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Quality, Sustainability, Fresh

Well, I live in basically the middle of the continental United States (Wisconsin) and it’s hard to get quality seafood that is wild and not from somewhere questionable. So, this blog post really hits home for me and maybe for you too.
As I love seafood, but I absolutely demand quality. Quality comes with a cost, so also check out below for ways in which to save a substantial amount on seafood at Vital Choice.

Many Benefits

Seafood has so many health benefits from eating it, it’s important to have a regular diet consisting of quality seafood.

Farm-raised salmon that is fed processed man-made pellets are problematic. The pellets are made with toxic ingredients or are from highly polluted waters. I often check the country of origin on sale items at the local grocery store. This is often appalling (China, Thailand). Not to mention fish confined in an unnatural pin develop viruses and parasites. Which are usually treated with chemicals and vaccines.

Thankfully, there are other options available to us people that are landlocked and even for those with ocean access for Wild Alaskan or the Pacific Northwest seafood. Through my searching for quality seafood, I have stumbled upon a company that provides wild, sustainably harvested,  pure, fresh, and healthy.

I specifically found Vital Choice, when I was looking for a good source of Wild Salmon Caviar. I wrote a simple recipe for Ikura (Salmon Roe) recipe found here, 2 Easy Salmon Roe Recipes. I also wrote about, Where Can I Buy Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon?

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” – Hippocrates

I often think of this quote when buying food, as I want the highest quality food my money can buy me. As I age, I become wiser, this is a trait most of us attain with little effort if one pays enough attention to things. I would much rather buy unprocessed food, you know the good stuff that has little to zero of man messing with it. For example, unprocessed meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

I will gladly pay more for these types of food, that is untouched by pesticides and man’s meddling with them. This is one of the reasons for me starting my own garden. To know exactly what my food is grown in and what is applied to it. Just dirt, water, compost, and occasionally Epsom salt. Simple. Right?

What does this have to do with buying seafood online?

Well, a lot.

Getting quality fresh sustainable seafood is kinda rare. Unless you know where to look and go. Enter Vital Choice.

The Benefits Of Choosing Vital Choice

Finding great seafood is amazingly hard and it takes time. Finding a company with all the seafood and care with packaging and delivering an amazing product with a wide range of seafood, as well as other quality foods. I would like to highlight Vital Choice for you the consumer, to make an educated choice.

  • A one-stop shopping spot for quality seafood. A large selection of seafood and different choices. So many selections.
  • Offers a Wholesale Program for larger volumes and greater discounts for resale to your customers.
  • Worthwhile money saving Loyalty Program called Vital Rewards. (See below, How To Save On Seafood)
  • Both canned and frozen seafood selections.
  • 100% guarantee, either replace your product or refund your money.
  • Sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon and northwest Pacific seafood. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified and the State of Alaska.
  • Within hours of catching the seafood is cleaned and flash-frozen. Very important to quality!
  • Outstanding Quality.
  • Owners are previous professional fishermen. Knows the ins and outs of the fish business.
  • Certified-organic foods.
  • Certified-kosher foods.
  • Amazing Newsletter with lots of important articles and bonus offers, sale alerts, recipes. You can sign up here, Vital Choice Newsletter.
  • Cooking & Recipes section. Videos on how to prepare and cook your seafood. Must watch!!!
  • A full line of amazing Omega-3 supplements and other supplements.
  • I might just be unfairly patriotic, but I believe North America has some of the best seafood in the world, as all of the seafood comes from North America.
  • An amazing plethora of Wild Salmon Products to choose from.
    • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

      Vital Choice Seared Sockeye Salmon Tataki

    • Wild Arctic Keta Salmon
    • Wild Pacific King Salmon
    • Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon
    • Wild Salmon Samplers
    • Seared Sockeye Salmon (Tataki)
    • Ikura Wild Salmon Caviar
    • Wild Salmon Dogs (Great!!!)
  • Lots of fish to choose from.
    • Salmon
    • Halibut
    • Cod
    • Sablefish
    • Tuna
    • Smoked Fish & Lox
    • Petrale Sole
  • Wide Selection of seafood to choose from both fish and shellfish in which to choose.
    • Scallops
    • Clams, Oyster, & Mussels
    • Wild Shrimp
    • Spot Prawns
    • Crab
    • Lobster
    • Calamari
    • and more…
  • As well as seafood they also have Quality Meat
    • Paleo-Friendly Pork
    • Grass-Fed Bison
    • Grass-Fed Beef
    • Heritage Chicken
    • Bone Broth (Wild Alaskan Salmon, Organic Chicken, Wild Alaskan Halibut, Beef)

My Recommendations For Foods At Vital Choice

I’ve tried a lot of products here and have yet to be disappointed. It’s all been great. With so much to choose from at Vital Choice, it’s hard to nail down just one thing. The best advice I would give is to buy what you already like and expand from there and/or try their sampler products.

Vital Choice Sockeye Salmon Fillet

I just love any of the Wild Salmon products. I am officially a salmon junkie. This is my top choice if you’re looking to try Vital Choice products. They have many Wild Salmon Samplers products designed to explore and try various selections of products. The Sockeye salmon is one of their biggest sellers and it doesn’t disappoint either the frozen or canned.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Recommended

Another amazing product is there Ikura Wild Salmon Caviar (Salmon Roe). Super great food for pregnant women to supply their growing baby with the needed nutrients for a strong and functional brain in early development. Also, check out my post on Dr. Rhonda Patrick Recommendations for supplements and products, she also choices Vital Choice salmon roe (Ikura).

I love the Wild Alaskan Salmon Dogs as well, as it is a healthy alternative to regular hot dogs, plus they taste great. Great on the grill.

Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Salmon Dogs

Try it all…

How To Save On Seafood

Seafood can be expensive, but it is so worth it, for taste and quality. But thankfully, there are ways of saving money on seafood and why not save some money when buying great seafood.

Also, any order over $99.00 is shipped free!!! Under the $99.00 the shipping rate is very reasonable too.

If you are a wholesaler, thankfully Vital Choice has a Wholesaler Account, in which to sell their products.

I will explain two methods of saving money specifically at Vital Choice, that can be used in conjunction or separately, but I prefer using both. Take advantage of these programs and save some bank for yourself.

Vital Choice Seafood Discount Code

Simply use this Vital Choice Discount Code at checkout to receive a 10% discount – VCAF10

Vital Rewards Program

The other method, which I highly recommend is joining the loyalty program, called Vital Rewards. It’s pretty simple to understand and is a great way to save money by buying products routinely.

There are three levels:

  • Silver (New Members) For every $1.00 you spend you earn 2 points.
  • Gold (Need 1,500 points) For every $1.00 you spend you earn 4 points.
  • Platinum (Need 3,200 points) For every $1.00 you spend you earn 6 points.

Another great thing is there are other ways to earn Vital Rewards other than buying.

  • Customer Birthday – 200 Vital Points
  • Refer A Friend – 400 Vital Points
  • Liking Them On Facebook – 50 Vital Points
  • Following them on Instagram – 50 Vital Points
  • Creating A Store Account – 100 Vital Points

Wrapped Upped & Delivered 

You would be hard-pressed to find a local grocery store that carries this amount of diversity with the amount of quality delivered right to your front door. All frozen food is packed in dry ice to maintain freshness.

If your into eating organic or on a special diet I highly recommend checking out my article on Thrive Market here, Is Thrive Market A Good Deal? – Is It Worth Signing Up?

Before you go, I have a web post about Where Can I Buy Fresh Seafood Online article which is jam-packed with reputable companies that deliver seafood online.

Give Vital Choice a try, you will be impressed.

Would love to hear from other people that have tried Vital Choice and hear their experience. Also, welcome any comments or questions.

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8 thoughts on “Best Online Seafood Delivery

  1. Hey Dan,

    I am absolutely game for organically grown sea food. Where is it coming from? I guess I am asking because I am thinking about how they are able to get it shipped and delivered still fresh. Have you had any issues with that?
    I would love having it delivered straight to my door!


    1. Great question Angela.

      Most of their seafood comes from Alaskan of the Pacific Northwest. Everything clearly states where the product comes from. If it is WILD (it’s usually in the title). They have a vast variety of seafood, as it comes from various other areas. Example: like lobster from Maine. 

      Everything at Vital Choice is transparent, they provide a plethora of information about their products and processes. 

      To deliver fresh seafood they first only deliver on certain days, to insure you get your package fresh and not sitting in some hot warehouse over the weekend. They also ship your product in dry ice to help keep product frozen. 

      I haven’t had a single problem with any of the products I have purchased from Vital Choice. It’s very comforting to know that the seafood I buy from here is healthy and yes, delivered straight to my door. 

  2. I too used to live in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee). I absolutely LOVE salmon – and to my surprise to find out there are so many different variations! I am also big on un-processed foods which includes rejecting any fish that is farm-caught. I find a lot of stores are lacking in the fish department and to find out there is a delivery service such as Vital Choice. The fact that they have a rewards program along with the quality service is an incentive to check them out.. Thank you!

    1. Glad to meet another salmon junkie, and Wisconsinite. 

      Yeah, it is really disturbing what they feed fish at some of these fish farms. Not to mention the overcrowding and use of chemicals to control parasites. You really got to be careful of where your fish comes from. Wild is the best! I really enjoy Vital Choice quality. They only ship on certain days to insure you get a your seafood fresh and cold.

      Thanks Elizabeth! 

  3. Wow Dan, this really looks great! I live in Alaska so I am spoiled. I grew up with Copper River Sockeye salmon which is regarded as one of the very best types of salmon in the world. The other top variety is Yukon River King salmon. Both of these have a high fat content because the salmon has to swim so far to get to their spawning grounds. The rivers are very long so the trip upstream takes months. The salmon don’t eat during this migration so they have to have a massive amount of fat as an energy source for the trip. The fat is what gives salmon it’s nutrition and flavor. So higher fat means more flavor.

    Even though I live in Alaska it is still expensive to get salmon, halibut (even more) and other seafood. If you live in a city you have to drive for hours to get somewhere to fish, buy the gear, buy a permit etc. If you have to charter a boat to go out fishing on the ocean for halibut it is even more!

    I was lucky growing up where we could fish for salmon as a subsistence food source straight out of the Copper River. We got red (sockeye), silver and king salmon as well as pinks. The reds and kings were our favorite.

    I like that Vital Choice has other products like bone broth as well as seafood. I agree that organic, wild caught or free range meats and sea foods are far superior for many reasons! I completed graduate courses in Marine and Coastal Studies and wrote all my papers on Alaskan topics. One was about wild vs. farmed salmon. Alaska does not allow salmon farming and has focused on keeping our wild salmon runs healthy instead.


    1. Thanks Jessica, for your very valuable information of a local Alaskan and your studies. You Alaskan’s are spoiled!!! lol. Very jealous of you guys. I am really glad to hear that Alaska doesn’t allow salmon farming as this seems really unhealthy in the long run. Thankfully, Alaska has so much plentiful salmon this is not necessary or practical.This is very comforting information as for a food source and for the priceless resource.

      I have visited Alaska and fished for silvers when I was there, and after purchasing salmon from Vital Choice, I know the quality is there. I am very confident with the quality of the seafood, as well as other products they sell. It’s healthy and taste delicious. 

  4. Great post Dan. My wife educated me on the benefits of eating organic foods when we first met 6 years ago. And once you know about some of the stuff that goes in to processed foods and chemicals that are used, you have no qualms about paying a bit extra for the quality.

    I live in the UK and its a real struggle to find anything but farmed salmon. I think salmon is mass produced in Scotland but I avoid buying it nowadays, after learning how they are fed with toxic pellets.

    1. I also have seen documentaries about the conditions farm raised salmon are grown in. Feed toxic pellets, as well as used a lot pesticides on this fish. As farmed raised salmon tend to get a lot of parasites. It is really all quite appalling. Natural is usually always better than farm raised. 

      I feel very comfortable buying from Vital Choice for healthy seafood. I am extremely cautious about buying any sort of seafood after watching documentaries about the subject, this is what led me to writing and researching this post.

      Thanks Lee for your comment.

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