Is Science Based Six Pack A Scam?

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Scam, Fad Diet, or Legit?

Is Science Based Six Pack a scam? Is this just another fad diet that will be gone in six months?

The question we all want to know…Right? As I wanted to know for myself too. So I bought the program to take it through the wringer and also to write about my findings. As I have reviewed other workout programs in the past and some of them were based also on intermittent fasting as well.

So, I have experience reviewing programs and I just love, yes, love intermittent fasting. I know of the positive effects of I.F. and to be honest, I get a little excited reviewing IF programs. I believe many people are unaware of its many benefits.

An Amazing Program

After reviewing and implementing the practices within this program, I can clearly state, this is one of the best workout/diet programs on the market hands down! Continue to read to see why.

Science Based Six Pack (SBSP) Explain

To fully explain SBSP is an effective diet and exercise program that gives you the easiest path to losing weight and adding muscle. In other words, fast results as well as sustainable results. You’ll be actually working optimally with your body, providing the necessary nutrients while providing stimulus for muscle growth. This is a deadly combo for dropping excess body fat fast, all the while making your muscles more pronounced.

Who The Hell Is Thomas DeLauer?

Thomas Delauer is the creator of Science Based Six Pack program. This is super important in determining the legitimacy of this program, as finding out who is behind any program can tell us a lot about the credibility of the information presented.

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas is well respected in the fitness and health industry, having been on numerous covers of fitness magazines and being reviewed in countless articles. Not to mention the highest subscribed health and fitness authority on YouTube.

Thomas is an author, trainer, and entrepreneur. Believe it or not, he was once 100 pounds overweight. Pretty hard to believe right?

How does it make it easier? 

Most of all know, that eating a calorie-restrictive diet is a real challenge, if not impossible over a long period of time. SBSP slowly gets you accumulated to intermittent fasting, to effectively ease you into it.

Once fully accumulated, eating a caloric deficit will be a breeze. So you are basically skipping breakfast, then eating two fully satisfying bigger meals later in the day. And yes…food that’s tasty and healthy.

Easier Than You Think

The transition from eating breakfast to skipping breakfast is not hard, your body will quickly adapt and learn this new method without hunger pains.

Believe me, it will. Within the program are graduated steps first to introduce your body to intermittent fasting, then to increase the amount of time of not eating for a full 16 hours. Don’t be scared of the 16 hours, as I was a little off-put to the idea when I first heard about how long it is. It’s an amazing technique and you are eased into SBSP.

How is this sustainable?

Unlike the old outdated method of dieting, of eating small meals throughout the day that leaves you ravenous and on the brink of cheating on your diet almost every minute of the day, this method is counterintuitive to this. You will be fasting for the majority of the day then eating a couple of big meals with a snack thrown in there. Why you might initially think this method is hard, in actuality…it easier.

It All Comes Together

This program has the golden cornucopia of practical effective information about losing weight and getting into shape. Where everything lines up like stone monoliths and the solstices, in perfect alignment. See what I am talking about below as this is the biggest factor in determining the legitimacy of SBSP.

Simply putting, the intermittent fast makes dieting easy and simple. As well as totally sustainable for years!!!

The Many Reasons Why I Love This Program

  • #1 Reason – Scientifically proven methods of losing fat while gaining muscle. A deadly combo for shedding excess weight. Every technique and nutrition information is science-based by either a peer-review journal, scholarly journal or a university study.
  • Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is the latest and greatest thing to losing weight. Making eating a caloric deficit easily doable, without the prerequisite of torturing yourself. This also affects how your body burns calories too. While I.F. your body burns stored fat for energy, instead of the food you would normally eat during the day.
  • The material provided is easy to read and follow. With color charts, detailed videos, helpful journal, and graphs to help you grasp and understand in which to start implementing SBSP effectively. Ever bought a program and just feel like the program is thrown at you, leaving you to read completely through everything, and you’re still confused. Not here! The information really helps and you can tell a lot of work went into the creation of this program. I rarely seen this much information so well put together. Quality content for sure!!!
  • You don’t have to live in the gym, either to put on muscle or lose weight. Results will come in working out just 3 days a week.
  • Long-term maintainable diet. You won’t be tempted to be cheating on this diet as say other diet programs. Once learned and practiced, you can easily be on this nutritional diet for years. I’ve been intermittent fasting for two years and going strong.
  • Great tips. Pack full of useful information to prolong your fasts, exercises, and gaining muscle.
  • Just literally destroys common misconceptions surrounding recurrent everyday myths surrounding weight loss and gaining muscle. Welcome to science!!! Don’t worry, it’s all laid out for the layman to read and fully understand.
  • Alternating your workouts, keeps the body guessing, and forces new muscle growth. There are 10 workout videos in which to follow to start seeing results.
  • Works for both men and women.
  • Workouts are great. Keeping it fun and motivating.
  • The diet is flexible. Allowing you to incorporate eating out at a restaurant.
  • Working out your body in a fasted state really ramps up your metabolism and burns excess fat instead of using the food you recently just ate.
  • Not a lot of equipment needed for the workout program.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee!!!
  • Fasting actually enhances mental function and clarity.
  • Thomas DeLauer – a credible name in the fitness world and let us not forget, the most subscribed health and nutrition expert on YouTube.
  • Changes the way you look at food. This little caveat is mind-blowing, as you are not necessarily eating less food but eating a smaller time frame.
  • Thomas has been 100 pounds overweight, he has a credibility for this reason alone.

Disadvantages Of The Program

It’s hard to see any glaring problems with this program as the high quality of materials presented is pretty darn good.

  • Putting aside the myths and general falsehoods surrounding diet and fitness that you might erroneous be carrying around with you. It might be hard for you to overcome these but implementing SBSP will prove to you otherwise. Like for example:
    • Putting on muscle while fasting.
    • Fasting doesn’t make you tired.
    • You won’t suffer on an intermittent fasting diet.
    • Eating late at night is okay.
    • Consuming carbs late at night is perfectly okay.
    • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Okay, Okay, Okay…What Is All Included?

If you decide to purchase this, I highly recommend you read and watch thoroughly thru the material to help fully understand before embarking on this life-changing program.

  • Master Fasting Course (PDF)
  • Base Track Plan (PDF)
  • Fast Track Plan (PDF) – Very, very helpful.
  • 5 Master Fasting Course Video Tutorials
    • Master Fasting Course: Introduction To Intermittent Fasting
    • The Best Practices, Tips & Supplement To Use On A Fasting Diet
    • Base Track VS Fast Track – How To Choose The Right Fasting Diet
    • Your Fast-Track Meal Prep Guide & Recipes
    • How To Accelerate Your Fat Loss Goals With Exercise While Fasting
  • 4 The Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Overview
    • Phase 1 Meta Shift: Overview of The Intermittent Fasting Diet
    • Phase II Meta Burn: The Intermittent Fasting Diet
    • Phase III Meta Keto: The Intermittent Fasting Diet
    • What To Do When You’ve Completed The Program
  • 10 Videos – The Shredfast Workout Course
    • Introduction To The ShredFast Workout Course
    • Phase 1 Workout 1
    • Phase 1 Workout 2
    • Phase 1 Workout 3
    • Phase 2 Workout 1
    • Phase 2 Workout 2
    • Phase 2 Workout 3
    • Phase 3 Workout 1
    • Phase 3 Workout 2
    • Phase 3 Workout 3

Last Words On Science Based Six Pack

This is so exciting to me!

What exactly? The progression of our modern-day knowledge (SCIENCE), to fully understand how our body works and how to implement a workaround for another modern-day problem of overconsumption and our abundant access to high caloric foods. Our modern-day diet is making us fat and Science Based Six Pack is our sustainable method of counteracting this ubiquitous problem.

Being Overweight is Common

We all know the problems of being overweight and how commonplace it is becoming. Science Based Six Pack tackles this problem with a genuine quality method that is proven to get results. Having us drop excess body fat and add muscle.

If you have tried other programs on the market, that are in my opinion OUTDATED and not had success with them, you should definitely give this a try.

This is a totally modern approach to fitness, health, and diet. Destroying myths and providing real-world results.

Any questions or comments, about the program? Feel free to ask below, I will respond as soon as I can.

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