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Tired of having a double chin? Cringe when looking at pictures of yourself and noticing that turkey gobbler, or that dreaded double chin?

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I have outlined 5 SIMPLE STEPS that will help you get rid of chin fat. With work and a little diet, I will help you get rid of chin fat and steer you to a better-looking neck, regardless of age or weight. Also check out my post on The 5 Best Calorie Counting Apps For Android, which will greatly help you with tracking your diet.

Hard To Hide

Well, the neck and chin are so hard to hide, unless you live in a cold climate and always wear a turtleneck, you’re going to be showing neck in just about everything you wear. With other areas of the body, you can hide, camouflage, and contort with clothing to persuade people’s perception of your problem areas. Not so much with the neck or chin.

The neck and chin area is the tell-tale sign of everything. Your Age, Your Weight, Your Fitness!!! There is very little to do to hide it, short of plastic surgery. I can never recommend plastic surgery that cuts into your body for a fast easy result because it never looks better than if you did it the natural way.

You see all these actors/actresses with the facelift done but when your eyes shift down to their necks and it reveals it ALL, the age lines and the sag. That is because it’s one of the body’s first area it wants to store fat too.


As we age, we lose muscle tone. So we need to incorporate a strengthening system to increase muscularity in and around the neck. Where I learned this is from my Mom. She is 69 years old and has a great looking neck. She taught me these exercises and she has been doing these for over 40 years.

Want to restore that chiseled youthful look you once had? 5 Simple Steps that I will show you to get looking better fast. Follow these exercises and diet to reveal your better neck. We are going to keep it simple.

5 Simple Steps

Number #1 – Your Diet. Sorry, but it is the most important thing in making your neck look better. You eating-salad

don’t have to do drastic starving diets, we all know that these don’t work. They leave you feeling tired, cranky, and starving, and when you go back to eating as you did before the diet you’ve accumulated more weight than before the diet.

All the strengthening exercises won’t help your chin look better if don’t lose some weight. This is why Your Diet is number #1.

There are diets out there that you can eat very satiating meals and never have hunger pains after the first few days. Honest. I’m not kidding at all. Chocolate, steak, fries, and even ice cream. I am currently doing one right now and have been doing it for 6 months and love it. This diet is revolutionary. This guy destroys so many myths about workouts and food.  He is gaining popularity with Hollywood actors and his system is becoming viral. This system is called Kinobody.

1, 2, 3?

Kinobody is a unique fitness and diet plan that will get you to lose weight and in shape. There are many different programs to choose from. There is even a program for the ladies. To check it out head over to my review Is Kinobody A Scam? I believe this is a revolutionary program that will have you dropping pounds and packing on fat-burning muscle.

But for now, incorporate at least two fruits or vegetables in your daily meal. Also, check out my No Calorie Condiments page to help with your diet.

Number #2 – General Exercise, Yep, exercise. Anything. I mean anything that gets you burning more calories during the day. I prefer walking, not running. Running is too hard on an overweight body and/or out of shape person. It places too much stress on your tendons and joints. Which could lead to injuries and eventually more weight gain?

So walk slow and steadily, it is the most preferred exercise and low impact exercise. 30 minutes to 45. With an iPod or smartphone listening to a podcast, music, or audiobook, the time will fly by.  If you need an interesting, smart, and funny podcast to listen to, I suggest you head over to Joe Rogan’s Podcast. The range of topics includes contemporary diets, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), politics, conspiracies, and health. It really is a good show and it’s free.

Walking = Fat Loss

If you have a dog take your pet with you on your walks. This will benefit you and your pet in many ways. Burning excess energies off your dog while both of you getting exercise. Your dog will thank you for it.

This, of course, needs to be approved by your doctor before starting a physical routine.

Number #3 – These 5 Exercises! This is Tracy Campoli great video please visit her at her website for more information on exercises here.

  1. Chin Lift- Do this exercise 10 times
  2. Bottom teeth over top teeth chin lift – 10 times
  3. Smooches – Kiss the ceiling (exaggerate kiss at the end) 10 times, Diagonally – 10 left and 10 right
  4. Vowels to the ceiling – 10 times ( A – E – I – O – U)
  5. Tongue out to the side – Hold 10 seconds both sides

Number #4  – My Mom’s Secret Chin Exercise – This I feel is the secret weapon to get rid of chin fat. This is similar to exercise 2 above but is different and I firemarshall bill

believe is better. Where the lower jaw is extended but your also tightening the muscles in the neck, like flaring out the muscle in the neck. (exaggerating the flex part). If you reach down and feel your neck, it should be taught like a drum. The next step is to make a chewing motion starting on either side and working to the other side. When you do the chewing motion the mouth should never fully close and your jaw muscles should be flexed. Your teeth should never touch each other. Open mouth wide while holding tension in the jaw and neck. You should make a chewing motion about 7 or so times working one side to the other. Do this 10 times back and forth. This will hit a lot of little muscles and larger ones.

Avoid Doing This Around People

Also, a side note, don’t do this around people, you will look crazy! Don’t believe me, do this exercise in the mirror. Or if you don’t care what people think to do it wherever. If you ever have seen Fire Marshall Bill on the TV program In Living Color you’ll know what I mean.

Number #5 – Chew Gum – I said I would keep it simple and this is simple. If your not a gum chewer, I extra sugar less gum

would highly recommend this activity, after hours of chewing gum you will feel your muscles around your jaw and throat tired. This means you have worked the muscles and on your way to toning up that chin.

Probably want to do this when you’re by yourself. As this can be annoying for people.

It should be a sugarless gum to help maintain your weight and keep your teeth from decaying with sugar. A small side note, you burn 11 calories an hour chewing gum.

How Often?

You should do these exercise every other day. I believe in letting muscles recover especially in the beginning. You will start to feel after doing these exercises newfound strength and muscles where you didn’t think you had muscle. This is a clue that you’re on the right path.
Following these 5 steps and it will help you get rid of chin fat for good!!!

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