh Aloe might smell amazing.  Yet, i am very intrigued on what the Deep ocean Goat milk would smell like lol

    What’s your favourite one?

    1. Lol Nicki, I don’t like the smell of either of them either.

      By far and away I love the Pine Tar soap. Mostly for being able to adequately clean my arms and hands after work, as I getting pretty greasing and dirty at work. The smells is good too! All their scents are very natural and pleasing. I haven’t tried Deep Ocean Goat Milk but I am ordering some soon.

      Thanks for sharing your scent preferences, as I am sure men will find this informational and helpful. 

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