Science Based Six Pack Review

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A Brand New Program That’s Sure to Become the Next Big Thing!

Just as the name of this program suggests, Science Based Six Pack is based on science!

Every word presented in the Science Based Six Pack program is based on science! Either through a  scholarly journal, peer-reviewed journal, or a university study.


For the most part, except for the genetically gifted among us, we all have troubles and struggles with weight loss. Many of us find this to be an extremely difficult task to accomplish.

I have reviewed other intermittent fasting programs and find intermittent fasting a fantastic way for losing weight. With this review, I hope to introduce you to a new intermittent fasting program that, simply put, is amazing and credible!

So, how is that for trustworthy?



Contrary to popular belief and just plain wrong information on what you might read on forums, “bro-science” heard at your local gym, bad advice, or just from workouts posted by professional bodybuilders–most of the information about losing weight while gaining muscles has it all WRONG! All cited science-based information is all found in the Master Fasting Course (PDF) to reference.

How’s that for reassurance?

SBSP cuts through all this B.S. and relies on science. Laying out for you the information comprehensively in both written form (PDFs) and with multiple videos. It is easy to read and follow, as it is laid out clear and concise, with graphs, charts, and schedules.

Who Is The Creator Behind This Program?

To truly grab a hold of this program, we need to know who created this system.

The creator of this program is Thomas DeLauer.

Thomas is a trainer, entrepreneur, and author.

Thomas DeLauer: the creator of Science Based Six Pack.


It’s important to know that Thomas wasn’t always in shape. At one time, he was actually overweight.

How overweight was he? Try 100 pounds overweight. Hard to believe that he was once that big, but there are multiple pictures showing him heavy. Since then, he has been on the cover of many fitness magazines. Impressive, right? Well, you too can flourish and lose weight in this amazing program.

The picture on the left is what made him realize how big and out of shape he was. Haven’t we all seen a picture of ourselves and thought OMG…I’m that big! I know I have!

Thomas transformed himself from overweight to ripped. He struggled to accomplish this feat until he started intermittent fasting.

Who Is Science Based Six Pack For?

Are you looking to make dieting and losing weight easier?

While getting into shape with minimal length workouts, that is totally attainable for the average person?

If you haven’t heard or even tried intermittent fasting, you should. It allows you to eat large, satisfying meals while eating a caloric deficit. This isn’t eating five to six small meals over a course of a day and feeling hunger pains. Past an initial couple of days, intermittent fasting is done effortlessly.

Thomas Delauer has presented a richly detailed plan to accomplish your goals, which won’t leave you guessing. It is laid out for easy reading and quick referencing.

So, I believe everyone looking to lose weight should and must try Science Based Six Pack.

These three PDFs are amazing and come along with the purchase of SBSP. Well laid out and easy to follow; I just love these.

Science Based Six Pack Breaks All the Rules!!!

Science Based Six Pack is revolutionary! As you break down the myths and misconceptions of losing weight that is commonly heard through the grapevine, you’ll be adding layers of muscle to your frame.

What rules might you ask? Well, try these on for size. You have probably all heard of these.

  • Not eating late at night. Wrong!
  • Not eating high carb foods at night. False!
  • Not eating high-fat foods at night. False!
  • Splitting up workouts for individual body parts on specific days. Nope!
  • Not eating high-calorie foods at night. False!
  • Eating small meals every two to three hours in order to lose weight. Not true!!!
  • Working out two to three hours a day. Not needed!!!
  • Never ever skip breakfast. Biggest myth around (in my opinion) that is just plain false and accepted. Wrong again!
  • You’re going to lose muscle when you fast. Not happening!

Why do we all hear these common misconceptions as facts? Well, honestly ask yourself if you do follow the above-stated rules, have you seen the desired results? The answer will be…a resounding NO. If you do manage to follow all of these impossible rules, no doubt you are in complete misery.

So, before dismissing Thomas’ claims as just another fitness expert that has figured it all out, Science Based Six Pack is based one keyword: SCIENCE!


Why Science Based Six Pack Works!

In order to lose fat and change your metabolism, you just need to change WHEN you eat. It’s that simple, as the body is designed to easily burn fat and yes…store fat as well.

Thankfully, SBSP has a hack for this. This is the intermittent fasting part. Simply put, you can then eat the foods you love while losing body fat. I just love intermittent fasting, and I know you will too!

Full body workouts is another key component to getting results. Instead of breaking up your days into specific body parts, you will be working out the whole body. There are so many benefits to this routine, like increased recovery, saving time, and better results.

Another technique Thomas uses is the use of muscles under tension. As this burns stored glycogen, so when you do eat food, the body replaces the depleted glycogen instead of storing body fat.

What Is Included with Science Based Six Pack

One thing is for sure with purchasing the Science Based Six Pack, you get a lot of information that is very thorough. This won’t leave you guessing on anything. The program includes detailed diet, training, and intermittent fasting information.


It’s all here! No guess work on your part:

  • Master Fasting Course (PDF)
  • Base Track Plan (PDF)
  • Fast Track Plan (PDF) – Amazingly easy to follow directions: when you should eat and what! I was just blown away by this.
  • 5 Master Fasting Course Video Tutorials
    • Master Fasting Course: Introduction To Intermittent Fasting
    • The Best Practices, Tips & Supplement To Use On A Fasting Diet
    • Base Track VS Fast Track – How To Choose The Right Fasting Diet
    • Your Fast-Track Meal Prep Guide & Recipes
    • How To Accelerate Your Fat Loss Goals With Exercise While Fasting
  • 4 The Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Overview
    • Phase 1 Meta Shift: Overview of The Intermittent Fasting Diet
    • Phase II Meta Burn: The Intermittent Fasting Diet
    • Phase III Meta Keto: The Intermittent Fasting Diet
    • What To Do When You’ve Completed The Program
  • 10 Videos – The Shredfast Workout Course
    • Introduction To The ShredFast Workout Course
    • Phase 1 Workout 1
    • Phase 1 Workout 2
    • Phase 1 Workout 3
    • Phase 2 Workout 1
    • Phase 2 Workout 2
    • Phase 2 Workout 3
    • Phase 3 Workout 1
    • Phase 3 Workout 2
    • Phase 3 Workout 3
screenshot from phase 3 video

What I Love About Science Based Six Pack

  • Enjoy the foods you love without the consequences or guilt.
  • Food journal provided, color highlighted for easy use.
  • Slow progression into intermittent fasting, then it ramps it up. I love the science behind his system.
  • Meal options are always provided, to take the guesswork out of it.
  • Workouts are only three times per week. Say goodbye to living in the gym. The benefits of this are twofold–you’re saving time as well as allowing your body to properly recover from both the muscular and nervous system. You’ll be working out in a fasted state to increase your fat burning metabolism.
  • Full body workouts – I really enjoy this method of working out. While shorter in length, it is intense.  Instead of splitting up body parts on certain days, this is a simpler approach that I can really get behind. It allows your body to adequately recover on your non-workout days.
  • No counting of reps!!! Wait…what? Yeah…no counting. Oh, what a relief.
  • Not solely based on using gym equipment, as you can workout right at home. Saving you money on workout equipment or a gym membership.
  • Training your body while you’re in a fasted state. This increases your fat burning mechanism, thus doubling your fat burning work.
  • Eating whooping big king-size meals. By skipping breakfast and extending your fast, this allows you to have bigger meals, thus leaving you fully satisfied when you do eat.
  • The overall approach to carbs and fats as being vital to your entire body. Not demonizing these macronutrients but instead embracing them.
  • It’s a relatively simple program! From the workout to the dieting (intermittent fasting).
  • Intermittent Fasting – If you’re new to IF, then Intermittent Fasting is a godsend. Allowing you to eat big satisfying meals while still eating at a deficit.
  • Skipping breakfast – While this might not initially seem like a benefit to you, it is as this allows you to lose weight effortlessly.
  • 25 minutes to 30 minutes workouts! You have to be kidding me? NOPE! It’s true!!!
  • Uses jumping rope – A highly, highly effective method of burning calories. See my page on building a jump rope platform here: How To Build A Jump Rope Platform.
  • Includes a FAQ for common questions pertaining to SBSP.
  • Clearer and sharper brain function while following the program.
  • All the scientific information is cited and can be found in the Master Fasting Course PDF. Backing up all it claims to do!
  • Flexibility in the diet, which allows you to eat out at your favorite restaurants.
  • Totally sustainable diet program, as you can be on this for years without crashing your diet. I’ve been personally intermittent fasting for over two years now and love the ease and benefits of it.
  • The exercise portions of the program are not boring or stale. They’re exciting and motivating.
  • Can be used by both men and women.
  • Once you transition to fasting, you won’t be hungry while fasting! This is really the truth!

Tips On Using Science Based Six Pack

  • Drinking water with a dash of Himalayan salt in the morning and throughout your entire day. This helps overcome being hungry, and Thomas recommends having an eight-ounce glass every two hours to keep hunger at bay.
  • Along with water, coffee is also recommended for your morning routine. Coffee is a great appetite suppressant as well, and the caffeine in coffee helps your body regulate insulin that helps to prevent fat storage, and increases your metabolism.
  • Read through the entire program first and watch the videos; this will increase your understanding of the program.
  • Load the printer with paper, and print the PDFs as you can easily refer to them later.
  • Follow the program and results will happen.
Yummy! Looks good right?


Science Based Six Pack allows you to finally accomplish your goals! With less effort than conventional diets and workout plans, as a lot of thought and work has gone into providing you with a science-based approach to losing weight and getting back into shape.

Quite frankly, the amount of materials you get is very well put-together. With a lot of emphasis on leaving no information gap, in which to fill.

In an easily attainable program, this incredible package helps you achieve your fitness goals, like achieving a six pack, being in shape, and finally finding a diet plan that works. Couple this with a pretty short, full body workout to save you time and allow your body to adequately repair itself.  I’m pretty floored by the quality of this Science Based information, which will help make you look and also feel great.

Not only the quality is there, but also the quantity. This program is all-encompassing, with no shortage of details. Everything is covered to get you feeling and looking the way you want.

It’s quite frankly, one of the best exercise and diet programs I have seen to date! Take reassurance–this program will blow you away.



If you have any questions about the program, or,  for that matter, any question at all, feel free to ask below. I would be more than happy to help you. Would love to hear your opinions, if you already purchased the program too. Thanks so much, and enjoy building your new body!!

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2 thoughts on “Science Based Six Pack Review”

  1. Dan,

    I just recently read through your posts on the Kinobody programs, as well as read over this post too. First off, thank you for supplying all of us with this information. You are helping your community out more than you’d believe. Now, back to my question…
    After looking over this program, Science-based Six Pack, and comparing it to the Kinobody, which program do you believe to be better? I already do some intermittent fasting in my normal work week, I rarely eat a breakfast and usually end up skipping lunch do to work.
    With that information what do you think would be the better investment? I would love to shed some inches off my waistline, and get my body fat % down. Let me know!
    H: 6’1″
    W: 215lbs
    Waist: 36″

    • Matt,
      Great question, I’ve been pondering writing a article comparing the two programs.
      To be honest, I really love both Kinobody and Science Based Six Pack programs. They both have slightly different approaches to using intermittent fasting and they both most importantly WORK. I think Science Based Six Pack wins in a head to head, due in large part to the information provided. But there a lot of differences.
      Kinobody is more of a basic program depending on what program you opt to buy. It’s more simplified, which is a good thing for some people. Grep programs are more geared to a specific look that you want to achieve and catering that specific program around that desired look. If you choose Kinobody I would recommend first Warrior Shredding or the Greek God program.

      SBSP is a more thorough program, with a lot more information and material that is really well put together. I was really impressed with this aspect. SBSP also slowly introduces intermittent fasting into your routine. Taking graduated steps over a period of time to introduce I.F., which would be more helpful for some people. Science Based Six Pack has more variation in it workout courses, having a total of nine different videos, but this program is designed for everybody and not specifically orientated like Kinobody is.

      Both have a lot of overlapping methods and techniques. So, my recommendation for you would be first Science Based Six Pack, even though you are familiar with practicing IF or the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program.
      Hope this helps.

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