What Is Total Primate Care?

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 Meet Total Primate Care

What is Total Primate Care? Also known as TPC, for short. Well, let’s face it, our days as modern humans are complicated. We are doing more than ever in human history, balancing, job, family, friends, exercise, nutrition, etc, etc, etc…

So, we have to become good or better, at multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is the norm, nowadays.

Enter The Total Primate Care.

Imagine trying to put all of these supplements together by yourself?

Forget about it, right?

Who has the time?

Well, in order to save more time and energy and also to make it a hell of a lot more convenient, the people at Onnit have decided to combine all of their human optimizing ingredients together to ensure you are allowing your body the most beneficial nutrients available. They create an “all-in-one” supplement.


Great idea, right? Most of these ingredients you will not get with even a well-balanced diet. That is the beauty of Total Primate Care. It supplies you with an easy way to, if I may borrow a late-night infomercial slogan, Set it, and forget it approach. Thereby freeing time while optimizing your true human potential.

Total Primate Care is a supplement pack. A packet for the morning and a packet for the night. The Day Pack is optimally designed to work during your active time and the Night Pack is designed to work when sleeping. Both the packs contain Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. Each of the different Packs is designed to optimally help you during specific times of the day.


Onnit Total Primate Care will give you the best results with the least effort.

Saving you the guesswork. Saving you the time to research. As stated on their webpage, Less Than 30 seconds a day to fully optimize your self.

What’s In Total Primate Care?

  • Alpha BrainDay Pack. I love Alpha Brain, my favorite supplement at Onnit! With various nutrients that help cognition, focus, memory, and energy.
  • Shroom Tech SportDay Pack. This supplement helps fight fatigue, increases cellular energy, and most importantly cardiovascular endurance.
  • Stron BoneDay Pack. This is for stronger bones and more flexible joints. Reduce the risk of fractures and breaks and increase joint mobility.
  • New MoodNight Pack. Stress relieving and to help improve mood and optimize your sleep.
  • ViruTechNight Pack. This works overnight to aid your immune system and aid in your body’s antioxidant response.
  • Coral CalciumNight Pack. This provides essential calcium, magnesium, and various trace minerals (which most people lack).
  • Shroom Tech ImmuneIn both packs. Boost your immune system to stave off possible attacks from colds.
  • Krill Oil In both packs. Better than fish oil, Krill Oil provides important fatty acids (EPA & DHA) to boost brain health and total system health.
  • Spirulina & ChlorellaIn both packs. Both of these algae are nutrient-rich foods containing antioxidants and minerals for the whole body.
Day Pack
Night Pack

Why You Must Try To Better Yourself?

Because that is the thing about optimizing yourself, yeah you might be feeling fine most of the time and you think you’re in pretty good health and you don’t need any supplements. It’s not until you try something different and feel better, that you realize there is a lot of room for improvement. You don’t know until you have tried and feel better.

Total Primate Care will set you on the right course to better living. For athletes, housewives, students, the elderly, or anybody for that matter.

That’s when you know, you know.

I found this out myself when I first starting taking Alpha Brain. Within a week I was enjoying the benefits of mental clarity, focus, and better cognition, just to name the obvious ones. But after taking this and then running out of Alpha Brain in the next couple of months, I started to see the benefits start leaving and I realized that I missed using the product. The mental fog came back and I wasn’t as sharp.

Not until I tried it, then ran out of it, did I realize I wasn’t the best I could be.

Then the light bulb turned on!

To be completely honest, I really missed it. Tasks were easier and I functioned better. Writing became almost effortless. The same thing happens when taking TPC, you’ll notice an improvement in so many areas, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use this before.

You can read my other reviews about Onnit products here, What Is Alpha Brain For? and also MCT Oil Benefits & Side Effects.

Have You Taken A Multi-Vitamin Before, Notice Anything?

Nope. Neither, have I!!!

Wondering why these multi-vitamins are doing nothing for you but turning your urine bright yellow. Oh, yeah it does turn your urine a brighter neon, and that’s about the only noticeable difference I have ever noticed. These multi-vitamins show no increase in energy, cognitive function, alertness, focus, so on, and so on.

You blindly assume something beneficial is happening when taking a multi-vitamin, unseen, and un-felt, inside your self. As you wonder, “I hope this is doing something“.

Trust me, you’ll notice benefits right away, if you ever tried any Onnit supplement you’ll already know this, this stuff works.

You’ll notice and not need to have blind faith if the product is working. You’ll feel it!

Not only does it work but they find the best resources in the world to use within their products. Conscious, of environmental concerns with the harvesting of natural resources, is always taken into consideration.

Unlike multi-vitamins, the sources of the nutrients are unknown. Your guess is as good as mine, where all of the minerals come from. Onnit shares this information to educate and takes a responsible stance on the sustainability of our resources.

Who Is TPC for?

Total Primate Care is for everybody. Everybody can better optimize their body & mind, with diet, supplements. No one is above optimizing themselves. Onnit takes the guessing and the legwork of researching to simply just taking 2 packs a day of TPC. Leaving you more time to handle all the other going on’s in your life while supporting your most healthy state possible.

Feel better, be better!tpc_125x125

Total Primate Care is especially for athletes, who train hard and who are looking for that competitive edge. Many well-known athletes take Onnit products.

One would be hard-pressed to find a better supplement out there to optimize your health than Total Primate Care. That is probably why it is such a well-bought product.

The Packs are so easy to take as compared to having 20 bottles of pills to choose from and remember to take and at what time. The Day/Night Packs are a great idea, to simplify.

Price Break Down On Total Primate Care

For the Total Primate Care (15 day supply) it cost $64.95

For the Total Primate Care (30 day supply) it cost $109.95


Tips On Saving Money At Onnit

I love saving money and maybe you like saving too. Who am I kidding we all like to save money, as long as it doesn’t require a lot of work on our part? Onnit products can be kinda expensive, but they work. Onnit has a sale on products twice a year (read below to find out when).

  1. Join the #StayOnnit save 20% on the first purchase. You can save money with a first purchase #StayOnnit Program for 20% off. This is a great way to save money and no need to keep ordering your favorite Onnit products. It allows you to automatically set up shipments. I highly recommend signing up for the #StayOnnit program.
  2. Black Friday Sale – Forget fighting your way through Walmart and those massive lines. You will find the biggest savings on this day. Percentage varies.
  3. April 19th – This is the only other sale date when Onnit has cheaper prices.
  4. Promo codes – I know “Rogan” is an additional 10% off when enter as if you listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast he regularly shares this code.
  5. Sign up for Ebates. Ebates gives you cashback for purchasing items online, much like using rebates but without the sending in of receipts. I highly recommend you download the Ebates Button on your browser, once you sign up. You can save up to 12.5% on Onnit purchases.
  6. Dealspotr has the best current promo codes and sales updated daily by members. You can sign up for Dealspotr here. Amazing promo codes and sales. Currently, at the time of writing, this is code for $35.00 off Total Primate Care.

Final Thoughts

What is Total Primate Care? I believe this is one of the best bundlings of supplements in the world. This is such a great way to try most of the Onnit products in a simple, easy to use packet system. It covers so many bases for your health, well-being, and mood. You’ll wonder why you didn’t find this earlier. You’ll also be ditching your old multi-vitamins for TPC, for something you can actually feel working in your day-to-day life.

Buy Total Primate Care

tpc_300x250You can also take a look around to see all of the other products Onnit carries. Clothing, training equipment, food, supplements, personal care products, getting certified at the Onnit Academy too.


I would the opportunity to answer questions or comments below. Thanks!
















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13 thoughts on “What Is Total Primate Care?

  1. That’s pretty interesting Dan, as it seems its pretty well optimized for any person’s needs as it takes key ingredients needed for a daily dose day and that are natural ingredients that people need for special purpose. Everthing looks really nice and well laid out on this siet as well.

    1. Andrew, the ingredients are definitely optimized and all natural and that will greatly help anyone feel better and preform better too. It kind of sounds snake oil-ish, but they have science to back up their claims. I use their product and I just love them, because they work. It’s that simple. If you listen to the owners, you will quickly become interested and won over by them as they are honest and trustworthy and passionate about what they sell and promote.

      Thanks for the compliment about my site also.

  2. I totally like this idea of being able to get everything you need in one set of supplements. To have an easy day and night pack is great. No more keeping a bunch of different supplements in the cupboard. I really like the idea of Total Primate Care. The only thing that I don’t like is the price tag. Seems a little spendy, but if I added up the cost of all my supplements, they would be spendy too.

    1. You make some very good points about Total Primate Care. The convenience of the packs are great. All supplement seem expensive.The price can seem high, but if you compare the price breakdown in the black chart above, you are saving a lot of money by bundling all of the supplement together. If you are looking for an edge in a high competitive field in which these supplements would benefit you, the price isn’t a factor.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Interesting article about Total Primate Care. Thanks! You’re right I don’t usually feel any difference short term taking multivitamins. I just hope it works long term. So, when you take TPC, there’s no need for any multivitamins or any other supplements, right? What about the estrogen – testosterone balance? My husband always tries to keep his estrogen low and testosterone high.

    1. Hey Sandy.

      This isn’t the typical multivitamins, you’ll feel better, sleep better, think better, recover better, etc, etc. The benefits are amazing and you will notice them.

      I wouldn’t say that you don’t need other supplements. That is up to the individual to decide that. Many people also take additional Alpha Brain with TPC or Shroom Tech Sport with TPC. Especially if you are training hard. I would start off recommending TPC then going from there. I don’t think the people at Onnit make that claim that Total Primate Care is the only supplement you need. People have and need different supplements, it just varies.

      Onnit has a product called Total Strength + Performance designed for increasing strength and recover. Hope this helps.

  4. This read was interesting. I used to take a lot of supplements and now I take none except for the odd vitamin c when I am feeling run down. And you are right, all the supplements I used to take didn’t really make a lot of difference other than what you said-turning my pee yellow and perhaps making my hair and nails grow faster (which to be honest was not the result I was looking for!).

    I like the idea of Total Primate. The pricing seems reasonable for a high quality supplement. One question though, is this network marketing? Because even though many networking marketing companies have awesome products, I don’t like the way the prices are hiked up for the person right at the bottom of the ‘down line’.

    1. Liz, I think you’ll notice the difference taking these supplements as compared to the general multi-vitamins most people are accustomed to taking. The difference is night and day compared to regular multi-vitamins. Total Primate Care is amazing, with so many benefits. You’ll feel a difference using this product and all positive effects.

      Onnit is not a network marketing company. They just make awesome supplements, workout equipment and have an amazing online and physical Onnit Academy. They are just a typical business. Great questions!

  5. This seems like something I could use. I live a busy life and especially my mind would need a boost. I often get tired, have problems remembering things and mix things up.Anything that would help me to get more energy and to keep focused would be very welcome so this could be very useful for me.
    We humans live in world which demands to much of us. We are always “multitasking” when we are really just made to handle one thing at a time.

    1. I think Total Primate Care would be right up your alley from the description you provided. I personally had a lot of brain fog, I would forget things and fail to remember small details. This product along with Alpha Brain really turned things around for me mental and physically. Allowing my to be sharp mental and the ability to focus. I can honestly stand behind this amazing life altering product. So, if you are on the fence try it and see for yourself. Then come back here and leave another comment after your month is over.

    1. Great questions as i just generally summarized what is in Total Primate Care. I will post the picture of the supplement Facts for both the Day Pack and Night Pack above. Hope this helps.
      I’d try to put the picture of the facts but it doesn’t read the best. You can right click it and pull it up in a image viewer and magnify for more detail or go to onnit’s total primate care page here. Then scroll half way down the page to read about all the ingredients, it’s pretty lengthy.

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