Is TestMax Nutrition A Scam?

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This system is specifically designed to elevate your natural male hormone testosterone by nutrition alone. This is important to know right from the start. To help you lose weight, gain muscle, increase sexual drive, boost your sex drive and for raiding and pillaging of local villages (just kidding). As low testosterone can cause depression, low sex drive, lack of confidence, low energy. The very sad part about this is, many men don’t even know they have low testosterone.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have all heard of this stuff before and people often wonder if TestMax Nutrition will work or is TestMax Nutrition A Scam? Thankfully, I have purchased the program and put it through the paces to help people determine if TestMax is worth their money and effort. All the symptoms of low testosterone can thankfully be reversed and revitalized and TestMax can definitely help naturally by just addressing the food we eat.

  • Is TestMax a scam? No.
  • Does it work? The short and quick answer is yes. Yes, it does work and it works without even implementing an exercise program. This is great for people that don’t have the time or means to work out. The great thing about TestMax is you’re getting value and most importantly something that works.
  • Is this an all natural approach to raising testosterone? Yes! Through diet alone, you will be optimizing your natural levels to see positive results.

Yep…if you’re a man and overweight and are suffering from the effects of low testosterone. This might be exactly what your hormones need to regain your life back, to feeling strong, healthy, and confident.

It’s basically, a how to eat for men 40 and over. Just about every fitness expert agrees, that getting results is about 80% dietary. I know from my experience, I believe this as well. We all know as men age, generally, they accumulate more and more fat as they age. The underlying reasons for this is our diet.

This is a SixPack Shortcut program and if you would want to read and learn about another of their program click here, Is Get Abs After 40 A Scam?

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Who Is TestMax Nutrition For?

So who would benefit from using TestMax Nutrition?

  • Any aging man  35 years and up, that is looking to lose weight.
  • Experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.
  • If you are thinking of going on TRT therapy.
  • Unable to workout due to an injury. (like me currently)

What is TestMax short for?

TestMax is Testosterone Maximum. This is a system to optimize your natural testosterone to its maximum level through nutrition and diet. Test is often said and replaces the word testosterone during many of the videos.

Meet Clark Bartram

Clark has been around a long time in the fitness world. Being a personal trainer, fitness model, movie actor, and television trainer. This dude has been making covers of multiple magazines in his late 40’s and has been on more than 130 fitness magazine covers. What? Yeah. The dude practices what he preaches.

He is also known as “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional.” Big words that he lives up to, but Clark has indeed earned his stripes in the fitness world and his program is generated by his wealth of knowledge.

With Co-Host Brooke Stacy

She is also a certified personal trainer and model, who has been around the fitness arena for over 10 years.

What kind of results will I get following this system?

Clark states that men can start to see a visual difference in the first month from the reduction of body fat using this plan. This program builds on itself, as you follow the plan one step helps you complete the next step and so on. Like for example, when you reduce your body fat, your hormone levels will have a better shot at being produced at their normal levels.

TestMax Nutrition Explained

TestMax is a purely nutritional program. That’s right, there is no exercise program included with this program. I know, my mind is blown too. This is great for people that don’t want to exercise to lose weight. As results can be seen by purely altering your diet to support your testosterone levels.

Clark’s system breaks down into three components.

  1. Testosterone PH.D. – Explains everything you need to know about testosterone and lays the foundation for you to progress using TestMax Nutrition. There are a total of 8 videos.
  2. Masculine Food Prep Guide – Another very thoroughly done video series that shows and explains the principles of eating right.
  3. Test Max Meal Plan And Recipe Guide – This is the actual recipes & how to prepare the meals sent to you weekly. A total of 24 recipes. Easy and they taste great. I love this!

The TestMax Nutrition has three phases.

  1. Hormone Detox Phase – The first 30 days. Removing the dietary and lifestyle choices that are holding back your optimal hormone levels. This includes removing foods that cause inflammation along with removing foods that promote estrogen.
  2. Test Recharge Phase – With the reduction of body fat, this phase is to recharge your hormone system. This takes place after the removal of body fat, this allows optimally for hormones to be produced. This will change the body into a more athletic build.
  3. Lifestyle Phase – The sustainable phase in which you learn diet choices that you can take from here on out to maintain high testosterone levels and maintaining a optimal body weight, without counting calories.

Test Max is purely a nutritional approach to maintaining and achieving the optimal hormones levels as well as low body fat levels. This approach leaves you feeling confident, full of energy and invigorated sex drive.

What Is Included In TestMax  Nutrition

One thing is for certain, you get value with this program. Just look at all of what you will receive.

  • 5 PDF files
  • 1 Introduction Video
  • 8  Testosterone PH.D. Videos
  • 4 Masculine Food Prep Guide Videos
  • 24 downloadable email recipes sent to you weekly.

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What I Like About TestMax Nutrition

  • 13 jam-packed videos. Dealing with everything you need to know about this system. These are not short quick videos, some are quite long and go in-depth. This is really appreciated because if I am purchasing a program, I want to go deep and totally immerse myself into it. TestMax Nutrition allows this and delivers the goods.
  • I love, love, love the easy to understand Hand Portion Control Guide that is included with the system purchase. Where you use your hand as a reference for measuring sizes and portions. Simple and effective and it’s with you wherever you go.
  • A long-term approach to feeling and looking better for aging men.
  • A natural approach to optimizing testosterone and other hormones, and not relying on (TRT) Testosterone Replacement Therapy.
  • Much needed placement that food is medicine and altering your diet to become healthier.
  • 9 delicious smoothie recipes that are simple to make.
  • Slow integration of the diet program, as you will be only eating 2 of the TestMax Nutrition specific meals plans (1.Testosterone Boosting smoothie for breakfast, 2. Recipe of the week meal) This allow one meal of your choice (kind of) as this must be from the Master Test-Boosting Food Catalog. This allows for you to have a little wiggle room and not be so regimented.
  • A 3-month nutritional plan that is designed to help boost your natural production of testosterone, either through diet and/or aging. Three months isn’t that long of a commitment but can be used after.
  • The meals are pretty tasty. Who doesn’t like tasty? A ton of thought went into making the food delicious.
  • The overall care and work that went into making it easy to use and the sheer amount of information are amazing.
  • Vegetarian-friendly. The TestMax Nutrition even has plans for vegetarians.
  • Master Test-Boosting Food Catalog is a great quick reference guide to eating only testosterone producing foods.
  • They even have meal modifications for women, if a woman is interested in following the diet. It has many useful tips as well.
  • Kick-Start Recipe Guide – with 14 recipes that all seem reasonable to make and prepare.
  • Meal prepping for the whole week will greatly diminish your chances of slipping up on your diet when you have already prepared the whole week food preparations. It also just makes it super convenient too.
  • Laying out the whole week of meals and snacks sure makes it convenient and simplifies the whole process. This comes sent to you via email in the TestMax Meal Plan.
  • The production value of video is pretty good. I just don’t think the two hosts have good chemistry together.
  • Celebration Meals (Cheat Meals) are encouraged after your initial 21 days of following the program. Yeah!!!!! Great for maintaining your diet for the long haul and this is invaluable. There are some rules to the celebration meals see video The Test Max Nutrition Principles.
  • Many, many, many, tips. Great tips throughout the numerous videos.
  • An app is available to help you progress and watch your videos on the go.
Screenshot of video example

What I Don’t Like About TestMax Nutrition

  • In order to get the most effect with using this system, you must be very strict on your diet for the first 21 days, as your body gets used to the new diet. But once 21 days have lapsed, you start to get a celebration meal. It might be hard to be that diligent for some people (21 days) initially. It by no means undoable, but some self-discipline is in order here.
  • Buying glass containers are easy to break and much more expensive to buy than plastic containers.
  • Having to lug around your meals with you, wherever you go.
  • Having to eat the same smoothie and lunch for a complete week.

What You Need With TestMax Nutrition

What type of Glass Storage

To fully immerse yourself, Clark highly recommends using some sort of glass container for meal prep success instead of plastic containers. As plastics leach harmful chemicals and other testosterone-blocking chemicals. He also recommends buying about 15 to 20 of these glass containers. He recommends you get them either through Bed Bath & Beyond or more cheaply through Amazon. I like the Amazon ones, plus they are cheaper too.

Meal Prep Coolers

This is for taking your food with you when you don’t have access to a refrigerator at work or wherever you may go.

Keys To Results

  • The number one key is to totally commit to this program from the get-go. This is your life and you want to see results trust in the program and follow it strictly. This way you are guaranteed the results stated above.
  • Review all the information, the PDF files & videos, this might take awhile, but to get a full broad view and complete understanding and what is required of you, you must watch everything and read it all. This will help generate results as you invest your time and energies into the TestMax Nutrition program.
  • Stick to the meal plan. Don’t deviate from it.
  • Preparation is the key to success, especially with meal planning. Pick a day, to prepare all your meals for the week on this day and stick to it.
  • Consistency is the key to losing weight and increasing testosterone. Stay the course.
  • Follow Clark’s advice and write down your goals and/or make a video stating your goals, as you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Overall Review of TestMax Nutrition 

I am convinced that this program is 100% doable and results will come when following the program. There is so much effort and knowledge put into this dietary system that there is zero chance of this being a scam.

I am implementing this system as I am dealing with a troublesome knee injury and I am happy with the results I have been attaining. It’s easy to follow and it works.

So, get started today and start to change your life for the better.

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Would love to hear any questions or comments.

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10 thoughts on “Is TestMax Nutrition A Scam?”

  1. Dan,
    Thank you for the review, was very helpful. With your experience could you clarify the cost of this program since you had already purchased and have been using? Initially I saw where the cost was $197 then they discounted it down to $97 but when you read their terms agreement this appears to be only for a 14 day trial. Misleading unless you read the fine print.. The terms also say that if you do not cancel within 14 days you will be charged an additional $67 a month every 30 days for the next 6 months. Thats something like $402 more ontop of the $97. Am I reading this right? Does the entire program from start to finish cost this much?

    • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, been extremely busy.
      I think you have misread it Walt, as every program they have has an additional 14 day free trial program. Separate from the program you bought. Trial programs are separate that complements the actual program.
      I contacted SixPackShortCuts on your behalf to help clear this up.
      Response from SixPackShortCuts:
      The $97 is for the complete program.

      Every program also has a free trial of an additional program:

      TestMax Nutrition Customers get 14 Days of Free Access to theMeal Plan & Recipe Guide that complements the TestMax Program really well. This is separate from the Main TestMax Program.
      Abs After 40 Customers get a 14 Day Free Trial to the Abs After 40 Nutrition System
      Sixpack Shortcuts Customers get a 14 Day Free Trial to the Six Pack Meal Plan

      All of the 14 Day Free Trials are for a separate program that complements the actual program.

      Hope this helps Walt, if not let me know.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for this review, I’m really interested in this. I know food is fuel and getting the right food in is really important so I’m very intrigued to know more. I read that you said it is useful for men who can’t work out because of injury and that happened with you. That is the case with me too. I can do a tiny bit of exercise but too much is risky. Even though you can’t work out, would you say you have noticed a big difference since taking up this program?

    • At the time I wrote this I was suffering from a very painful knee injury. I never went in and had it looked at and it healed on it own. Cross my fingers and knock on wood. Yes, I wasn’t able to work out but diet is 90% of losing weight anyways and…Yes, I noticed a significant weight loss while just on the nutrition side of things while following TestMax Nutrition. This is such a great method for losing weight if you are injured, but also when combined with exercise is a real killer of a program.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your review of the TestMax Nutrition System. This sounds like a good belly-fat-burning-testosterone-optimizing system for my husband. You stated that there are meal modifications for women, so I wonder if the same physiological science applies to women. If I follow the modified diet, will my estrogen levels increase? And if so, will I experience belly-fat-burning success? Since we primarily eat dinner together and my husband cooks most of the meals, this feature will be particularly beneficial for both of us. Please explain how the modified system will work well for women. Also, I’m very curious. Can I get ONE example of ONE week of lunches for men…for women? Thanks in advance for your detailed response.

    • Gloria,
      You’re welcome, it is quite a popular program for men to lose weight by simply eating meals designed to boost your natural production of testosterone.
      Yes, there is a two page TestMax For Her download that comes along with the program.
      I copied and pasted a section of the TestMax For Her below to help you.
      “While TestMax can powerfully boost men’s testosterone
      levels, the female body works differently.
      Females will only see a small boost in testosterone by following
      this meal plan, which will not result in masculinization effects
      in any way. In fact, incorporating small amounts of protestosterone
      nutrients can yield positive benefts such as
      increased energy as well as improved body composition.
      However, to ensure that the female’s hormone needs are met,
      a healthy blend of nutrients that beneft both sex hormones
      is ideal for the female dieter.”

      Yes, it will benefit both of you. You will have to alter your portions as well as making some food substitutions. The TestMax for Her is only two pages long it isn’t as detailed as the regular section, but it gives tips for substitution of the main program where it would benefit women.
      I can not divulge their copyrighted materials. After all the program is built around just dieting.
      Let me know if this helps you, or if you need more information.

  4. The editor needs to learn grammar. I don’t know what uneducated, foreign dipstick of a person did this article, but its terrible and full of poor grammar. A 4th grader could do better. It is also full of “TestMax” paid the editor for this content, nonsense. Anything called a “System”, is a scam. And I love the “assumption” that “all men” know we get fat and add lots of weight as we age. No that’s not correct. Only those with unhealthy lifestyles tend to put on the weight or those with “family DNA” that predisposed them, tend to gain weight later in life. People today are LAZY, and want a pill to fix things and that’s just never going to happen folks. I’m shocked too, at all ladies that believe in Dr OZ. He is the biggest scam on earth. Ladies, he is paid to push products, most of which don’t work, and actually will have people going to the dr more often, not less. Fact: All programs involving supposed Dr’s on tv are not legit. Same for late night programs selling garbage after 11pm. Eat better, exercise and stay committed, that is the ONLY way to lose weight and be healthy, period. To deny that, is just lying to oneself. Nuff said.

    • Hey John,
      I laughed and was slightly ashamed when I read your post. I laughed because I have notoriously bad grammar and I readily admit it. I can laugh at my faults.
      I never have any body other than myself write an article, I don’t pay people to write my articles for me, as most do. I am constantly improving my writing and grammar with each article, so stay tuned. I have been educated past the 4th grade but maybe it doesn’t come across as much as it should. Sorry.
      One thing I’ve notice with people commenting on my grammar is their grammar, in their short comment. Like for example your comment, also contain grammar errors. Yep…you have grammar errors!!! Now, think if you wrote something longer how many grammar mistakes there would be. Huh? Starting a sentence with And, not dividing up your paragraphs when switching or taking about a different idea. I could go on with more examples, but I won’t.
      You didn’t read or comprehend the article, because it all about changing your diet (i.e. TestMax Nutrition), and nothing else. As there is no exercise program, mention of doctors, or any talk about taking pills. This post is about altering your diet to raise your testosterone through diet alone.
      I would refrain from name calling and calling people out on things that you don’t do so well yourself.
      Thanks for your comment.

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