Fat Loss Factor / Bodyweight Burn Review

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Fat Loss Factor V Bodyweight Burn Review

In this product review, I will be putting these two weight loss system head to head against themselves, Fat Loss Factor & Bodyweight Burn review.

I will highlight the pros and cons of both programs and let you make the ultimate decision as to which of the two programs is right for you and your lifestyle. You decide which program you want to embark and lose weight with, as I believe who betters know what will fit into your life better than you do.

We all face, or least the majority of people struggle with their weight, either at one time in their life or a constant never-ending conflict. Through diet and exercise, we all try and fight the battle of the bulge. All with varying degrees of success, as we search something that we can easily discipline ourselves to handle and in which fits snugly incorporated in our life.

So it is in this vane I would like to compare two current weight loss systems, which should help you determine the right fit for yourself. I would like also to point out another great program for weight loss and fitness, I have written a review here, Is Kinobody A Scam? This is a fantastic fitness and diet program. I highly recommend it. Kinobody also has a Bodyweight Mastery program if you are interested in bodyweight programs. Worth a look! You can read about it here Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Program.

Continue to read on on my findings or visit their respected website here Fat Loss Factor official site & Bodyweight Burn official site.

Fat Loss Factor Brief Overview

This system covers the majority of aspects of fitness and weight loss has been gaining steam with its popularity as of late. The creator of this program is Dr. Charles Livingston. The nice thing specifically about this regime is there are 4 varying levels of difficulty in which to choose from. These range between beginner and extreme weight loss. I would recommend if you’re not very active in your life to start slow with the beginner.

The interesting thing to me right from the get-go is the first two weeks is no exercising, as it is unconventional and foreign to me but…interesting.

Why? Well, because its a cleanse or a detox to preps your body for losing weight productively throughout the Fat Loss Factors which lasts up to 10 weeks. To be more specific it detoxes the liver. This will be restrictive as far a diet is concerned and possibly the hardest part. But the claims from FLF are that it will supercharge your weight loss over the course of the program.

After the initial 14 days the program, the program is less restrictive diet and re-shifts its focus to the Lifestyle Un-Diet formula. Which should be familiar to most dieters of having a heard of them at on time or another. The basics are as follows

  1. Low Glycemic Index Foods. Obviously avoided high GI foods.
  2. Copious amounts of protein to help satiate.
  3. Don’t avoid eating fats. Fats are an important part of any diet. Sticking to the correct oils.
  4. Vegetables and Fruits

The exercise portion of Fat Loss Factor also offers different exercise programs to choose from based on your current level of fitness. These plans can last from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour long. When time constraints are upon you, they also have a quick 20-minute workout. A gym membership or equipment ownership is needed with the workout plans, but some of the plans can be performed at home.

At first, you will be walking during the initial 2 week period either 30 minutes to an hour. Then progress to a strength training program, which also has three levels in which to choose from depending on your level of fitness. Workouts last between 30 minutes and a hour.

Bodyweight Burn Brief Overview

Bodyweight Burn was created by Adam Steer, a lifelong bodyweight exercise expert, and fat loss

aficionado. He has worked with people in person and also online to help them achieve their fitness goal from around the world.

Just as the name implies this system teaches how to exercise productively using just your own bodyweight while outlining a correct highly nutritious diet with lifestyle adjustments to retain your weight loss and maintain the fat burning process. This is a long-term approach to staying healthy as well staying fit.

The creation of Bodyweight Burn was to simplify a workout and diet program for men and women that will show results in the fastest way possible with a 21-minute workout. All materials are sent digitally, in the forms of MP3 and PDF.

So, if your short on time this would be right up your alley. Less than a half hour is very doable.

Their Claims

Fat Loss Factor

  • Lose 1 to 2 inches off your waist in the first week.
  • Get a flatter belly while still enjoying all the foods you love.
  • No counting calories.
  • No killing yourself at the gym.

Bodywegiht Burn by using their program for only 21 minutes a day see results in under 6 weeks.

  • Burn belly fat every day.
  • Have more energy & better general health
  • Reduce injuries and also aches and pains.
  • The ability to enjoy eating carbs.
  • Never having to go to a gym or purchase weights.
  • No equipment needed.

Well Let’s Get Started


I love the fact that Bodyweight Burn doesn’t require you to have weights or a gym membership, but just uses mostly what you carry around all day…yourself. Creating muscle is caused by using resistance, through weights or in this specific case…bodyweight. They both are a form of resistance and bodyweight exercise can be just as beneficial as weights training.

A cheap exercise program, just $19.00 and with no extra equipment to buy or gym membership fees. A great workout program for financially strapped individuals.

An amazing 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Meals are generally pretty easy to follow for the most part.

Can be implemented with another workout program for a variance.

Promotes shorter workouts, what’s not to love about short workouts in today’s busy lifestyles? Which allows for a full recovery before the next workout. If you have done longer programs, like P90X, in the past you’ll enjoy the shortness of Bodyweight Burn. You’ll still get your sweat on, and feel like you are working out.

Videos are fully explained and easy to follow. I like the format and detail explanations about the individual movements.

Enjoy the unique and different bodyweight exercises. Not your standard calisthenics program.

What You’ll Get When You Purchase The Program

  • Workout Video Series: Visually appealing HD video to follow along videos for every workout
  • Instructional Videos: Step-by-step for correct technique for each exercise.
  • Workout Guide: Ebook – secret fat burning tips.
  • Exercise manual: Ebook with pictures of each workout.
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Wall Charts

Fat Loss Factor has the options to suit a variety of people’s needs. It is pretty darn flexible…and yes there are cheat days. Yippee! With the number of options designed within the plan, it should be an easy fit for most people’s life.

On top of that, they really set you up for success by giving you 90 days worth of meal plans and also the recipes to go along with it, as well as the grocery list. All short of just shopping for you. This I really enjoy as it removes a lot of the guesswork.

The deployment of their Quick Start Guide, explains what to expect as well as strategies to help ensure the optimal weight loss. I thoroughly enjoy this and allows nothing to surprise you on this journey your about to partake in. It just lays it out, all on the table.

To have sustained weight loss you must build lean muscle and FLF has exercise programs designed to do just that. The usual weight training.

8 week total complete refund guarantee.

What You Get, When You Buy The Program

  • Exercise log & Food Diary.
  • The Quick Start Guide.
  • The Complete Fat Loss Factor Book.
  • Goal setting guide.
  • Fat Loss Factor measurement form.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced exercise workout plans.
  • Online fat loss weight tracker.
  • 90 days of meal plans with nutritionally calculated recipes.
  • Videos of Dr. Charles detail explanations about the ingredients in the Master Cleanse and how to properly prepare them.
  • An eBook – 10 Minute Raw Food Recipes
  • An organic food recipes cookbook.
  • A grocery list of all the foods you will need ( love this!!)
  • 5 x 15-minute sample workout routines
  • A software program for fast food restaurants eating pointing out the most beneficial foods, which to get, which to avoid.
  • 1 year of personal email coaching with Dr. Charles Livingston
  • Free lifetime updates to the course

What I Don’t Like About The Programs

Bodyweight Burn

No recipes. You’re on your own here, but they give you general guidelines to follow.

While being a relatively cheap program, they do recommend taking some supplementation for increased benefits.

Fat Loss Factor

Some unconventional items that most people don’t have within your house. Like for example Protein Whey powder.

You must have a high-speed blender, like a Vitamix or Ninja,  but I highly recommend these anyways. I have a Vitamix blender that we bought in 2007 and it shows no sign of slowing down. These are built to last and I have used it thousands of times already. As I love consuming my vegetables (kale) this way. But not everyone has a blender or wants to buy one.

Computer animation for demonstrating short workout tutorial under 5 seconds. I would much rather prefer a long-winded lecture on proper form, to avoid injury.

I don’t like the fact that he hides himself on his website, by using a computer designed picture of himself and a different voice other than his own. There are pictures of  Dr. Charles Livingston online, just not on his website Fat Loss Factor. Not a deal breaker, but gives more credibility to his system if he speaks for himself, but can understand why he did it.

Price Comparison

Adam Steer’s Bodyweight Burn – $19.00 (cheap program)

This will only cost you $19.00 to purchase, please visit the official website, which is quite low, partly due to the fact that it is completely digital. It is also filmed in HD.

Dr. Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor (FLF) – $47.00

Overall Verdict

I’ll leave the ultimate decisions up to you but I have outlined many of the benefits and negatives associated with these two programs. All systems have their positives and negatives, it just for you to decide which fits better into your own life and then commit, with discipline and commitment.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to do so. Thanks!








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