MCT Oil Benefits & Side Effects

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What Is MCT Oil?

What is MCT Oil? What are MCT Oil benefits & side effects?

If you have never heard of MCT Oil, it’s quickly becoming a very popular supplement, and here is your chance to learn about this great product and it’s many health benefits. Or even if you heard about MCT Oil, to learn more and to start effectively using and reaping the advantages MCT Oil has to offer.

MCT Oil stands for medium-chain triglycerides, it is a type of fat that is found in coconut oil. It is derived from coconut oil by centrifuging coconut oil where the different types of fats are separated and the two medium-chain triglycerides are extracted.  It is 6 times stronger than regular coconut oil meaning you get 6 times the MCT Oil. MCT Oil is a clear orderless and tasteless liquid. These MCT oils have tremendous health benefits.

Unlike long-chain fatty acids (LCFA), medium-chain fatty acids are easily absorbed and quickly converted into energy by your body. Making it more desirable as LCFA are usually stored as body fat.

Why Use MCT Oil?

Well, what are some of the benefits of taking this coconut derived supplement? Would you believe:

  • weight loss
  • decreases body fat
  • increased metabolism
  • suppression of your appetite
  • quick used for energy for both mind and body
  • increase in physical endurance

Very little to none of MCT Oil is stored as fat because it is used for energy so quickly within your body. Your body can burn MCT Oil for energy with your body without any digestive process required. It easily assimilates it into your body.

No wonder in the Philippines, the coconut tree is called the tree of life. With so many uses for all parts of the tree. It’s the ultimate survival tree, in how many survival shows do they use the coconut on a deserted island for food, water, shelter, to just name three? Just about all of them that are tropical. The Philippines correctly named this valuable tree and it deserves our total respect.

What Are The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil?coconut tree

We all love a good quality coconut oil, don’t we? It’s health benefits and good taste. I can eat coconut oil raw with a spoon it’s almost like eating candy and taste great in coffee too. Although doing research on MCT Oil, I found a lot of people do not enjoy the taste of coconut oil. So don’t be afraid of any coconut taste in MCT Oil, there isn’t any. Totally tasteless.

Studies have been shown that taking coconut oil has decreased the amount of body fat in men and women. Coconut oil is transferred into energy rather than fat storage. Also shown to increase your metabolism rate. It has also been shown to suppress appetite. Possible helps control acne by having anti-bacterial properties. I use both coconut oil and MCT Oil in conjunction and hope to benefit from what both have to offer.

Studies have shown that coconut oil has a positive effect on acne. That the lauric acid has a powerful antibacterial property which helps control acne.coconut4

Difference Between MCT Oil & Coconut Oil

Basically, MCT Oil is manufactured and Coconut Oil is naturally. MCT Oil is derived from coconut oil. Coconut oil contains all of the fatty acids while MCT only contains the medium fatty acids.

How Many Calories in MCT Oil?

Surprisingly enough, different manufacturers of MCT Oil vary on the number of calories per serving, but not by much. They range from 100 calories to 135 calories per 1 tablespoon. Below you will find the different companies listed below with their caloric numbers. This is a minor factor and shouldn’t determine what product you purchase, as there are other important aspects to consider. This is for informational purposes.

  • Onnit MCT Oil = 125 Calories per serving of 1 tablespoon (15mL)
  • Now Sports MCT Oil = 100 Calories per serving of 1 tablespoon (15 mL)
  • Nestle Health Science MCT Oil = 115 Calories per serving of 1 tablespoon (15 mL)
  • Viva Labs MCT Oil = 135 Calories per serving of 1 tablespoon (15 mL)
  • Sport Research MCT Oil = 125 Calories per serving of 1 tablespoon (15 mL)

MCT Oil Benefits Weight Loss

Along with the appetite suppression, the benefits of MCT Oil, you should be aware of the calorie content of your MCT Oil. That is why I posted it up above. This is a calorie-packed supplement and should be cautiously kept track of. Calories throughout the day have a way of sneaking into our diet and MCT Oil is no different. So remember to account for these calories if you are on a diet, as they could be with 4 tablespoons as many as 540 calories through taking MCT Oil alone.

Pros & Cons

  • Zero taste & No odor – Some people hate the taste or smell of coconut oil.
  • Easily digested by the body.
  • Increase in cognition. I was taking Alpha Brain, a great product btw, Alpha Brain is a nootropic and helps with memory, cognition, flow state (Read my review (What Is Alpha Brain For?) Before I started taking MCT Oil and I noticed a definite increase in cognition and memory with just taking Alpha Brain alone, but after taking MCT Oil in combination, I noticed a definite little bump, an increase in the way I thought. Just a lot sharper mentally adding the two together.
  • Great for losing weight.
  • Does not need to be refrigerated but kept in a cool dark space.
  • Great to be used with bulletproof coffee.
  • Good & healthy source of energy.
  • Seems to provide a more steady energy flow while taking MCT Oil. No roller coaster effects.
  • MCT Oil has been reported by some people noted improvements in dementia and Alzheimer’s from taking it.
  • MCT not stored as body fat but is used for energy.
  • Greatly helps with acne, as the lauric acid has strong antimicrobial properties. The Onnit MCT Oil has a whopping 30% lauric acid.
  • Diarrhea **WARNING! TAKING TOO MUCH TOO FAST WILL RESULT IN DIARRHEA!!**  A case of the right nows, if you are not used to it.
  • Can cause nausea in some people at first. AKA MCT nausea.
  • Needs to be taking slow at first. Or a whole host of problems can be encountered.
  • Most bottles of MCT Oil that I have seen and used do not have a pump attached to them, which I feel would be easier to dispense the oil, consistently.
  • MCT Oil should not be put in Styrofoam containers as MCT Oil or any oil for that matter, breaks down the Styrofoam.

How To Eat MCT Oil

You can consume MCT oil any way you would like but here are some ways people eat this great supplement. I add MCT Oil to my coffee and I feel it takes the acid taste of the coffee down and makes it more enjoyable to drink while maintaining the benefits of the MCT Oil. A side note here too, I also take regular virgin coconut oil a couple of tablespoons a day just for some of the benefits of using coconut oil. As I want the best of both worlds…

  • Coffee – Amazing Coffee from Caveman Coffee sold by Onnit.coffeebeans
  • On top of salads
  • Drizzled with food
  • Some people just pour it onto a spoon and consume it that way.
  • Smoothies
  • Substituted for any conventional oil, but not heated as it has a low boiling point.
  • Could also be used for massage oil.

Although MCT Oil is an oil, it is a more watery oil in its nature, than coconut oil and leaves a less oily residue within your mouth when consumed. It is totally undetectable when mixed in smoothies but floats on the top when added to coffee. It also doesn’t seem to alter the taste of anything it is added too.

How Much MCT Oil Should I Take?

Now you know the health benefits of taking MCT Oil and how it is usually consumed. We need to know how much MCT Oil should I take in, on a daily basis. The standard dietary supplement dosage is anywhere from 1 to 4 tablespoons (15 mL) a day. Believe me, don’t overdo this!!!

You can read below, as to why. Maybe start off with half a tablespoon at first then slowly up from there.

I personally started off taking just one tablespoon per day, usually in the morning. Then I gradually went to two tablespoons after two weeks, Then to three tablespoons after a couple more weeks. I took it slow, allowing my body to get used to it. I’m not a young man anymore and my body doesn’t do well with just front-end loading a bunch of new supplements into my system.

I personally had ZERO negative side effects by gradually introducing this to my body. This is the way I would highly recommend you do as well if you plan on using MCT Oil. Allow your body to slowly get used to MCT Oil and also your gut bacteria.

Dangers of MCT Oil

It is generally recommended not to use MCTs during pregnancy or breastfeeding because it is not studied, and effects are not known. Research is not in on the effects on unborn babies and should be avoided until further data is attained.

Probably the number 1 side effect is a severe bout of diarrhea. This is caused by taking too much, too fast. You should be slowly build up to 3 or 4 tablespoons a day of a high-quality source. MCT Oil needs to be respectively taken slowly to allow the body to adapt to this new source of nutrition.

It’s not to be used with any Styrofoam and it is not recommended for any type of cooking. Like any oil, it breaks down the Styrofoam and should be avoided. It also has a low smoke point and shouldn’t be heated or cooked with. It’s okay to drizzle on after cooking.

Where To Purchase MCT Oil?

I buy my MCT Oil from Onnit, as I know it’s from a quality source of 100% coconut oil, as some other brands use palm oil. Palm oil is the source for MCT in most brands and the last stands of Palm trees are the native habitat for the orangutans. So their habitat is being destroyed for the sake of obtaining MCT Oils. Not so, with Onnit.

I just trust this company more than other companies and I highly recommend using their MCT Oil. All of Onnit products are from sustainable resources and the best quality they can find in the world. I just trust Onnit. Aubrey Marcus, the owner of Onnit, is truly a different breed of owner. He cares about the earth and people, as I have listened to many a podcast with him as the guest or hosting. It doesn’t take long to realize he really cares and has unique perspectives.

I also reviewed a couple of other great Onnit products available for you to read: What Is Total Primate Care? and What Is Alpha Brain For? Both are amazing products.

Buy Onnit MCT Oil

Is MCT Oil Good For You?

I hope you now have an understanding of MCT Oil Benefits & Side Effects. As you can see there are benefits & side effects of taking MCT Oil. The side effects are minor or insignificant if slowly introduced. While I believe the benefits are truly worth buying and I personally have experienced a positive weight loss effect, increased energy, and more importantly increase in cognition (which was a surprise to me).

If you have any questions or comments would really love to hear them. Thanks


























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18 thoughts on “MCT Oil Benefits & Side Effects

  1. I will be the first one to admit. That I have never heard of MCT oil before ever in my life. But after reading this post. Next time I get paid. Coconut oil will be on the list of things to get.
    It helps with weight loss and physical endurance. Sheesh this stuff is top notch. I wonder where is the best place to purchase some. Is there a such thing as organic coconut oil?

    1. Glad I could introduce you to an amazing supplement, MCT Oil. It has so many wonderful benefits both coconut oil and MCT Oil. I prefer cooking with the coconut oil and adding MCT Oil to coffee and shakes. I found a boost in cognitive function from taking it and the most notable to me. I would recommenced purchasing from Onnit, because they really care what goes into their products and how those products are harvested. Yes, there is such a thing as organic coconut oil and I prefer that to non organic coconut oil. Hope this helps you. Thanks for the comment.

        1. That’s too bad that it makes you feel nauseated. I was going to suggest a smaller doses but I see that even bothers you. At least you know that it doesn’t agree with you and can avoid it in the future.

  2. The one sentence that says “Not to be used with any styrofoam or not to be used for cooking” What does the first part even mean, not to be used with styrofoam and why? Then do not cook with it and in your statement you said you prefer cooking with the oil? I am very interested in this product but I am a “have to know person” ha before I put anything into my body, but I have to tell you, this sound great… Thanks for the info.

    1. Ronna, I guess I should have put why MCT Oil shouldn’t be used with Styrofoam, it is because I guess the MCT Oil eats the Styrofoam and dissolves the container. I never tested this but from what I read on multiple sites and for that matter, I’ve read any oil breaks down Styrofoam. Weird right? I know some coffee containers you get from fast food or gas stations might still be using Styrofoam and MCT Oil shouldn’t be added to these containers.
      Sorry for the confusing conflicting statements. I had to reread my post to find where I made the mistake. I do not cook with MCT Oil, nor is it recommended anywhere I can find online. I have never experimented with cooking MCT Oil either, but I have cooked with coconut oil and enjoy it when I want a slight coconut taste. I guess it has a low smoke point, which means it smokes heavily when it is heated and not a desirable property to have for cooking oil.
      Thanks for the interesting comments and I completely understand having to know about a new supplement before ingesting it. I really enjoy the benefits of MCT Oil and glad I could help you.

    2. You can cook using MCT oil, but use low heat.
      For example, i like my breakfast scramble egg; i put one table spoon of MCT oil in the pan and one egg(i eat one egg once in a while); i watch my dairy intake.

      Of course, you can cook your breakfast eggs, once you serve your eggs on your plate, you can add a tablespoon of MCT oil on the top of your breakfast.

      1. Maria, thanks for sharing how you cook with MCT Oil. I imagine if like you say, you just use low heat it will be fine. I also like the mention of drizzling it over eggs. Love hearing how people use MCT Oil. Would also love to hear about the benefits people have from using MCT Oil. Thanks for the comment.

    1. I am not a doctor and don’t feel comfortable weighing in on this. Sorry. I would ask your doctor about it to get a more informed opinion on the matter. I would hate to give you any wrong information.

  3. I have heard quite a lot about MCT oil but didn’t really know what it was, except it is a product of coconut oil.
    I was under the misapprehension that you could actually cook with it, but that appears to be wrong, going by your post.
    I consume organic coconut oil every day and always put a good tablespoonful in my coffee. I use avocado oil for cooking because it has the highest smoke point, so I understand. Coconut oil less so but still better than virgin olive oil which should only be used in salads and cold food.
    You have a lot of information about MCT but I don’t seem to be able to buy it in our local whole food store here in the UK. I will probably have to get it on line.
    Does coconut oil have the laxative effect as well as MCT?

    1. If your consuming organic coconut oil you should be receiving some MCT Oil with this. 

      I am unable to find it locally where I am at too. So, I have to purchase it online as well, but gladly do it to attain the benefits. I love Onnit’s MCT Oil and it is one of my favorites.

      Coconut oil is a great very natural laxative to help with bowel movements. This has to do with the medium-chain fatty acids. Many people find relief from constipation by consuming coconut oil and MCT Oil, as it usually softens the stool, which reduces the friction.

  4. Hey Dan,
    great article. I use coconut oil in many dishes at home but I’ve never heard of MCT Oil. I am personally on a crusade against cancers and degenerative diseases. I am very cautious when it comes to manufactured goods as industrial never tell us the whole story until it is too late.
    Has any research been completed on whether MCT oil is cancerogenic or not?

    1. I also am also weary of manufactured goods, as they lead to all kinds of problems. The more natural you can go the better your health and mood seems to be.
      I haven’t done much research on MCT oil on causing cancer but a quick Google on the subject seems to be that MCT Oil has a good standing as far as not causing cancer. Hope this helps.

  5. We sometimes use coconut oil in cooking—in frying fish or meat, I wonder whether this MCT oil can be used as a substitute. Since, according to your review, this is the more refined version of coconut oil, then all the health benefits that were mentioned we can have them all. Have you tried using this in cooking aside from taking in as a food supplement?

    1. I love using coconut oil in cooking too, as it really adds a nice flavor to whatever I am cooking. I have not tried cooking with it at all. As I just add it to smoothies and coffee. I am sure someone out there cooks with it, I haven’t tried it. I now it has a low boiling point. I’ll have to look into it.

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