What Is Back To Eden Gardening?

lettuce back to eden

Share This:Amazing Gardening Method? Gardening is so important to your health and well being and I highly recommend it to everyone. I’ve been growing a garden for about 3 years now (a total noob, I know) and have recently stumbled upon this method of gardening 3 months ago while watching YouTube videos about gardening. This … Read more

How To Make Distilled Water Taste Better

lime splashing into water

Share This:Some people do not like the taste of distilled water, as distilled water is the purest form of water to drink. This means that all minerals and chemicals have been removed, leaving you with nothing but pure H20. Distilled water is often described as tasting flat. To me distilled water versus tap water after drinking … Read more

How To Make A Bird Bath Out Of Stone

stone bird bath

Share This:A Bird Bath To Last Forever I wanted a birdbath that would last a long time and that would go with my natural backyard. I don’t really want a gaudy birdbath that was made in China. I wanted something more natural-looking and something that would last a long time. Enter a rock birdbath. Headbanging … Read more

How To Remove Negative Karma From Your Life

two hands making a heart

Share This:A Hesitant Step Into… This is one of my first pages on improving spiritually, while I am not comfortable talking to friends or family about spirituality, I believe for a couple of reasons I need to share valuable insights and truths to hopefully help even one person evolve. My little part, if you will. … Read more

Best Hair Pomade For Women

suavecita pomade

Share This:Pomade for women? Really? Yep! You betcha…Pomade is often wrongly associated with being strictly for men. You know what I mean, old-school barbershops, 50’s greasers, and the shining varnished pompadours often first come to mind. Pomade is often misunderstood by both sexes. Not the case at all, after all, hair is hair, right? Pomades … Read more