What Is Earth Grounding?

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About Grounding/Earthing

So what is Earth Grounding?

Well, Earth Grounding, it is also called Grounding or Earthing. This is a simple and natural concept that is gaining a lot of popularity, as many people are implementing this practice and seeing the many positive health benefits.

It is simply having your skin come in direct contact with the earth or to have an electrical connection to the earth (wet sand, ground, concrete, a river or ocean), or using a mat or a bed sheet that is specially made that runs through a three-pronged outlet or running a line to the outside and inserted into the ground.

Simple right?

It is through this contact with the earth that we exchange our positive charge with the earth’s mild negative charge. We build up this positive charge due to our modern lifestyle. Due in large part to our rubber shoes and staying a lot indoors. It is when we connect with the earth’s natural negative charge that it brings our positive chargeback to a more neutral state or a voltage of zero.

It is entirely possible to go for years for some people to not touch the earth and dispel this abundant positive charge. This can lead to health problems.

Does This Sound Like A Bunch Of Woo-Woo or Hippie Stuff?

To most people, this topic, at first seem pretty far out there and can be a pretty controversial subject, but I feel there are amazing health benefits to be had. I’ve been really into nature for most of my life and realize the need for humans to get reconnected back to the earth.

Plus there is a lot of science behind this as well!

We live in an electric universe. Positive and negative electrons are constantly being exchanged like for example our sun to the earth is constantly exchanging electrons. We as people are no different; everybody knows our bodies have and use electricity too. But in this age of technology, we have unknowingly designed our lifestyle to disconnect with the planet. Big Mistake! This is in large part, to our modern rubber-soled shoes and living indoors.

Benefits Of Grounding & Earthing

Most people have a very noticeable effect of just ‘feeling better.’ A general elevation in mood reduced stress levels. Some people feel the effects right away and for others it takes a while to feel the effects.

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Better sleep
  • Elevating energies levels
  • Reducing stress
  • Normalizing female hormone levels
  • Stabilizing blood pressure
  • Reducing jet lag
  • Helps with snoring
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Improved immune function
  • Rapidly increase recovery for exercise
The benefits of grounding on blood after 40 minutes. The left side is the before, and the right side is the after.

Professional Athletes That Also Use Grounding

Many athletes use grounding to help them recover even faster after working out. This allows them a competitive edge over their competition. Athletes are usually the first ones to find and use a product that works, that generally are not known to the public.

  • Lance Armstrong used an earthing recovery bag to help speed recovery, as well as many other cyclists who compete in the Tour De France.
  • Many Olympic athletes.
  • Runners.
  • Triathletes.

How To Test If Grounding Works

You can test yourself by purchasing a multimeter. This is a rather cheap one with an excellent rating on Amazon.

Ways In Which To Try Earth Grounding

Some of these methods are very simple and free, while others require you to purchase items to allow you to incorporate grounding more into your life.

Natural Ways

  • Walking barefoot upon the earth. It can be grass, sand, dirt, rocks, or even concrete. Free and uplifting, either in your backyard or in a park.
  • Sleeping on the earth.
  • Connecting any part of your body in direct connection with the earth.
  • Wearing shoes made strictly from leather or hide shoes (see below). Think moccasins. Leather doesn’t conduct electricity but when your foot perspires or when walking on wet or damp ground this moisture is what allows conduction from the earth. The thinner the soles, the better, as thicker soles may limit the moisture through.
  • ***Use Caution*** I personally don’t wear shoes when I mow my grass (push mower), and I have been doing this for years. This isn’t highly recommended, as you could possibly run your foot over and a shoe would offer a little protection. I never put my feet anywhere near a running lawnmower. This requires experience and awareness. Plus you turn your feet really green, but I enjoy walking my lawn in this method.
  • Swimming or wading. These both offer a really enjoyable method of grounding.

Products To Buy To Ground Yourself

Most of us cannot go around barefoot all day. Wouldn’t that be nice? Luckily, there are plenty of products to help us become more grounded. You can also buy grounding products to use when you are sleeping when your body is naturally trying to heal yourself. This will promote a better sense of well being and improve your health.

Earthing.com has many items in which to purchase additional grounding equipment, sheets, half sheets, mats, blankets, and yoga mats.

Amazon has numerous grounding products. I purchased this half sheet, and I use it on my bed placed at my feet since I don’t wear socks to bed. This allows at least one part of my body to come in contact with the sheet.

eBay – Has a lot of options.

  • Full Fitted sheets
  • Half sheets – This is great for putting at your feet and is a good idea if you wear pajamas to bed, as you need direct contact with skin to ground yourself.
  • Mat – either for your feet or hands when you watch TV, or you are on your computer, either at home or at work.
  • Blankets
  • Earthing Recovery Bag
  • Yoga mats
  • Shoes that ground you to the earth.
    • Earth Runners – This is a sandal company that designed their sandals after the huarache running sandal. They have a conductive lace that connects to a copper plug on the bottom of the shoe. Great sandals and worth a look. These are great for hiking, walking in the woods, or just wearing around town.

Earthing Concluded

I was even slightly skeptical myself, but I naturally go around the backyard shoeless in the summer, especially when I’m in the garden.

So, when the temperature outside is pleasant, take your shoes off and walk around in your backyard or park. If you want to have better sleep purchase a grounded sheet, it really helps me and my wife get better sleep. My wife has suffered from insomnia for years, and this has really helped her feel better after sleeping.

Reconnect with the earth again…after all, we all feel better after getting outside anyways.

Do you think grounding is crazy or it makes a lot of sense? Would love to hear any comments or questions.

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