Tim Ferriss Tips To Sleep / Best Ways To Fall Asleep

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This topic has a lot of meaning to me, as my wife suffers from insomnia, and anybody that suffers from this ailment knows how debilitating it is to the person suffering from it. Going to the doctors for prescriptions is hit or miss and can be habit-forming, so it offered little to no relief.

What I like doing is listening to other sufferers of insomnia, and following what works for them. Now, everybody might not know some else suffering from insomnia, so you look online to find relief. Which is how I stumbled upon Tim Ferriss.

There is a newer Tim Ferriss video with even more tips on what he uses to fall asleep, and I also pointed out the products he recommends, you can find my page here, Tim Ferriss Tips To Sleep / Best Ways To Fall Asleep.


I also am extremely into nootropics, also called smart drugs for optimizing your cognitive brain function. If you don’t believe that this works, you are sadly mistaken, as they can greatly increase flow state, increased the speed of thought, and verbal recall. Anyways, you can read more about it here, Tim Ferriss Smart Drugs and you can also read my review on Alpha Brain here, What is Alpha Brain?

For those of you that don’t know who Tim Ferriss is let me introduce him to you. Tim is an innovator, a writer, investor, successful podcaster, entrepreneur, and also a public speaker. Tim also really enjoys hacking the human body, finding ways to streamline learning anything: language, martial arts, surfing, etc.

You might now know this about Tim either, is that he was a lifelong sufferer of insomnia. The keyword is “was“. He cured himself, now who better to follow their lead than Mr. Body Hacker himself, Tim Ferriss. Right? Tim has the funds and resources to try just about anything he wants. To experiment and find what works for him.

Just because we follow exactly Tim’s routine and supplementation, doesn’t mean you will have success with his program.

Why? As we are all different individuals, with different chemical make-ups and stress levels, and other variables. One solution rarely works for everyone. But it can sure be a launching pad into possibly find a working solution to the problem of falling and staying asleep.

Routine Routine Routine

It’s been said to develop an awesome sleep pattern you must stick religiously to a routine and never deviate from that, or at least as little as possible.

Now, why is that?

Well, basically our bodies love consistency. This allows our bodies to properly prepare for activities or events properly. From getting up in the morning to going to bed at night or eating at a set time. Our bodies will become accustomed to the patterns and prepare the body to deal with these activities. Like making us more alert when it’s time to get up in the morning or get the digestive system going before eating a regularly scheduled meal.

This I might also add, is free and will greatly benefit you if you stick to a routine consistently.

First Step

Is to plan ahead, as you can tell in the video, Tim plans ahead sixty minutes to when he wants to go to sleep. This is very important as you take the steps during this hour to prep for sleep. Allowing the body to wind down naturally over the course of an hour.

This winding down can be boosted also by supplementation, beverage, and some light reading, which we will get to shortly.

Second Step

Tim claims that this will knock you out like that (snaps fingers) and works better than prescription drugs for sleep. Big claims! Not only does this work for Tim, but also his friends, so that is good news because it works on many different people and might work on you.

Tim makes a tea with three components to it. Don’t worry the tea is completely decaffeinated. Tim first brews the Juniper Ridge Wild Harvest Tea Douglas Fir Spring Tips. If you can’t find this at your local store Amazon has it available in which to buy online and have it delivered straight to your house. This tea comes with 20 unbleached tea bags.


To prepare the tea you need boiling water then steep 1 bag for at least 10 minutes for the full flavor and aroma. Be prepared for a deep pine smell that is refreshing. The tea tastes great too and I just love this tea.

Once the tea has steeped for 10 minutes or so, remove the teabag. Then you will need to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Braggs Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to the tea. My wife and I opt for the 2 tablespoons and we have good results from that.

Then you add a tablespoon of unfiltered honey to the tea as well. This can be bought locally or online, just make sure it is unfiltered. It should state it on the package somewhere. Give the concoction a good stir then consume at your leisure. Tim drinks it while winding down reading fiction. Something enjoyable but not mentally stimulating. See below for the link to the actual book he recommends.

Third Step

Tim Fills up his Hydro Flask with water and ice. This serves as a foam roller as well for him, but without the foam. He uses the water and ice for thermoregulation when he is in the Japanese soaking tub or dry heat sauna. He also uses Epsom salt when bathing.

Fourth Step

He takes a bath or sauna right before bed and drinks the water in intervals. I know a hot shower works for me when I can’t sleep as most people don’t have a sauna or soaking tub or even a bathtub for that matter. This will usually really knock me out and is the only thing to work when I can’t sleep. My wife doesn’t like to get her hair wet before bed. We got her a shower cap and now takes a shower nightly to get sleep and it keeps her hair completely dry. She has been enjoying the benefits of warm/hot showers with helping her sleep at night.

Other Tips


I have been diving deep into mushrooms as of late, thanks to Tim Ferriss for this again. One mushroom we investigated that relates to sleeping is the Reishi. Having a cup of this mushroom reishi tea. I just love the Reishi Elixir from Four Sigmatic. These mushrooms are all grown organically on logs. They then dual-extract it for you, to get all the water and fat-soluble components out. This is a very important step to gain the most benefits from the mushroom.

What does it do? It helps brings you down naturally by lowering the cortisol hormone, all the while increasing sleep. This should be consumed two hours before bed.

Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea

Tim also said in one of his podcasts that he recommended Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea. Haven’t tried this yet but am eager to try it.

Final Thoughts

I want to reiterate that having a consistent nightly routine is a major improvement to helping you establish a good sleep pattern. This shouldn’t be overlooked or downplayed and should be the first step, but this will take time as well and won’t happen overnight. This takes time and discipline.

My wife has seen a lot of improvement in her sleep patterns with the tea and warm shower/bath at night.

I would love to hear about your results or tips on sleeping. As well as comments are always welcomed.

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2 thoughts on “Tim Ferriss Tips To Sleep / Best Ways To Fall Asleep”

  1. This an absolutely amazing post. Just recently, I’ve been super focused on getting good sleep because I learned how important sleep was to what you’re able to do. I would definitely try out some of these tips to help myself sleep better. I’m just a little confused about the third step you put in here. What do you mean by Tim’s Hydro Flask serving as a foam roller? Does he actually roll his muscles using the Hydro Flask?

    • Hey Kevin, to answer your question, yes he uses the hydro flask for drinking as well as a foam roller. It’s multi-functional. Sleep is so freaking important and establishing routines for better sleep is one of the best ways of improving your sleeping pattern. Good luck.

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