Where Can I Buy Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon?

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Share This:Problem Solved! Not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of living close to the ocean. The smells, the waves, the sunsets, the beaches and let’s not forget about the amazing delicious seafood which is usually conventionally fresh and plentiful when living close to the ocean. This, unfortunately, leaves us people, … Read more

Science Based Six Pack Review

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Share This:A Brand New Program That’s Sure to Become the Next Big Thing! Just as the name of this program suggests, Science Based Six Pack is based on science! Every word presented in the Science Based Six Pack program is based on science! Either through a  scholarly journal, peer-reviewed journal, or a university study.   … Read more

Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program (PDF) Review

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Share This:  Are you looking to bulk up? Looking to achieve that popular superhero proportions that you see in the megahits comic movies? Picture actors that play superheroes in the movies, actors like Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Henry Cavill and more. Just to give you some references of what I am talking about. … Read more

Making Beef Jerky Using Ground Beef

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Share This:Who Doesn’t Like Beef Jerky? I mean come on beef jerky is amazing. Little known fact, did you know that you can make beef jerky from ground beef? Or even ground turkey or ground wild game. Yeppers! Making beef jerky using ground beef is extremely fun and rewarding. If you haven’t made jerky with … Read more

What Is The Best Vegetable Spiralizer?

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Share This:Are You Looking For A Good Spiralizer? In my recent steps to become healthier, I have cut out bread entirely and most kinds of pasta in my daily meal consumption. Instead, I will only have them as a treat once in awhile. So, I have been cutting out pasta and since I’ve started growing … Read more

Best Online Seafood Delivery

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Share This: Quality, Sustainability, Fresh Well, I live in basically the middle of the continental United States (Wisconsin) and it’s hard to get quality seafood that is wild and not from somewhere questionable. So, this blog post really hits home for me and maybe for you too. As I love seafood, but I absolutely demand … Read more

2 Easy Salmon Roe Recipes

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Share This:Gotta Love Simple We all know how great wild salmon roe (it is also called Ikura) is, but it’s kinda limiting on how you can eat it. At least this is what I found being new to this delicious and highly nutritious seafood product. Although I do enjoy just eating it on a nicely … Read more

The Best Low Carb Tortillas Recipe

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Share This:Who Doesn’t Love Mexican Food? I literally could eat Mexican food every day. I am so not kidding. I just enjoy the freshness and spiciness of the many takeoffs of Mexican food. Tacos, burritos, salsa, enchiladas, etc, etc. With the fresh fruit, and herbs with the spiciness of hot sauce, what is not to … Read more