How To Get Six Pack Abs After 40

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First off, let’s get this right out of the way, it is very possible, to get in shape at any age. So, it is possible to get in shape in your 40’s, 50’s, and even in your 60’s and beyond.

Don’t let your age fool you into believing you can’t get abs. Despite what you may feel or what you have heard.

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This article will deal with how to get six pack abs after 40. Since I am in my am in my mid-forties, I love finding ways to help myself improve as reviewing other methods to help people become in shape and healthier.

To attain and achieve an in shape body at an older age of 40 and beyond, we can’t just follow a workout program designed for teenagers and younger men. Sure we’d see results with any workout and diet plan, but results could come at a price.

What price is that? Try injury for one, as we age our joints and muscles are not a supple as we were once in our prime. Sad but hard truths. Also, we might have old and nagging injuries acquired from our youth, that we have to address carefully in order not to aggravate them.

So, in order to effectively achieve an in-shape body, we must curtail our workout to our aged body. Especially, if you have never really worked out before, as the muscle is not used to working out.

Aging Sucks! Right? We tend to put on more weight, are at risk for more injuries, have less energy.

I found in my research a program designed specifically for older men. Men in their 40’s and up. After all, older men need and have different requirements physically. You can’t really expect an older man to do a fitness program designed for younger men. Especially, if that older man hasn’t worked out in 10 to 20 years. There is no way. I love specifically targeted programs for individuals, that are catered and take into account their strengths and limitations as well. I believe I have hit the proverbial home run here with this one.

Abs After 40

The name of this program is Abs After 40…and we as older men, finally have a program that deals with the problems of working out and declining testosterone as our bodies age.

Abs After 40 creator and developer is Mark Mcilyar. He is a ripped 53-year-old man (pictured below), the guy with the six-pack.

I have written about this particular program after purchasing it and giving it a go-around and a thorough examination, you can read more about it here, Is Get Abs After 40 A Scam?

Their video seems to be everywhere on Social Media and YouTube, see below.

So, Click here right now to watch the Abs After 40 Video –>

This Will Work For You

After a lot study, I am very confident in this system, that it works and that is designed specifically designed for older men. The amount of material that comes along with AA40 when purchased is crazy. Try 51 videos in all, from workout videos to the nutritional system. Along with the videos is also a workout guide in a PDF file and two bonuses as well.

A couple of key components to the understanding about Abs After 40 is that it is designed to increase your testosterone level. Yes, an older man can increase his testosterone naturally and this system is designed to do just that. The other important factor to remember about this is program is that it minimizes impact and injuries. Without addressing this problem one might be prone to injury and having to stop with the exercise portion of the program.

I really enjoy the use of compound movements instead of isolation movements. As I get older I realize functionally strength comes from compound movements, not isolation movement. Functional strength is what you need every day, it’s just practical. As with exercise like the bench press are just not practical in the real world.

Using compound movements allows you to use more muscle for greater for optimizing weight loss as well.

To understand more about this system we will need to break it down. Abs After 40 is basically a three-month program, with each month having a different goal and workout that is designed with that goal in mind. They call these months Phases. I can attest to switching up your workout, as within a month your body adapts and a switch up is a great way to keep things new and stimulating new muscle growth. You will be doing a new and different set of exercises it also keeps it refreshing as well.

So What is Each Phase’s Goal?

  • Phase 1 – This is the Fat Loss Jumpstart, designed to get you losing that excess body fat. Losing fat will increase your body’s ability to generate testosterone. These will have a steamroll effect to increase muscle mass and losing weight down the road.
  • Phase 2 – Male Hormone Optimization. This takes off where Phase 1 left off, as the physical exercise is used to stimulate testosterone.
  • Phase 3 – Full-Auto-Abs. This phase is targeting getting rid of those last few pounds as well as tighten your abs.
Example of Video Introduction

Within the exercise videos, it is worth noting that Mark dishes out plenty of advice, that is well appreciated for taking it slow, alternate movements, and avoid discomfort. You’re not fed to the wolfs of injury here. This is great for aging men, as they are looking to become in shape not injured.

Although this is only 3-month course, it gives additional information to continuing using the Abs After 40 program long after your 3 months are done.

Abs After 40 Nutritional System

The meat of (excuse the pun) of any diet and exercise program if you ask me is in the nutritional program. The abs are made in the kitchen more so than the gym. Thankfully, Abs delivers on this front. They balance the nutritional side of things to support a faster metabolism, as well as hormone level while achieving fat loss.

With 31 videos all pertaining to Nutritional:

  • Cooking
  • Specific easy to prepare meals options.
  • Making food taste better without sacrificing flavor while increasing your natural production of testosterone.
  • Meal prep
  • Specific diet plan tailored to aging men.

The Nutritional System leaves no room for guessing, it reveals exactly what you need to eat as well as trying to making it as easy as possible. For an example, they have your prepare your food for the whole week in just one hour. This serves many purposes, it makes it less likely you’re going to deviate from the diet and secondly, frees up more time for you during the week. This is a great benefit as well.

Closing Thoughts 

I believe in Abs After 40. It works and quantity of information and videos will greatly improve your success. You can tell a lot of passion and effort went into creating and dialing in the many details of this program.

I know results will come no matter what your age using this program. It attacks all fronts, from exercise to the all-important nutritional side. It is sustainable and results-producing for the continuing aging of any man in order to stay in shape and remain physically attractive as well.

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Would love to hear any testimonials as well as comments or questions pertaining to Abs After 40. Thanks!




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4 thoughts on “How To Get Six Pack Abs After 40

  1. My brother is really into bodybuilding and he has been looking for ways in which he can actually work on his muscles in order to improve his overall health and muscle structure.
    This program that you recommend here is pretty amazing and it is definitely something he would be interested in, thanks for the detailed review.

    1. I really love this program as it puts so much emphasis on catering to older men and women and working around this factor. I have yet to see a program designed with this much care for the older individual.

  2. Hi Dan

    After reading your post I really believe my husband will be interested to take a look too! He has been searching for ways to lose his belly fat and getting fit again. This program would help our whole family because we would be focussed on ensuring we eat well too! A good motivator for hubby I think.

    Cheers Gina

    1. A great program and yes, for the whole family to benefit as well. The really keep in mind that older men are more susceptible to injury and they curtail their programs to this fact. Which I love, because nothing else with stop forward progress like an injury. 

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