Turn Off The TV To Turn On Your Life

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Why do people often feel depressed and unfulfilled? For most people that don’t have a medical condition, it’s a simple manner of not living your life. Instead of living our lives, we would much rather watch life unfolding for someone else on tv or our smartphones, instead of living our own life. This often leads to feeling bad about yourself, low self-esteem, low-grade depression, and general lethargy.

Regain Control

I wanted to write something that would help or at the minimum, give people ideas to gain back control of their lives. Cause once you gain control back over your life with balance, good things start happening. This leads to alleviated moods and a sense of self-restored.

A real game-changer.

My Control Gained

I myself have had lots of problems with escapism. Computer games and TV being the two biggest culprits. I could at one time in my life spend 12 + hours easily sitting in my computer chair and playing online video games. I was addicted to all of the Battlefield games. This almost destroyed my marriage, as there was an extreme imbalance in my life. I tried to fill that imbalance with the stimulation from video games. It didn’t help that I was under a spell of depression either.

I Killed The Time-Wasters For Good

I’ve since gained control and over this and don’t play any games at all. In fact, I’ve removed all of them from my computer and smartphones. I now see them as real time-wasters. I barely watch TV now, except for a few series and with my wife.

Give Me The Wheel

How’d did I do this. By first realizing I had a problem than addressing the problem. It happens slowly but surely. Making decisions that supported my change. What I did personally started my own website and build this as a business. Now, I own three websites for which I regularly write content for. All the while maintaining balance.

I also garden now, meditate, practice yoga, box, exercise, and countless other activities too. My life feels so much more fulfilled now.

A Healthy Balance

Balance is the key! I always think of the scene in Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi is teaching Danielson balance on the boat about the importance of balance in life.

Many humans are quickly being swallowed up whole by technology, like smartphones, TVs, and computers. First, it started with the TV with people watching the television excessively, then it progressed to game consoles, then to computers, and now currently to overuse of smartphones.

Good Or Bad?

While technology is not inherently bad, it can quickly take control of your life. Especially with young children, as they are quick to become totally reliant on these devices. Technology is a part of our lives and we all should be using it for convenience, but with restraints.

Sir…Step Away From That Piece Of Technology

Think of technology (TV, smartphones, computers, computer games) as junk food or sugar. A little bit won’t hurt you, but overindulging will in time, destroy your health, self-worth, and identity. Emptiness will appear as your life is engulfed by technology, some will notice and some will not.

If you’re a parent, usage should be regulated. Parents need to regulate technology just as they regulate junk food. Thus teaching balance, having some time to watch TV or using their smartphone but also limiting their use of these devices. Boundaries should be set and adhere to, after all as parents we need to pass on the knowledge that will serve our children’s’ lives for betterment.

Ideas To Restore Balance

I highly recommend you slowly start replacing your “technology fix” with a different activity. Start with a half-hour replacing watching TV with a different activity. Then slowly ramping up until control is gained over it.

  • Learn meditation – This is the complete opposite of indulging in technology. This is gaining control over your, oftentimes called “monkey brain” through gently pushing aside the scattered thoughts and the constant barrage of randomness to a quiet still mind.
  • Yoga – For me doing yoga is like doing meditation for your body. Removing roadblocks and limitations for your body while focusing on your breath. Yoga is hard to perform but within this hardness, is a real sense of accomplishment one gains afterward, along with stillness.
  • Take a walk…Either by yourself or with a partner, the whole family, or a dog. Preferable in nature.
  • Ride a bike. If you haven’t been on a bike ride in years or decades you are missing out. The openness, the speed, the exercise are really exhilarating. I bought my wife a bike a few years ago, as we both haven’t been on a bicycle for at least 20 years, now we both love spending time together exploring while getting exercise. It really brings back being a kid again.
  • Volunteer – Find something that resonates with you and give your time to help support a worthy cause.
  • Visit a museum. Allow whatever art is there to speak to you and allow yourself to be swallowed in beauty and thought.
  • Start a business. Find something you love doing and look into creating a business around it.
  • Start a blog. This can be for helping people or for making extra income. The choice is yours. 
  • Have a bonfire. Nothing connects us more to our ancestors than sitting around a campfire enjoying its glow and warmth with people we love.
  • Read a book. While reading is somewhat like watching TV, it involves a lot more of your brain through imagination and thought.
  • Bird watching. Either out in nature or in your own backyard. Buy a bird feeder and a book on bird identification, then keep notes on the birds that visit your feeder.
  • Exercise – Follow a workout plan to help your whole body feel better. I’ve reviewed a bunch of exercise programs on this website, my favorite is Science Based Six Pack, you can read more about it here, Science Based Six Pack Review.
  • Garden – Nothing is more satisfying than growing your own herbs and vegetables. Great for your health too. Take a look at my post on gardening, Why You Need A Garden – Doesn’t Matter How Small.
  • Take a class. Most library or colleges offer classes on learning something which is available to the public. Sometimes this is free and sometimes you need to pay for it. Great way to learn and meet new people. Just find something you enjoy or want to learn about and apply.
  • Get a second job. The key here is something you love doing or interested in, and not a second job just for extra income.
  • Find free activities in your city or town.

And Remember… 

The key to life is balance. If there is an imbalance in your life, first acknowledge it, then address it.

How many hours do you spend on your smartphone or TV? Do you have any ideas that you would recommend to restore balance, would love to hear them?

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