Dr. Rhonda Patrick Recommendations

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Need To Know The Best Supplement Products?

Don’t worry…Dr. Rhonda Patrick is on top of it…

Btw, this is an updated version of Dr. Rhonda Patrick Supplement Recommendations, there are others on the internet with older versions, which are outdated.

Anybody who has ever listened to this incredibly knowledgeable intelligent woman, knows without a shadow of a doubt, that she does her research on whatever supplement she takes. As she starts talking she is constantly dropping medical terms that you have never heard of. She divulges both the health benefits and the science behind why it works.

I have explored down many a path in terms of health supplements just from her very informative podcast and amazing Instagram post. She is an invaluable source of information, and one would do well for oneself if you would follow her lead on these matters. Most average everyday people have little or no time to invest in their day for lengthy research. As well as most people can’t understand the research as well, I am included in this category. The amount of medical terminology and science talk leaves most people at loss.

But thankfully, Dr. Rhonda in-depth nerdy researchers and then translates for the average person to understand and possibly to apply the knowledge. She presents the information based with

information from her own podcasts or when she is a guest on someone else’s podcast multiple listening is required to glean all the data which she presents.

You would be a fool not to freely use what someone has spent many hours pouring over and researching and not take advantage of this work they put into looking into the best product available.

Quick List Of Companies & Supplements

This is a quick reference but below this, it explains in more detail why she takes the supplement or uses the particular service.

Companies & Services 

Vital Choice – This one is close to my heart, but won’t go into why it is for me. Pregnant ladies listen up, as Rhonda is currently pregnant at the time of writing this post, and is eating to help support her baby growing brain health. I just love the idea of eating to optimally help her baby’s overall health. In her regular Instagram post, she eats every day an avocado topped with wild salmon roe (Ikura) and lemon juice. She states she buys the wild salmon roe, also called Ikura Salmon Caviar in bulk 2.2 lbs. I have personally used Vital Choice and just like Dr. Patrick, I recommend their products due to quality. Plus their salmon roe tastes delicious.

I also recently wrote two posts, pertaining to salmon roe, they can be found here, Best Online Seafood Delivery and 2 Easy Salmon Roe Recipes. Worth a read.

StemSave & National Dental Pulp Laboratory, Inc.- This is where she saves her dental pulp stem cells from her wisdom teeth. As the wisdom teeth have mesenchymal stem cells which can form a wider range of tissues. This is a company, that will properly store your teeth to later use for stem cell use in the future by freezing them in liquid nitrogen. If you are interested in saving your own dental pulp stem cells or your child’s teeth (even better) for future proof of your stem cells.

This information can be found on Tim Ferriss’s podcast on The Tim Ferriss Show Ep. 12.

Olive Oil 

Amphora Nueva: Berkeley Olive Oil. This is a highly suspect area as nearly 50% of extra-virgin olive oil is altered with cheaper lower quality oils and sold off as EVOO. Thankfully, Dr. Rhonda Patrick has again done her research and recommends a company,  As they analyze and test their product and post the data online, ensuring a quality product. As well as testing their oils, she just loves their product. All their oil is sent to a third party to be tested for full chemical analysis. How’s that for ensuring quality? They also have the freshest olive oil on the market as well, as the fresher the product the more beneficial the product.

amphora balsamic vinegar and olive oil tomatoes zucchini

The benefit of EVOO is it can activate autophagy. Autophagy can clear the plaques and tangles within the brain, which leads to Alzheimer’s disease. As well as many other benefits. This is a new recommendation from Rhonda as posted on her Instagram page. I am planning on doing a full-on review of this company, as I love olive oil and its many benefits. Stay tuned…

Update…I have posted a post on How To Tell If Olive Oil Is Real.


You have to talk about smoothies if you’re writing about Rhonda. As she is a regular consumer of daily smoothies in the morning. She personally uses a Vitamix for her smoothies loaded with green leafy vegetables and other natural nutrients.


This is a genetics tool company that Rhonda works with very closely that is a saliva-based genome test. You will get a personal wellness report, discover DNA matches, find out your ancestral origins by ordering a simple kit. The test will help you interpret the results and give you information for diet/lifestyle interventions specific to each genotype.


This company, LifeBankUSA,  Rhonda has gone with for both placenta and cord blood banking, as she is currently pregnant and looking to bank hematopoietic stem cells.


Dr. Rhonda is all about sulforaphane as it has many benefits. To get a quality source of this, Rhonda sprouts her own broccoli sprouts by buying a sprouting kit and buying the broccoli seeds. This method is very cost-effective to get the benefits of sulforaphane. Care must be given to cleanliness and care when growing sprouts.

The Thermometer she uses to get the correct temperature Famili MT004.

Sprout kit she recommends, Headwaters Trading Company.

Set of 4 lids that work with a mason jar. The Original Speed Strainer Lid Set

The tea kettle she uses Bella 1.2 L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle.

These are the Broccoli Seeds she recommends Food To Live.


Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate

This is added to her daily smoothies for both healthy gut and joints health. If you are experiencing any joint discomfort, try adding this diet for a minimum of six to eight weeks to start seeing the results. She often mentions and is seen in many videos of her putting this into her smoothies.

You can also read my article on What is The Best Hydrolyzed Collagen? This is the highest quality you’re going to find, period.


As stated on her website foundmyfitness.com, Rhonda takes ONE Multivitamin by Pure encapsulations. She takes this because she likes the ratios of most of the minerals as well as vitamins that ONE has in it.

Fish Oil – 

Dr. Rhonda likes Nordic Naturals (her favorite brand) both the Nordic Naturals Nordic Naturals ProOmega 2000 Lemon 60 Soft Gels (2 daily) & Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids (4 daily). The Omega-3 Phospholipids is her substitute for krill oil and is a more concentrated source for her.

Vitamin D

For vitamin D, she takes NOW Vitamin D-3 2000 IU once a day for all the year except summer, where she naturally gets more natural sunlight from being outdoors.
Vitamin D3

Dr. Rhonda gives 400 IU of this Carlson Baby’s Super Daily D3 to her baby every day.

Vitamin K2

She takes once a day of NOW Vitamin K2 (MK7) (100 mcg). She takes this for the calcium distribution within her body as she is taking in enough calcium from her multivitamin. This way the calcium goes to her bones and muscle tissue and not to go to the precipitating in the blood vessels.


She takes also one a day Jarrow Formulas Curcumin Phytosome , Promotes Joint Nutrition, 500 mg capsule. Rhonda likes that this product has 500 mg per capsule. This activates a large plethora of anti-inflammatory genes, thereby reducing inflammation. An important note here, she will up the dosage if she is sore due to exercise or muscle cramps.


She has been experimenting with this and doesn’t take it on a regular basis, NOW GABA 750 mg,100 Veg Capsules. Gaba is involved with a number of different functions,  sleeping, lowers anxiety, etc. But she mostly takes this for the gut as potentially this might communicate with the brain from the gut to release more Gaba in the brain. Dr. Rhonda finds that this possibly helps with her sleep, but she said it could be a placebo effect as well.
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Dr. Rhonda takes NOW Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mg,120 Veg Capsules specifically on an empty stomach once a day. The main reason she takes this supplement is that it has shown when taken to make older brains look younger. In terms of function and structure, as well as slow brain aging.

Another supplement she takes on an experimental basis is Coenzymated™ B-3 Sublingual 25 mg. This has shown to make mitochondrial look younger.
Zinc Picolinate

Dr. Rhonda Patrick also takes this infrequently, she takes this whenever she feels run-down or feels a cold coming on. As the multivitamin she takes (listed above) supply her with adequate zinc. The zinc is supplemented to help the immune system.
Ferrous Fumarate

Rhonda takes this for 1 week a month while menstruating, Ferretts Iron tablets 325mg Ferrous Fumarate. As women menstruate they lose a lot of iron.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Probiotic Recommendations

I have been ruthlessly been trying to improve my gut biome since learning of its importance from Dr. Rhonda herself on the Joe Rogan podcast. Both eating specific foods and supplementing with probiotics. I highly recommend doing both. The product she takes is VSL#3 High Potency Probiotic – UNFLAVORED- 30 Pack. She takes one sachet a week but also takes more if she feels run down.
Dr. Rhonda Patrick Nootropic “Smart Drug” Recommendations

This is another subject that I love going down the proverbial rabbit hole on, nootropics, also called smart drugs.

Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Elixir Mix

This is a tea you can drink whenever you want for improvement in cognition. I have also written a review of Lion’s Mane here, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Reviews. For reference, you can hear Rhonda talk about this on The Tim Ferriss Show #237 about an hour and seven minutes into the podcast.


It worth noting that she doesn’t take Alpha GPC on a regular basis, just supplements for speaking engagements and such. The Alpha GPC is a natural source of choline. I can’t find the exact brand she uses but this is a well-reviewed product, Alpha GPC Choline Supplement, Pharmaceutical Grade, Made in USA (60 Capsules 300mg). She takes 600 mg when she wants the effect of greater cognition or writing. She took 300 mg and notice no effect, but felt an effect at 600 mg.

Other Dr. Rhonda Suggestions

  • People aren’t eating enough dark leafy greens. This is her number #1 thing. This can be done by eating a smoothie with dark leafy greens added for magnesium and vitamin K. This method of consuming dark green leafy greens makes it a whole lot easier.


I hope to stay on top of any and all of Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s recommendations both for supplements and companies. If you see I have missed something please let me know below. As I will try my best to find out.

Would love to hear any questions or comments.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Rhonda Patrick Recommendations”

  1. This is a fantastic guide for people who are new to supplements. I have always wanted to take some vitamins, but I’m not sure on which ones I am going to need the most.

    There is just so much information on various supplements here, so I’ll probably need to come back and read them again. This guide will definitely help me decide on the types of products that I need.

    Great article!

    • Rhonda definitely does her research and makes it a lot easier for people without the time to take the major effort of looking up all this information. As for me I get lost pretty easily when all this scientific terms get thrown around and I find her recommendations amazing to help improve your health and life. 

      Glad it will help you Farhan.  

  2. The reviews of the products are complete and help me to decide for the supplements that I need; I was looking at the turmeric because I’m thinking to replace it with something different because I can not endure the taste that leaves me in the mouth or is possibly affecting my stomach. Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you

  3. Great information, thank you for sharing all the different supplements! I’ve been having a lot of joint issues, so I am going to try out some of the supplements suggested. There are so many on the market now so it’s good to have this guide to help me decide which ones I should choose. Thank you for the post!

    • Glad to know you find the information useful. I know I have greatly benefit from Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s recommendations. I have found the Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate for joint pain, as I had quite a bout with knee pain recently. This greatly help to alleviate the pain after a few weeks. Maybe this would help you as well.

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