Easiest Diet Plan To Lose Weight

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Diets Are Hard

We all are completely aware that dieting is hard. It takes work to stay on a diet, to counting calories to the all-important just saying, “NO” to certain foods.

Our bodies just want to consume whatever looks good to our eyes and stomach regardless of our weight or desires to lose weight. Eating takes places several times a day to and cannot be avoided. This is another reason it is so hard.

Something or someone telling us “NO” to anything is hard and we often resist this. Even to the master of the controls, ourselves.

A lot of the diets that are out there are tortuous.

Diets can be a form of torture. If you ever been on the Atkins diet, (for those that don’t know the Atkins diet severely limits the number of carbs you can eat in a day) no carbs for any length of time you have been tortured. Your body just screaming for some type of carbs and your willpower in a battle with your body in a constant state of telling the body, NO!

Both Men & Women

Well, I would like to share the easiest diet that I have found. It takes minimal effort once past a couple of days. It can be used by both men and women with great results.

Just to be upfront with you it is also a fitness program too. Requires you to have some sort of resistance to build muscle. Don’t worry, it is also minimalistic as well, require less time in the gym than most programs.

That is what makes this programs so revolutionary, the dieting doesn’t feel like dieting and the exercise portion of the program is minimalistic.

How Revolutionary?

  • Fasting for 16 hours, while losing fat and gaining muscle.
  • Eating BIG meals and being completely full afterward.
  • Get strong working out in just 45 minutes.
  • NO CARDIO!!! Yep…you read that right, No Cardio.
  • Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day! In fact, skip breakfast! What? Really? Yes!!!
Mind Blown

Interested yet?

Well, what is this program?


Kinobody is a program designed by Greg O’Gallagher. He developed this program over many years of research and by trying and implementing til he found what works.

You can read my full in-depth lengthy review here, Is Kinobody A Scam? I completely sold on any of Greg’s many programs, why because they work and they work without making you miserable. I have personally bought several of Greg’s programs and can tell you honestly that they work. He even has a style course for improving how you dress and improving your style, found here Kinobody Style Course.

>>Take the Physique Survey To Find The Right Course for You.<<


I am not going to give away all his secrets, but I will expand on the basics principles of the Kinobody system.

The Kinobody system has seven programs and one cookbook. They are as follows.

  1. The Goddess Toning Program
  2. The “Warrior Shredding” Physique
  3. The “Greek God” Physique
  4. The “Superhero” Physique
  5. Aggressive Fat Loss (v2.0)
  6. Bodyweight Mastery
  7. Cardio Abs & Mobility Program
  8. Kinochef (recipe book)
  9. Kinobody Style Guide
This Is the Part That Makes Dieting Easy

All the fitness and diet programs he offers are substantially built around the main principle of intermittent fasting. If you are unfamiliar with intermittent fasting (IF) let me explain it a basic as I can. Intermittent fasting is restricting the time in which you consume your calories. Often limiting the number of meals you eat in the day. From the basic three meals a day, down to just two meals a day. So, you are fasting for an extended amount of time throughout the day.

Usually, between 14 1o 16 hours a day, your body is fasting. That allows your body to burn stored fat instead of relying on the food you eat for energy.

Kinobody allows you specifically to eat only two meals, (yes, only two meals) and a snack. Kinobody tells you to skip breakfast and consume two larger meals later. This essentially allows you to skip breakfast while eating two larger more satisfying meals and never being hungry. All the while eating a caloric deficit, which is needed to lose weight but…feeling completely full while doing the intermittent fasting.

Now fasting at first might sound like it is hard to do, but give me a chance to explain it…

Now, I said this is an easy diet plan and at first it might not seem like it is, not but trust me here. As this might not seem easy when you first read it, but the truth of the matter is your body will adapt to the Kinobody method of intermittent fasting rather quickly. In as little as one day or two, your body will no longer give you hunger pains in the morning when you skip breakfast. Thus making it easier, once the initial days of implementing the intermittent fasting.

The human body is an amazing machine. It will adapt rather quickly and you might be surprised by it. Keep in mind too, that the reverse is true also. If you eat something in the morning when you have been intermittent fasting, your body will offer complaints of hunger the next day around that same time. At least this happened to me when I eventually broke my fasting in the morning.

It took me like two days to acclimate to the intermittent fasting and after that, it is the easiest diet I have ever been on.

The Kinobody method of intermittent fasting is amazing. You’ll notice you’re losing weight without even trying that how easy it easy.

Did I Mention The Food You Can Eat Is Amazing?

French fries? Yep…

Hamburger? Yep…

Steak??? Yep…

Basically, you’re able to eat a lot of meat with some carbs. Yes, french fries…Yes!!! Check out his book Kinochef for even more amazing foods.

The great thing is protein will stave off hunger and you’ll be a lot less likely to snack. Follow Greg on Instagram he regularly posts his meals. http://instagram.com/gregogallagher

Eat meals like this.

My 2 Biggest Helpful Hint With Using Kinobody

Having purchased various Kinobody and doing the program for a long time, I have a few hints to help navigate yourself successfully through any of Greg’s programs. These tips have helped me and I really believe these will help you too.

One is to buy the Kinobody cookbook called Kinochef. This is a must-have for first starting on the system for fabulous tasting and simple to make meals. This really goes hand in hand with taking in the right amount of calories, taking in the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats. This really helps me and I know it will help anybody just starting any of the Kinobody programs.

Two, would be download a good smartphone calorie tracking app and use it religiously. I like using MyFitnessPal, I believe Greg recommends MyNetDiary. Either program will work great. As you’re going to have to pay attention to calories and macros and such. This just makes doing it a lot more convenient.

Let’s Wrap This Up Like A Burrito 

Diets can be brutal or diets can be a breeze. I have done both and a diet you can easily handle is one you will stick with over a diet that just kills you to follow it.

I know from my own personal experience that Kinobody has really got something here. This system as really grown since I first wrote about it over a year ago. I see ads every for it now.

Fill out the Kinobody really short survey and start dropping the weight.

Take The Quick Survey To Learn What Program Is Right For You.



If you have any questions or comments, leave them below as I am always happy to respond to them.

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2 thoughts on “Easiest Diet Plan To Lose Weight

  1. Wow! Who knew that fasting 16 hours would be fabulous for your health? I didn’t know this was a great way to lose fat and gain muscle and skipping breakfast! Wow, I didn’t know it was so good for me. I have a question though. If you are recovering from surgery/illness is fasting still the best option. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    1. As always, talk to your doctor to inform him/her of any possible problems or questions. For dealing with a surgery or illness your better off playing it safe and consulting your doctor for the best advice on these matters.

      Although I don’t see a problem with it, if you are still eating a well balanced meal and your required amount of calories for your body to sustain itself. Your just pushing the the time you eat off. But to be safe run it by your doctor first.


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