Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program (PDF) Review

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Are you looking to bulk up? Looking to achieve that popular superhero proportions that you see in the megahits comic movies?

Picture actors that play superheroes in the movies, actors like Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Henry Cavill and more. Just to give you some references of what I am talking about.

Greg O’Gallagher creator of Kinobody and Superhero Bulking Program.

In this Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program (PDF) review, I hope to inform and lay out the important overall view of this program designed by Greg O’Gallagher. I originally found Greg on YouTube when I was sick of being overweight and was overwhelmingly refreshed and pleased with the information he spoke about. Which I then went out and purchased one of his programs and was blown away, with results.

See, I’ve actually bought the programs and currently use them. Not just write about them. So, I have personal experience using the various programs, which I have spent my personal money on.

What Superhero Bulking Is Not!

Sometimes it easier to explain something by telling you what something is not. To address this we’ll start with an obvious one.

Let’s make it clear right off the get-go, that Kinobody Superhero Bulking program is not about attaining a current bodybuilders physique.


As bodybuilders nowadays, don’t have a pleasing look to them at all. Modern bodybuilders have disproportionate muscle size coupled with big bellies. They might be ripped and have a six pack but they still have big bellies and huge feminine shaped legs. As even the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger has commented on this saying current bodybuilders have more of a bottle shape than the classic V-shaped body.

Not this!

Thankfully, Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program is not this!

Kinobody emphasis is about attaining proportion and definition while remaining visually appealing. Basically, looking attractive with muscles.

In fact, all of the Kinobody programs are designed to look aesthetically appealing. A look everyone can appreciate and wants.

We as humans, are unique and want to all have an unique look, as well as wanting to look a certain way.

Kinobody Programs

Greg O’Gallagher is the founder and creator of Kinobody. He has created all the programs seen below, from personal experience, research and through years of trial and error.

Greg addresses these personal needs and desires, with specific programs that cater to a specific look, as you will see in the list. To better help understand this, I would like to show you his current programs he is offering.

What Is All Included With The Superhero Bulking Program PDF?

With the Superhero Bulking Program, you will receive:

  • The main Core Superhero Bulking Program Manual (PDF) – Details the four-phase workout, all the nutritional information you’ll need, nutritional information.
  • The Workout Substitution Guide – Methods of altering your workout to attain your goals.
  • The Superhero Bonus Materials – Optimizing information for your success using the Superhero Bulking program.
  • The Lifting Protocol Tutorial – Based on two strategies to build muscle.
  • Living The Superhero Lifestyle – Balancing everyday life with working out guide.
  • Exclusive bonuses with this program – A real value here.

The Nutritional Side Of Superhero Bulking Program

This is the part when your jaw drops to the floor and you’re totally blown away. As you’re building muscle while maintaining low body fat.

This goes against the normal advice you would receive from the bodybuilding world, as they would say you have to not worry about your waistline as you put on muscle and fat in order to bulk up.

Not the case and Greg has dialed this in. With two key factors alternating higher calories days with deficit days. This combination of the two performed at the right times will definitely help you attain the physique you are aiming for.

The other important nutritional tool from the toolbox you’ll be using is one of my favorites. As my body just naturally takes to this and prefers it to other forms of dieting and that is intermittent fasting. During the fast you will be losing body fat, then after the fast, you’ll be adding muscle.

This works so good and is a real game changer.

If you have never tried intermittent fasting? Or if you have struggled with dieting?

You have to Superhero Bulking Program a chance. It makes dieting while adding muscle so easy. I’ve written a couple of post on intermittent fasting, check em out, Intermittent Fasting & Coffee and Intermittent Fasting Kinobody Style.

What I Like about Superhero Bulking

  • Gives you the breakdown (which isn’t set in stone btw) in ratios and measurements as a general guideline to visually as well as charting your improvements. Giving you clear and concise what makes a superhero frame. This is a form of goal setting in a way, and goals are uber important. Without goals, we are just flailing away. This has the correct proportions to having that Superhero look. This allows you to track your progress easily.
  • All the information is downloadable.
  • Bulking while minimizing fat gain. A key component here.
  • Promotes a slim waist and low body fat. All the while being concerned about having the right proportions.
  • Address the concern of eating out and what food to order.
  • You only need to work out 3 days a week! Basically allows you to have a life outside of the gym.
  • Lifetime access to the program. Great if your hard drive fails on you.
  • 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Nutritional information is clearly laid out to help you bulk all the while minimizing the standard fat gain that comes along with bulking.
  • Clearly lays out and explains the workouts and diet.
  • Intermittent fasting, my body just takes to this naturally while…still eating BIG satisfying meals. I’ve found IF to be a lifesaver, making dieting easy. Yep…EASY!
  • While you’ll only be working out 3 days a week, the workouts are intense.  My schedule is always full, I’d rather do 3 intense workouts than 5. So, if intense is needed, I welcome it.
  • Keys to building muscles is ever increasing your strength. Superhero Bulking is strength heavy, it has “superhero” in the title for God’s sake. Follow the program and you’ll get strong, period.
  • Step by step instructions to get you looking the best you have ever looked.
  • No surprise here with reverse pyramid training. This method works for strength and dense solid muscle. Yes, please.
  • Strategic surplus and deficit days to optimize muscle growth.
  • Plenty of bonus material is added for an added value.
  • Has a section on dealing with improving lagging bodyparts.

Common Questions About Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program

How long is the Superhero course?

Answer: The course is 8 months long with 4 phases. So every two months you be focusing on a different routine. Thus keep your body guessing and forcing new growth.

Is Superhero Bulking program for people just starting out?

Answer: Although you can certainly buy the program and follow the program with a little background in lifting weights, it is more specialized for experienced lifters. As Superhero Bulking is more of an advanced routine and if you’re just starting out, choosing one of the other programs might be a better option for you. I would suggest the Greek God program. You can read my full in-depth review here, Kinobody Greek God Review. Then after that, if you want to bulk up, get the Superhero Bulking Program.

How much muscle can I expect to gain eight months following the program?

Answer: Greg claims that you can add 12 to 16 pounds of clean dense muscle.

Is Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program Worth It?


With Superhero Bulking you get a program designed to add muscle, not just any muscle mind you,  the right proportion of muscle that is so eye catching and very appealing. Greg will have you specifically building the most attractive physique that drives women bananas.  Laying out the correct proportions needed to attain this comic book look.

You’ll have a detailed approach to intelligently train if you buy this program. You’ll have to work hard, as the workouts are intense but you’ll still have to work out only 3 days a week. So, you’ll have an intelligent plan with an intense workout that allows you to still enjoy life.

Balance is what this program is all about! Whether it’s your muscles or your life. Giving you the tools and knowledge to attain a balanced body with a balanced lifestyle. Greg always stresses giving the program the required amount of time to see results, with your investment of effort and time, surely results will follow.

I believe overall with all the bonuses and the very detailed program, it is well worth the relatively cheap price and is totally worth it.



If you have used the Kinobody Superhero Bulking program would love to hear your success with the program or if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. At comments and questions always are welcomed.

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