Is Get Abs After 40 A Scam?

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Abs After 40 A Scam?

Are you near or over the age of 40? Do you have 20 to 30 pounds of belly fat? Do you want to have that tone look even though you’re getting older? Well, Abs After 40 claims to boost testosterone and help you get rid of you your belly fat. One of the first programs aimed specifically at older men.

Another great program offered by the same company SixPack shortcuts is TestMax Nutrition. I wrote a review feature an in-depth review of the program found here, Is TestMax Nutrition A Scam?

Maybe you have seen the ads on YouTube or watched some of the videos pertaining to Abs After 40 and are wondering about the legitimacy of it all. My aim within this post is to help you determine if Abs After 40 a scam? Does it work? Will you see results?

Meet Mark

Enter Mark Mcilyar, a ripped 53-year-old man, also known as the “ripped grandpa“. He is the one that developed this program through trial and error, as well he will headline most of the videos. That’s good because it hard not to like Mark. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and dropping many tips along the way.

I love the opportunity to review exercise and diet programs. I love all the different and unique approaches to getting in shape. I have reviewed a few here on this website that works great. But what struck me as more unique than other programs out there, is that this specific program is targeted and catering to older men. Most of the programs are marketed to younger men. Me being in my mid-forties my ears perked up like Spock’s when I first saw this program. So I went out and purchased this course to look it over and to also start the program myself.

Well, let’s get right into it…

Abs After 40 Explained

Abs After 40 is a fitness and diet program that is 90-days long. Each month is considered a phase (see below). This program’s main focus, whether it is the exercise program or the diet is to get you to increase your testosterone. As testosterone levels can be elevated with the correct exercise and also diet. It is what makes men, men after all. But as we men age, our bodies don’t make as much testosterone as it once did. Thankfully we can ramp up the production of testosterone regardless of age or the shape we are in.

The program is geared to increase testosterone while also minimizing impact and injuries. As we men age we become more susceptible to injury and our bodies cannot take the pounding they once did when we were younger. The workout program also leans heavily on compound movements, but there are also a few isolation movements as well. The majority of the exercises are compound movements and this is also key to having functional strength, as well as losing weight by stimulating your testosterone through key body movements.

The programs are 20 minutes to 35 minutes long to complete. I really like the amount of advice Mark gives as for form and for taking it slow if you are experiencing any discomfort. Also, the videos can be downloaded onto your computer for watching later as well as watching over an internet connection.

3 Phases

There are a total of 3 Phases to the Abs After 40 program. Each is 1 month in length. Every week of every phase has 5 workouts. I like this, as the body adapts to any program over a set period of time, and Abs After 40 throws in variance each month with a totally different set of exercises to stimulate growth and to keep your body guessing at what is coming next.

  • Phase 1 – Fat Loss Jumpstart – The main focus is to shed excess body fat. This is to increase the male hormone testosterone.
  • Phase 2 – Male Hormone Optimization – This phase is purposely designed to increase testosterone levels by resistance training.
  • Phase 3 -Full-Auto Abs – To eliminate remaining body excess body fat and really push at strengthening and revealing your abs.

Nutritional System

This nutritional program is specifically designed for men over 40. This involves catering to their metabolism, as well as their hormones while promoting fat loss.

The amount of nutritional videos to watch with this system is great! You get access to over 31 pertaining to nutritional information needed to increase testosterone and lose weight.

You would think that these meals would take a long time to prepare, but not the case here.

I won’t go too much into the nutritional aspect of it but it does center around higher amounts of protein with lower carbohydrates intake. This type of diet is proven to work for many people.

Very detailed at what to eat, with lots of great tips!!!

What Is Included In Abs After 40 Program?

  • 20 Workout Videos – Detailing the specific workout for each month.
  • Abs After 40 Workout Guide – PDF file.
  • Nutrition System – A total of 31 Videos, showing you exactly what to eat.
  • Bonus #1 – How To Deal With Common Injuries & Gym Problems” ebook.
  • Bonus #2 – Free Six Pack Training App

What I Like About AA40

  • Very Professionally done and put together system.
  • Nutritional Program is all-encompassing and thorough. The sheer amount of videos pertaining to nutrition is just amazing. We all know the importance of proper nutrition, and I am a firm believer that abs are made in the kitchen.
  • I like that there is an outro video with this program. Most programs skip this step but not Abs After 40. Although relatively short the video does explain what to do after the third phase (90 days) are done. Which I think is very important to holding on to your gains as well as to go for better results as well. It offers also additional tips for advancing as well.
  • Each month is a different set of an exercise, this shocks the body and keeps it guessing. It is well known that the body will adapt to any program over a period of time. That is why mixing it up with an alternative workout routine is vital to making the most out of your continued efforts.
  • I love the ability to watch or download the video. In life, you need to be flexible and Abs After 40 gets this right by allowing you to download the video to watch later or just watch it on the video when you’re online.
  • Focus on elevating testosterone. I am a firm believer in naturally increasing the level of testosterone, through exercise and diet. For men, this is the elixir of life: the ability for raging hard-ons to looking sexually attractive to functional muscle.
  • Workouts are under 35 minutes each. We all are short on time in our day, this caters to that but also delivers results.
  • Can be done anywhere: at home, at the gym, or even outdoors.
  • Generally, a lot of thought and effort went into all the materials presented within the program. To the videos, to the Training Guide and How To Deal With Common Injuries & Gym Problems. The later one is so useful for older men and will help you progressing seeing results.
  • If you are completely out of shape this program will get you steadily in shape, a nice slow build-up to becoming in shape. Unlike a lot of exercise programs out there, they want you to be in shape right at the first video and expect you to perform. Not here, they give lots of advice about if you can’t complete an exercise on what to do. Especially about doing mostly calisthenics is a good way to get in shape without risking injury.
  • Somebody finally gets it. What, you ask? That older man can’t always do what they could do when they were younger and don’t expect you to perform up to that level. Abs After 40 takes this into consideration, that we are not twenty years old anymore and caters to this fact. Taking it slow if need be and low impact compound movements.
  • The host’s Mark Mcilyar and Toby are easy to listen to and watch. This is important as there are many videos to watch.
  • Greatly appreciate the number of compound movements within the workout videos. This is something I haven’t done a lot of personality, and I find this very refreshing as you are not just hitting the gym with standard weight lifting exercises. Compound movements I think are better for overall strength and agility. Glad to see they really focus on this.
  • Offered with purchasing the AA40 program you with it a calendar, as you can chart your progress. This is very important to staying conscient and aiming for a goal. You need to set a goal and stick to it.
  • Additionally, Abs After 40 has an Abs After 40 Advance program to purchase if you want to get even more in shape and just a natural evolution of the original program.
  • Meal preparations are detailed for the whole week so by spending just a single hour, you will have all of your meals for the week prepared and ready to go.
  • The nutritional system slowly incorporates your own diet with Abs After 40 diet. It’s not a total immersion into the diet right away. You will only be replacing 2 of your meal choices the first month, allowing you to decide the third meal of what you regularly eat. This obviously progresses to replacing all of your meals in the future. This benefits the user greatly.

What I Don’t Like About AA40

  • Although the video shows you the routine and all the specific exercises, it is not something that you can follow in real-time. For example, sometimes Toby or Mark do not do the active rest period or they just don’t show it. This is sure to allow you to proceed at your own pace and not someone else’s pace, so it’s not that big of a deal.
  • You will be counting a lot. Get used to counting as the 10 to 15 second active rest period and counting the number of reps you do. As mentioned above the video shows you the outline but cannot be followed second by second, as you must track the seconds yourself. Maybe a smartphone app would help with this. I use them from the Google Play Store Boxing Timer. This can be used for the active rest period as the app is extremely programmable.
  • Although the nutritional videos are amazing, vast, and full of useful knowledge, I would like to have a pdf version of it as well for reading.
  • A set of dumbbells can be expensive and take up a lot of space, but also if you have a free weight system at home you can use that with two adjustable single hand bars. This is what I use.
  • Seems expensive but the amount of detail that goes into this is top-notch, you also don’t need to join a gym that could potentially cost you more than this program.

Equipment Needed For Abs After 40

Set of dumbbells or two adjustable dumbbell bars.

Keys To Getting Results

  • With any exercise or diet program, the number one key to losing weight and seeing positive results is consistency. So, stay consistent with your workout schedule as well as the diet plan. Make the 3-month commitment to discipline yourself to follow the plan. If you deviate from the plan your results will be minimal.
  • Depending on how well of shape you are in, you should take the first month slow, probably doing only the 3 Cycles, instead of the 5 cycles. But saying that, if you are handling the exercise well you can bump up the number of cycles as you see fit.
  • I would watch the specific video before working out for that day, to refresh the proper movement of each exercise. I would also have the training guide somewhere in front of you for a quick reference while performing the workout.
  • If plagued with joint pain, I would suggest a supplement like Hydrolyzed Collagen to add to your diet. I wrote a review of it here, What Is The Best Hydrolyzed Collagen? This has been shown scientifically when ingested to go specifically to the joints in order to repair them. This has greatly improved my nagging knee pain and I just love it.
  • Also, another great nutritional addition to your diet is bone broth for nagging injuries. You can read my review of Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Review as well as my Bone Broth Recipe to make your own.

Summation Of Abs After 40 

The sheer amount of effort that went into the creation of materials you get when you purchase the Abs After 40 program is astounding. In order for Abs After 40 to be a scam, you would have to see a lot fewer materials offered to you. The creators of this program put tons of thought and work into creating this system. After reviewing, all the vast materials provided here, you can tell somebody actually cares and wants to deliver a working exercise and diet program.

Frankly, I have seen plenty of exercise and diet programs with fewer materials, less thought, and less caring sell for more. You won’t feel shorthanded after purchasing this program. I believe it is all-encompassing for a diet and exercise program and I think you will too. As mentioned above it lays out the steps very clearly for both the exercise as well as the nutritional information to get you progressing to truly in shape.

Click here right now to watch the Abs After 40 Video –>

If you have any questions or comments, I always welcome them.

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6 thoughts on “Is Get Abs After 40 A Scam?

    1. Yes, it works. The program is highly detailed but easy to implement into your life. I love that it specifically caters to older men, as I assume you are older like me (I’m 45) I have a few injures that I DO NOT want to aggravate. This takes this into account and our nutritional aspect as well. I have done other programs geared to the younger crowd, this is geared to older men and it for certain works.

  1. Have you tried this product yourself? I am wondering if you have any first-hand experience with this product.

    Do you know of anyone that has used the product and have seen success?

    Your information is great but what is important is the proof behind it. Thanks for the research and info. I appreciate it.

    1. Did you read the article? Yes Jerry, I have first hand experience this is how I wrote about it after purchasing the program. The proof is the countless amount of people that use the program and commented on it online, as well as the information I provide detail the many aspects of the program. The amount of materials and the quality of materials is damn good. Really thorough and all encompassing with nothing left out. 

      Hope this helps you determine if it is right for you.

  2. I really like your review!! I like how you go into great detail about the program and outline why it cannot be a scam. I totally agree with you as well, there’s way too much info for it to be a scam. Scams tend to be vague and not get into too much detail.

    1. Get Abs After 40 offers way too much information to be a scam is right. It is quality information as well. I’ve seen far lesser programs sell for a lot more and offer a fraction of what Abs After 40 offer. I love the details and the thoroughness of it all. A great program for the older man.

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