What Is Test Max Nutrition?

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Can This Program Boost Men Over 40 Testosterone Levels Naturally?

For each year we traverse around the sun, our bodies change as we age. For both women and men. Woman transition into menopause and men’s testosterone starts to decline after age 30. This change is gradual and unnoticed at first.For men, we lose muscle and accumulate more fat deposits.  Our bodies change slowly over time, till we realize one day, we have the become overweight.

We slowly lie to ourselves til reality hits, such as we see a picture of ourselves, and are gobsmacked by this. Wait…what, I’m that fat? Yeppers!

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Well, what can we do as men? My brother my brother, I have a solution.

This is where TestMax Nutrition comes in, to address and help support and boost men’s declining testosterone through diet alone. So, just to be clear. There is no working out, no TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), or unnecessary supplement taking. Just el natural, through the food we eat.

Can you actually boost your testosterone levels by just eating a carefully crafted diet?

Well, Clark Bartram and the guys over at SixPack Shortcuts have invested a lot of time and resources into believing that this is very possible. Not only does Test Max Nutrition deal with helping us lose weight it also will make you feel younger, healthier, stronger, and dare I say more sexual. I dare, as it definitely increases sex drive after all testosterone is what makes men…MEN after all.

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What Is Test Max Nutrition? 

TestMax Nutrition is specifically and purely a nutritional program aimed at increasing a man’s testosterone level naturally through diet alone. With an increase in testosterone, there are many benefits and this can be increased at just about any age. Which is quite surprising.

There is no exercise program when you buy TestMax Nutrition.

This program details and lays out the correct foods you need to increase testosterone naturally, it evens gives you the food to avoid.

It even goes into preparing your meals and meal prep materials, that will help you maintain your diet. The nutritional program lasts a total of 90 days or 3 months but also gives plenty of specific information pertaining to continuing optimizing your T-levels long after your initial 90 days have passed.

Through Clark’s three-step strategy of increasing optimal hormone levels naturally, a man can increase his confidence, energy levels, lower body fat, increase lean muscle mass and increase his sex drive.

  1. Hormone Detox Phase – First 30 days. This phase is specifically designed to eliminate body fat. This reducing of body fat will help increase and build on the next phases of the program for increasing testosterone.
  2. Test Recharge Phase – Last 30 days. You will start to rebuild your optimal hormone levels. This is the transformational level when you will start to see an increase in muscle.
  3. Lifestyle Phase – Final 30 days. This helps build a longer approach to dieting.

Who The Heck Is This Clark Bartram?

If you don’t know Clark Bartram yet, don’t worry this guy is great!

It is important to know the creator of TestMax Nutrition, I think just as important as other details pertaining to the program. The creator and developer of TestMax Nutrition is Clark Bartram. Clark at first look very familiar to me but I couldn’t place where I knew him from. He has literally been on over a hundred of covers of fitness magazines, as well as being a co-host on an ESPN fitness program. That is where I think I remember him.

As well, Clark has personally trained thousands of women and men to help transform their physique.

What Is Included?

After purchasing and reviewing the product, I was quite amazed at the number of resources you get when you purchase TestMax. Remember, Clark, recommends you review all the videos and information before embarking on this Test-Boosting endeavor.

Might I also add, all and I mean all of the materials are done with high quality in mind, from the PDF files to the ever important videos. Just top-notch done.

  • 1 Intro Video
  • 4  Masculine Food Prep Guide Videos
  • 5 PDF Files
  • 8 Lengthy Testosterone PH.D. Videos
  • 24 Downloadable Email Recipes that are also sent weekly. To help with keeping the diet refreshing and enjoyable.
Testosterone Anyone?

Who Is TestMax Nutrition For?

TestMax is mainly for men, but they also provide a PDF file specifically designed for women to follow. This can be for anyone, young or old that is looking to increase their own natural levels of testosterone. This should almost be a requirement to watch for any man, as it benefits all men.

That being said, it is geared for mostly older gentlemen wanting to gain back some youthful vigor.

Do The Meals Taste Like Cardboard?

Oh, My Gawd, NO!

Does Loaded Macho Nachos or One Pot Bison Burrito Bowl sound like cardboard? I didn’t think so…

The meals are mainly based on large consumption of protein. This is usually a big hit with men, to begin with. But also, the meals and recipes are unique and just a little different the norm, which really ramp up the WOW and delish factors.

The meals are not elaborate or hard to make either. That is what I mean when I said earlier, a lot of thought and work went into designing the recipes and meals.

This yumminess of these meals is a real selling point in of itself and these are all easy to prepare to boot.

Are The Meals Affordable To Make?

Since you will be ideally, meal preparing for the complete week on one day, initially it might appear more costly but there are more benefits, as far as monetary means are concerned to making buying and preparing food in bulk.

Just about everyone knows that buying in bulk saves you money. Why is this? Because you are purchasing multiple items and the retailer will accept a lower profit margin in order to sell more items. Also, there is usually less packaging involved when buying in bulk, as this also saves the retailer both money and time. They then pass the savings to the consumer.

Learn What Are The Right Foods To Eat To Increase Testosterone

So, the simple answer is YES!!! The meals are very affordable to make as you will be using portion control as well. Portion control is controlling the amount of food you ingest in one sitting. This will also contribute to saving money, as you will not be overeating.

You can most surely increase the quality of food (organic, grass-fed, etc) while eating less and buying in bulk if that is important to you.

Granted this nutritional program is geared towards more consumption of protein, which can make up a large portion of the cost of buying food. But you’re also able to buy in bulk, which should help bring the cost down considerably.

The Mucho Benefits of TestMax

  • Buying food in bulk saves money.
  • Preparing food in bulk saves time and helps you stick to your diet.
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased in lean muscle mass.
  • Decreased body fat.
  • Confidence with a capital C.
  • Increase sex drive naturally.
  • A healthier lifestyle.
  • The ability to lose weight if you are recovering from an injury.
  • More free time, as the meal, preparing for a whole week in just 60 minutes.

TestMax Nutrition Conclusion

I hope I have helped you understand exactly what is Test Max Nutrition.

I find this program a refreshing and welcoming nutritional program, that deviates from the norm. As it particularly targets older men. This coupled with the detailed and quality videos, recipes and meal plans, which are included in TestMax Nutrition make this a phenomenal deal.

The meals are delicious and easy to prepare as well as, they are not that expensive to prepare. The level of thought that is put into this programs is evident immediately upon purchasing this program.

If you are 35 years or older and are noticing a little more extra weight around your waist, or are feeling more tired, or a decline in sexual activity, I HIGHLY recommend giving Clark’s Bartram TestMax Nutritional program a try.


For further information that is more detailed, I recommend you take a look at the official TestMax Nutrition website. It will help to provide more answers if you are interested in learning more about this great program. You can visit the TestMax Nutrition website here.

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